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Dress for your Shape - it's unique!

There are no perfect figures and no problem figures!

Trying to dress for your shape can be time consuming. Even though millions of women will wear the same size garment, your actual body measurements are unique to YOU!

What fits one woman easily and neatly can look completely wrong on another.

Some parts of our body conform to a regular fit while others may seem completely out of proportion. 

Women's garments are made in sizes 8, 10, 12 or 14 etc. But we're not turned out of a mold or cut to a pattern!

The 5 basic body types are purely generic and based on the relation between shoulders and hips. This determines whether you have a Straight or a Curved body and it's a great place to start.

As well as being different shapes and sizes, we all have bits we like and bits we don't like. When you dress for your shape you want to feel good as well as look good.  

One woman may enjoy having a large bust while another will want to minimize her assets.

Dress for YOUR shape - your body is UNIQUE!

It's frustrating to say the least...

but there are very few women who can buy off-the-peg clothes that actually fit perfectly.

Up until the middle of the last century clothes were often made at home or for the lucky few made to measure.

It's only with the advent of cheap clothing that sizes have become an issue and given so many women a complex!

So don't blame your figure just dress for your shape, be prepared to make a few adjustments if necessary and you'll achieve the best possible result.

Find your BODY TYPE first

There are just 5 generic BODY TYPES - find the one you are closest to and take note of the Styling Tips for each specific figure type. This will give you the basic shapes and styles to flatter your bone structure.

Dress for YOUR shape - your body is UNIQUE!

Then address any area that concerns you...

Measurements and sizes mean nothing...  it's how you FEEL that counts.  

You can visually change your body shape, that is you can influence the way you look with the use of Color, Shape and Style. You can choose the parts of your body you want to accentuate and those you would rather camouflage. No matter your size if you want to look taller, slimmer etc. there are ways to do a bit of visual cheating...

There is no such thing as a 'problem' only if it's something that bothers YOU. If you want to 'influence the eye' check out the relevant Style Tips to achieve the look you want.

Your challenge? Is it Horizontal or Vertical?
Click into the relevant image to find the answers...

Dress for YOUR shape - your body is UNIQUE!
Dress for YOUR shape - your body is UNIQUE!

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