A Dramatic style personality...

Your look

A Dramatic style personality just loves to make an entrance and create drama all around. She's glamorous, confident and always in command...

The impression you give

is of a woman that is strong and independent who makes her own decisions.

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Dramatics will love...

hats, bold detail and accessories, statement jewelry and full defined makeup all day every day

No fussy detail for you, it's vibrant, deep or dramatic colors, strong shapes and up to the minute fashion.

Sunglasses are a must even when the sun is not shining - often for hiding behind - and the latest designer bag

If there's no excitement in your life, you and I know that you'll create it!

You love to shop...

for what you desperately want!

Forget the budget and practicality, you need high-fashion, state of the art, and want items that command attention. You don't necessarily seek attention for yourself, you're just a lively person with rather exotic tastes, who wants to have fun and experiment with everything to do with color and style of clothes.

If you're a dramatic style personality you love to create drama with your striking appearance and the most flamboyant or dramatic colors of the season are the ones for you. The latest trends for shape and cut will make you stand out in a crowd.  You are prepared to pay for high quality whether it is practical or not, but it's the overall look that's the most important to you.

Dramatic style personality #dramatic style #Sharon Osbourne https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dramatic-style-personality.html

Your style icons: Joan Collins, Gwen Stefani, Sharon Osbourne, Victoria Beckham

Your shopping priorities

You will never fade into the background! You need to know the latest fashion trends, designers and the latest colors. Shopping for you will always be a fun experience and your favorite pastime. 

  • you like to make a statement
  • you love to dress up
  • you source high fashion
  • you must co-ordinate your colors
  • you enjoy buying on impulse
  • but you never dress on impulse!

What does a Dramatic style personality love best...

You love to party and adore glamour, so your wardrobe will always have one-off designs and impulse buys that will stand alone. Your shopping isn't necessarily practical, you don't initially think about whether items will co-ordinate with others - it probably gives you the opportunity to go shopping again!

Casual doesn't really exist for the Dramatic style personality and your outfit will be choreographed as carefully as for any other occasion. A sharp monochromatic trouser suit perhaps with pronounced shoulders or a voluptuous leather jacket - both fully accessorised with stunning hat, bag, sunglasses and, of course, full makeup - not forgetting the killer heels!

Dramatic style personality #dramatic style #Sharon Osbourne https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dramatic-style-personality.html

Dramatics in business mode...

You will enjoy the presence you create in business, with sculptured suits in bold contrasting colors - this can be quite powerful and intimidating. If you want to create a more approachable look then you should soften the high contrast a little and adopt a slightly more classic look.

However strong your choice of garments, you should always first consider your own Body Shape.

and if this isn't you...

If the dramatic style isn't for you, check out the other Style Personalities below for inspiration. It's OK to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks.

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