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Petite Body Shape...

What is a Petite Body Shape? Is it just another Body Type? No - Petite refers to stature not weight or shape!

Whatever your generic body type, if you are 5ft 3" or under you are officially considered PETITE. 

Petite clothing is specifically designed to fit the shorter woman with suitably adjusted measurements and proportions.

Petite body shape #petite #Kylie Minogue https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

What is 'Normal'?

A petite woman can easily be drowned by what is referred to as 'normal' sized garments as she's likely to have narrow shoulders, a smaller neck-to-waist measurement and shorter arms and legs.

When specifically designed, petite styles will also have neater details and prints so as not to overpower the shorter figure.

The best things come in smaller packages!

To look this good these ladies know that fit is paramount! From left to right below:

4' 11"   Jada Pinkett-Smith

5'         Kylie Minogue

5' 1"     Reese Witherspoon

5' 2"     Eva Longoria

5' 3"     Jodie Foster

Petite body shape #petite #Kylie Minogue https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.htmlPetite celebrities know that fit is important

But most advice is one dimensional!

However, most of the advice given to Petite body shapes is entirely one dimensional!

One set of rules that attempts to fit different shapes and sizes is useless! We're not all the same! You'll find lots of generalized advice in Petite Styling Tips

But if you have a specific fit problem take a look at how to dress for YOUR OWN shape where I show you what to look for to cope with individual figure challenges. 

Petite body shape #petite #Kylie Minogue https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

Different proportions...

  • Whatever your Body Type, petite proportions will be different.
  • Vertical measurements are different. The distance between bust, waistline and hips is usually less than that of a regular size because everything has to be condensed into a shorter stature.
  • However, some women will be a perfectly proportioned smaller model overall while others have a shorter/longer torso or average length body and shorter arms and legs.
  • Even with a petite clothing range you may not get an exact fit - so check out your particular figure challenges here.

10 Petite Style Tips

These styling tips may be 'one dimensional' but choose the ones that work for you.

Try them and you'll find that there are ways of visually stretching yourself. 

Petite body shape #petite #Kylie Minogue https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

Petite Apple Shape...

You know how to dress an Apple Shape but because you are also petite you need to look at how you can elongate your silhouette at the same time.

Petite body shape #petite https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

Petite Top Heavy

Wide shoulders? Heavy bust? Long body and shorter legs?

Any of these figure variations can make you feel top heavy but with a little care you can visually adjust your body proportions and bring your figure into balance.

Petite body shape #petite https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

Petite Pear

5' 3" or under then you're a Petite lady with a Pear Shaped figure.

Check out my styling tips and make the most of every inch.

Your figure challenges

We all have bits we like and bits we don't like. But you can choose the most flattering shapes and styles to disguise or enhance any part of your figure. 

Petite body shape #petite https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-body-shape.html

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