What's Autumn's Magic Color?

I've been looking for Autumn's Magic Color! The ONE color that will suit absolutely everyone with Autumn coloring.

If you fit the bill, that is if your coloring is Warm, Deep and Soft, then TEAL is your Magic Color. I've never met a single Autumn complexion which doesn't respond favourably to TEAL.

I was inspired by a Kettlewell Colours article a while ago, but I wanted to take this much further and show you how you can use and enjoy wearing TEAL. 

The Magic Color for Autumn is Teal

Autumn's magic color is Teal #autumnmagic #magiccolorforautumn #teal https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/magic-color-for-autumn.html

Garments from Kettlewell. Ladies from Before and After Color Analysis

It's not necessary to get hung up trying to exactly match any color shade - it's just not do-able! So I've put my interpretation on this and rounded the colors up and down a little so you can see how many different shades of Autumn's magic color TEAL can work within a seasonal framework. 

And, of course, it's so important to see how you can use your magic color with the items already in your wardrobe.

Co-ordinating with Autumns magic color!

Garments from Kettlewell

Teal is probably shown at it's best with the spice tones of cinnamon and saffron, and rich warm shades of orange, rust and mahogany through to a deep and rich tomato red. But it's extremely elegant when paired with the simplicity of light beige (above).

Garments from Kettlewell

Teal is a cross between deep blue and deep green with a Warm golden undertone. That sumptuous blend also makes it Muted (soft) which means it fits seamlessly into the Autumn palette where every color has the same color characteristics of Warm, Deep and Soft.

Teal blue officially means that it contains more blue, and teal green that it contains more green. But as with most colors a name really means nothing more than an attractive name for marketing.

At it's lightest, teal is almost turquoise, think ocean waves beneath the white spray, but as it takes on a deeper richer hue it becomes softer and stronger.

If you're new to Autumn colors...

Garments from Kettlewell

If you're new to Color Analysis and only recently determined an Autumn, then a soft scarf in Autumn's magic color Teal will bring instant warmth to your face and into your wardrobe.   

All shades will harmonize and blend because they have the same common denominator of a Warm undertone. Look for accessories at Kettlewell Colours.

A splash of Autumn's Magic Color

A splash of Teal brings warmth and softness to your wardrobe or a dash of Autumn color to your decor.

The name comes from the Teal Duck

A cross between deep blue and deep green, it's named after the 'common teal', a type of duck with striking plumage!

The Teal is a common and pretty little dabbling duck which gathers in large numbers in winter on flooded gravel pits, reservoirs and floodplain meadows in the UK.

Many of these birds are migrants from the cold climes of the Baltic and Siberia and only breed here in small numbers.

Autumn's magic color is Teal #autumnmagic #magiccolorforautumn #teal https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/magic-color-for-autumn.html

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