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What's your Print Personality?

Have you ever thought about your PRINT PERSONALITY? 

There's always a time and place to wear plain colors but a PRINT, now that's a different kettle of fish!  

Whatever happens to be in fashion, you are likely to have an innate preference for a particular look. As you pass the racks of new season's clothes, are you drawn towards a FLORAL print or towards something with a more simple crisp CONTRAST! 

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So what's your Print Personality? 

I used to think I was completely one dimensional when shopping. My wardrobe is a mass of striped and spotted tops and I've frequently tried to incorporate something softer into the mix. Yes I've got florals but they never feel exactly like ME! 

It may be boring but, eventually, I've had to admit that this is my comfort zone - this is one of my favorites - and you know what it's OK to follow your heart!

Just admit and accept your own PRINT PERSONALITY!

This is not exclusive but we usually fall into one of two camps:

  • FLORALS and SOFT COLOR mixes
  • or SPOTS and STRIPES, tartan, animal, abstract and geometric shapes

This is very loose terminology of course. Both of these terms cover an endless variety of the prints available - so yes, forgive me, but I'm generalizing! 

Florals - soft or dramatic!

Whichever way your taste leads you there is plenty of variation. Florals can be ditsy or splashy and dramatic, and this of course will depend on your Style Personality. 

Sports, stripes and any geometric patterns in the same way can be neat and classic or big and bold. 

What's your print personality? #printpersonality #wearingprints #spotsandstripes https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/print-personality.htmlFlorals from ditsy to a dramatic splash!
Copper dress; Tropical palm; Blue chiffon; Large floral; Teal midi

Animal prints

Animal prints are now a wardrobe staple and often considered a neutral. But of course many lean strongly towards a Warm or Cool undertone. 

Just as with a floral print, some animal prints are wild and startling while others have a soft muted pattern.  

How does this fit with Style Personality?

There is some relationship between print personality and style personality. But, of course, none of these explanations is exclusive!

CLASSIC:  will frequently find themselves choosing stripes and spots, and structured but subtle animal prints. You're more of a minimalist dresser preferring neat classical lines with little fuss.  

ROMANTIC:  you will usually choose a softer approach with florals, including ruffles and decorative touches, particularly ditsy small prints. Small spots can be pretty and subtle and will often be a favorite too.    

EUROPEAN: this group of sophisticated ladies will rarely vere away from a quality plain fabric, they are far more interested in texture than print. However, a stunningly expensive silk scarf with a bold and often-recognizable print is a must-have.   

DRAMATIC:  the more dramatic ladies amongst us will have a more dashing print personality. They will choose either geos or florals as long as they are larger, splashier and more striking.  

CREATIVE: may choose either in their search to create a unique look and feel. An intuitive blend of style and pattern mixing that is completely individual.   

NATURAL: pattern or plain will not be a top priority for you as long as it's subtle. You're much more interested in a natural fabric and an easy to wear design.  

What's your print personality? #printpersonality #wearingprints #spotsandstripes https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/print-personality.html

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