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Dress Broad Shoulders to flatter?

Do you find it difficult to dress BROAD SHOULDERS?

Although this is often a hugely attractive feature it can be a problem for some women. One person's assets are another woman's nightmare.

If this strong image is not your nature and your body frame and shape causes concern then you should certainly address the situation. Perhaps you were considered a 'tomboy' as a child and you still feel this is a lack of femininity.

There are ways to soften and minimize the width with just a little care when choosing styles and shapes. 

How to dress broad shoulders #broad shoulders  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-broad-shoulders.html

A strong shoulder line is not for everyone...

A strong shoulder line doesn't feel right for everyone but let me say that a good shoulder line is a feature of an Inverted Triangle shape.

It's usually a model shape and the perfect figure for a 'clothes horse'. Many attractive celebrities enjoy broad shoulders and slender hips.  

How to dress broad shoulders #broad shoulders  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-broad-shoulders.html

But you can soften the look...

  • Remove any fitted shoulder pads
  • Keep jackets and coats unfussy and softly draped
  • Avoid heavy structure around the shoulders, raglan sleeves are best
  • Choose deep and loose armholes
  • Wide shoulder straps make shoulders look smaller
  • Avoid tight fabric around the shoulders
  • Draw attention away from the shoulder area with...
  • Collars which point away from shoulders
  • Vertical detail such as buttons or pleating in centre of top

Dress broad shoulders to shine...

A strong upper body is usually an athletic body, often a strong swimmer, and this can be an extremely sexy and appealing look to many men who admire a feisty and fit woman. It also draws the eye to the top of the frame and can often makes a woman look taller.

As the body gets older, it tends to shrink and the upper body of elderly women, in particular, will really shrivel in old age. Instead of being a frail little old lady, you have the opportunity to retain a firmer frame and not accept the usually inevitable vulnerability.

How to dress broad shoulders #broad shoulders  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-broad-shoulders.html

Petite top heavy

If you're not particularly tall with broad shoulders it can make you look heavier than you are. Try the styling tips to help you look taller in general at Petite Styling Tips.

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