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Free mini color swatch


Discovered your own Color Family? Then download an 18 color mini Swatch to get your eye tuned in. It's a great starter!

Even if you've had Color Analysis previously,  this is great is you don't have a swatch.

Available for all Color Families - Light, Deep, Bright, Muted, Warm, Cool and the Seasons too! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Royal Wedding Style book


This is very special! A 30 page full color souvenir to celebrate the ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William and Kate Middleton - our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and future King and Queen.

With fascinating details about the dress, flowers, jewelry, bridesmaids etc. as well as the Groom's uniform.

The origins and meanings behind many of the age-old bridal traditions make this a wonderful keepsake to share with your favorite bride.


Go with your instincts and choose the colors that appeal. Not a clinical test but can be quite an eye-opener!

Color Personality test

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