How to flatter a large bust

Camouflage or flaunt...?

Heavy or large bust? Do you want to camouflage it or flaunt it? 

The very feminine attribute of breasts cause oh so many worries - too big or too small?

One woman's assets are another woman's problem.

Often, the biggest problem is to dress attractively without appearing to be overtly sexy.

So whether you want to enhance or camouflage your generous top half, a few styling tips can work wonders.

Flatter a large bust - #large bust

1 Support for a large bust

Your first step has to be a good supportive bra which is essential for comfort and muscle support. This is important for all woman but especially for a large bust.

Getting a bra fitted professionally will provide the perfect foundation because your breasts will be lifted, separated and give you an instantly more youthful figure.

2 V-necklines and vertical detail

V-necklines are flattering as they pull the eye towards the center of the body and then down.

Aim to keep the eye moving - vertical detail, diagonal stripes, a soft line of ruffles all break up a solid line and minimize the top heavy figure.

Long dresses give a larger expanse of material and take away the emphasis at the top of the body.

The dress on the right is from a large range of maxi dresses at Soft Surroundings all in sizes from XS to XL. If you need to shorten choose a dress with a plain hemline. 

Flatter a large bust - #large bust

3 Sleeve lengths are key...

Be aware of sleeve lengths, a short sleeve that finishes on the same line as your bosom will create a horizontal line and emphasize the area.

A 3/4 length sleeve takes the eye away from the bust line.

4 Wide straps

Choose wide shoulder straps - shoe string straps will make the shoulder area look wider still.

A heavy bust can go hand in hand with sloping shoulders which make the breasts look even larger. In this case, add emphasis to the shoulder line so garments hang from the shoulders rather like a coat hanger and not hang from the bust.

A close fitting top or tank camisole worn under an open front jacket will help to disguise a full bustline.

Flatter a large bust - #large bust necklines and wide shoulder straps

5 Avoid fastenings that pull

Front fastenings create vertical detail which is great but ensure that there is sufficient fabric and movement and so avoid straining. 

Flatter a large bust - #large bust

6 Use shoulder pads

Use shoulder pads to widen the shoulders and balance out the size of the breast. Even a small pad will visibly reduce the size of the breasts.

In fact, in many cases it makes it possible to actually be able to wear something as simple as  a t-shirt which can be all revealing. Just make sure that you have a generous enough fit without it being baggy. 

Use a little Velcro on shoulder pads so that you can pop them in and out of any outfit as needed. For example, if you were wearing a t-shirt and a jacket, you wouldn't want to wear them with both. We're not aiming to reproduce the Dallas look.

You can stitch in a better quality pad for permanence in a soft jacket.

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