Your Horizontal Body

When we talk about measurements around our bust, waist, hips etc. this is called our Horizontal Body.

Every person's Horizontal Body measurements are different and there is no right or wrong size to be.

The only limitation of course is if you're trying to buy garments off the peg when we're stuck with the manufacturer's interpretation of how we're supposed to size up!

Do you sometimes feel you're the only woman who can't find clothes to fit?

It's frustrating to say the least, but there are very few women who can buy ready-to-wear clothes that fit perfectly.

Of course these are also the measurements you're concerned with if you feel the need to streamline your figure.

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Sizing can be difficult

  • Different methods of sizing are rarely consistent
  • Garments manufactured/distributed around the world have no size regulations
  • Millions of women wear the same size but their measurements will be different
  • Don't get hung-up about the size label 
  • Aim for a good fit and be prepared to size up or down if necessary 

You can target any specific spot!

Measurements and sizes mean nothing...  it's how you FEEL that counts. One woman may enjoy having a large bust, another may want to minimize her assets. 

The way you use Color, Shape and Style can visually change your body shape. You can choose the parts of your body you want to accentuate and those you'd rather camouflage. No matter your size if you want to look taller, slimmer etc. you can always do a bit of visual cheating...

If your problem is Horizontal, read on...

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

10 ways to look slimmer

Forget the diet! We need instant visible results following lockdown, staycations, baking marathons and the necessity for comfort food!

We all have times when we need to lose a few pounds but a few simple styling tips will slim your silhouette!

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Body Type and Weight Gain

Is there a connection?

Yes, there is a connection between body type and weight gain but only as much as where the weight is stored.

Your body structure or 'frame' usually determines where you will initially carry any excess weight. 

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Narrow or sloping shoulders

NARROW or sloping shoulders can spoil the way your clothes hand, it's ageing and it distorts the figure.

Fortunately this is one of the easiest shapes to balance...

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Dress broad shoulders

Although this is often a hugely attractive feature it can be a problem for some women. There are ways to soften and minimize the width with just a little care when choosing styles and shapes. 

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Flatter a small bust

Small breasts? A few style tips will allow you to ENHANCE and APPRECIATE your neat figure. There are certainly many advantages and clothes will hang much more attractively on your frame than on your more voluptuous girlfriends. 

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

How to dress a large bust

Heavy or large bust? Do you want to camouflage it or flaunt it?

One woman's assets are another woman's problem. Often, the biggest problem is to dress attractively without appearing to be overtly sexy.

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Disguise Upper Arm Fat

As we age fat does tend to settle in the upper arms however conscious you are of your overall health and weight but age is not necessarily the culprit.

Even young women can feel conscious of their arms but there are easy ways to disguise...

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Hide tummy fat

A bit of a 'pot' ... whether it's a little or a lot, is a natural part of being female - and it can be caused by losing muscle tone, childbirth, weight gain, natural ageing or just being allergic to exercise like me!

But there are ways to disguise...

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

How to flatter wide hips

Many women are over-sensitive about Wide Hips and Thighs whereas they are usually just CURVY HIPS.

This means that you have either an Hourglass or a Pear Shaped Body which is considered a sexy and voluptuous figure.

The widest part of a Curved Hip is usually at the thigh area.

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

Body Shapewear why not?

Without the rigid construction of previous generations, modern fabrics and sophisticated techniques have produced light, smooth, comfortable, seamless and even SEXY products to firm, lift and slenderize with instant results. 

Styling tips for your Horizontal Body shape

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