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Celebrity Color Analysis - Who do you look like?

What is your natural coloring? Which celebrity color analysis family can you associate with?

We neatly put colors into groups called Color Families and, in the same way that a real family shares a blood line, a Color Family shares characteristics that tie them together. 

You have characteristics too and when you wear colors from the same group as your own - your Color Family - you will create harmony and look your best. 

Celebrity Color Analysis #celebrity color analysis

It's just for fun...

If you can recognize your coloring in any of the beautiful ladies below it may help you to discover your own best colors.

Determining celebrity Color Analysis is fun and, of course, it will always be subjective because lighting, makeup and venues will change colors and appearances. 

So, yes, you may see some of the actresses / movie stars described differently on other websites because we don't have all the background information and really know their natural coloring.  

There are 6 Tonal color families - LIGHT, DEEP, BRIGHT, MUTED, WARM and COOL - if you have 1 color characteristic that is much more evident than the others.

There are 4 Seasonal color families - SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER. These are a mix of color characteristics and are very precise, you need to have 3 specific color characteristics present to be a true Season - SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER. 

All have glorious color palettes - it just depends on your own individual coloring where you fit!

Do you have a Tonal Color Family?

LIGHT color family

The LIGHT Color Family groups together all the shades with a light color pigment, not just pastels. It includes elements of both Warm and Cool tones. 

Is your natural coloring very fair or LIGHT then you can happily wear the lightest shades from both SPRING and SUMMER.

Celebrity Color Analysis #celebrity color analysis

DEEP color family

The DEEP Color Family groups together all the shades with a heavy color pigment, not just dark tones. It includes elements of both Warm and Cool tones. 

If you are a true DEEP you also have warm and cool elements and can enjoy the deepest tones from both AUTUMN and WINTER.

Celebrity Color Analysis #celebrity color analysis

WARM color family

Every color includes a shade with a yellow or WARM undertone. Put them altogether and you have the WARM color family.

If you have any natural red/auburn hair tones (even if your hair is darker) these colors will probably flatter you. Choose the warmest shades from both Spring and Autumn.

Celebrity Color Analysis #celebrity color analysis

COOL color family

Every color (excluding orange) will have a shade with a blue or COOL undertone. Put them together and you have the COOL Color Family.

Cool eyes, pink skin and brown hair? These could be the colors for you - choose the coolest from both Summer and Winter.

Celebrity Color Analysis #celebrity color analysis

BRIGHT color family

The BRIGHT color family has pure clear shades - complete clarity with no undertone.

If you have startlingly bright eyes, deep toned hair and clear skin then this may be your color palette. You will find Bright tones in both the Spring and the Winter seasons. 

Bright tonal coloring #Bright tonal #color analysis

MUTED color family

Mix a little grey with any color and it makes it more gentle. This is a richly blended color palette and has elements of both Warm and Cool. Put them altogether and you get the MUTED color family.

Your natural coloring may be confusing with elements of both Warm and Cool. You can choose from the softest shades in both Summer and Autumn palettes. 

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