Color Analysis MUTED or SOFT?

Color Analysis Muted/Soft can initially be difficult to understand!

The colors are RICHLY BLENDED, CLASSIC and look EXPENSIVE - not dull as many people think - but really quite MAGICAL!

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

The MUTED neutrals match the soft richness of the Armani style. Georgio Armani, one of our most applauded designers, creates spectacular garments and luxurious brands from demure shades such as these.  

They reflect his pure and sophisticated style perfectly combined with elegance and simplicity.

If your coloring is confusing but you recognize an overall softness, these colors may be the ones to complement you best. Colors that are bright and garish will overpower many a gentle coloring but the 'Magical Muteds' bring you to life.

“I love natural colours – including greige – because they offer tranquillity and serenity, and are a base to play with as you desire”

says Giorgio Armani.

Your natural coloring is...

Well it's difficult to explain really - you are neither Warm nor Cool (you may have elements of both); and you are neither very Light nor very Deep.

Your coloring is sort of medium! and to look good the colors you wear need to avoid the extremes too. Neither too Warm nor too Cool; neither too Light nor too Deep! 

Any of the extremes can be overpowering and drain you of your natural color. These colors can look dull on others but on you they look CLASSY and CLASSIC. 

There is a delicacy and gentleness which allows the strength of your own natural coloring to shine through without being overpowered.

You have conflicting elements of Warm and Cool

Your hair: is not the blondest nor the darkest of brown hair, in fact, you may even refer to yourself as 'mousey'.

Your eyes: could be blue/green or grey/green, brown or hazel.

Your skin tone: is of a medium intensity, neither light nor deep, but your natural coloring comes to life enhanced by the soft shades of your color palette.

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

Seasonal Analysis wouldn't work as you would be wrongly determined as SUMMER or AUTUMN

MUTED can be misleading...

We are accustomed to the terms Warm, Cool, Light and Deep but because you have elements from all the Color Families, your coloring causes contradictions. Warm hair and eyes with cool skin; cool hair and skin with warm eyes; light hair with dark eyes - whatever your mix, it is this blend of tones that demands the middle ground.

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

Your Color Family has a whole spectrum of colors - from light and cool through to deeper warmer shades - but it is the MUTED / SOFT color characteristic that dominates echoing your own coloring.

There is no need to feel limited with colors. Wear whatever color you like - red, blue, green, purple - they are all featured in your color palette - but the Muted color swatch will direct you to the most flattering shade of each.

Color Analysis MUTED - blended shades will create Color Balance with your own natural coloring...

CHOOSE: softness rather than clear bright tones. If you have found certain colors to be overpowering in the past they were obviously too heavy for you.

The idea of creating a monochromatic look is particularly good on you. Enjoy playing with lots of different shades of one color. As long as they are all muted tones they will blend seamlessly.

Stone-washed or a 'faded' look will flatter your complexion, in denim, moss or jade green.

NEUTRALS: Use neutrals from off-white to charcoal grey, avoiding the harsh tones of black and white. Mid-tones of beige, soft cocoa and olive provide some of the most useful bases and are a perfect foil for the lighter and prettier tones in your color pallet - rose pink, periwinkle and watermelon red.

How to visualize your MUTED colors...

It can be difficult to visualize how the colors from your swatch come together in an outfit. So for real visual inspiration, take a look at a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses Kettlewell Colours which will bring your colors swatch to life!

It's sometimes said that MUTED is half way between Summer and Autumn but that's not strictly true. Although both of these seasons have an element of softness, the MUTED color palette takes the TRUE MUTED colors and excludes other non-related elements.

But you will find some of these softest shades in the SUMMER collecton. 

The stronger more richly blended SOFTS

If your skin tone or hair is slightly deeper then you may be drawn to the deeper Muted colors, some of which can be found in the Autumn palette.

These are primarily MUTED/SOFT and don't have the warmth and clarity of the majority of Autumn colors.

You will find that all the colors of the MUTED palette will provide the richly blended strength your natural coloring needs to shine! 

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

All you need to enjoy your MUTED/SOFT colors...

Muted tonal coloring #Muted color family #color analysis books

SOFT/MUTED Color Brief  £3

Ready to download and print with all the information you need to wear and enjoy your Color Family - colors, makeup hair etc.

15 pages of information includes FREE DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

Muted tonal coloring #Muted color family #color analysis books

The TONAL Color Brief   £9.00
All 6 Tonal color families + 6 color swatches for the price of 3

You'll discover an easy wasy to identify your colors along with a concise and comprehensive reference to Tonal Color Analysis. 

A starting point into the magical world of Color!

There are 60 pages in all with 45 colors for each Color Family - ready to download and print.

Muted tonal coloring #mutedcolors #mutedcoloring

MUTED swatch £38.50

45 fabulous fabric shades in an attractive suedette covered fan, handbag size 12.5 x 6.5 cm. With a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

No more mistakes - save TIME and MONEY!

In the UK? Please use this button to purchase, post & packing £1.95

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