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Long Neck?... allow yourself to be elegant..

A slender or LONG NECK is considered to be very elegant and is much envied.

It usually goes with a slender figure overall that is a perfect 'clothes horse' and can make you look taller. 

We all look at things differently ... one woman's assets are another woman's concerns.

But, if this is something that particularly bothers you then most certainly it's something that you should address. 

There are some very easy style tips you can copy that will help you to feel less self conscious, more comfortable and bring this area visibly more into proportion.

But you need to feel good...

Many women would consider your look extremely elegant, but if it makes you feel self-conscious you can address the situation.

Long neck and how to flatter #long neck  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/long-neck.html

Most women consider it elegant...

Many women would consider your look extremely elegant, but if it makes you feel self-conscious you can address the situation.

We all have figure spots we're not fond of and it's not for anyone else to try and influence how you feel about it.

By carefully choosing the cut and style of what you're wearing, you can influence the eye and feel far more confident about the way you look.

There are lots of ways of softening the neck area and making it look less exposed; all of which will make your neck appear shorter. More positives than negatives here!

Tips/tricks to flatter - but soften - the appearance of a long neck...

Your neck can look over-exposed if left bare but the good news is that you have the space to introduce plenty of stylish detail. the majority of women can look over-whelmed if they try to wear too much detail.

You, however, are able to enjoy layers, accessories and jewelry around your neck and shoulders - all decorative features that will soften the overall look and add elegance to your outfit.

You can show off the most beautiful silk scarves to advantage. 

A large statement necklace can look fabulous - there are few women that can wear one so effectively!

  • Wear round, crew or turtle neck tops
  • Collars with lots of detail
  • Stand up collars, mandarin or shirt style
  • Beautiful soft ruffle necks
  • slash or boat neckline to add width
  • add camisole/mock polo to low neckline
  • chunky chokers, tribal and ethnic jewelry
  • round necklaces/several rows of necklaces
  • mid neck length hairstyle fills the gap
  • soften the neckline with a scarf
  • soft cowl neckline adds softness and width

Don't accentuate the area - Styles to avoid...

  • Tall slim polo necks
  • Open shirt or low V necklines
  • Long drop earrings will lengthen
  • Long necklaces that expose the throat
  • Short cropped hair

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