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Shades of Red - it's Christmas!

It's Christmas and do you know which, out of the multitude shades of Red, are the most flattering for YOU? Do you know if you are Warm or Cool? 

After a horrible year it's time to break out some color and sparkles for the Christmas season! We're perhaps only with our nearest and dearest but it's time to make a splash?

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.html

Many women are fearful of wearing red because they think its bright and showy, but actually everyone can find a shade without feeling over powered.

The easiest way is to recognize the difference between a Warm and a Cool Red - that's whether it has a yellow or blue undertone.

Most people have a discernible undertone too and, when you echo that undertone in the colors you wear, you create harmonny. You need to know your undertone evenif it's just to choose cosmetics or nail polish. 

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.html

What is Red?

RED is one of the 3 primary colors - red, yellow and blue. These are pure colors with complete clarity and when they're mixed together equally we get 3 secondary colors - orange, purple and green. But in between there are hundreds of different shades.

WARM colors are a combination of red, orange and yellow. As the name suggests they tend to make you think of warm things such as heat and sunshine. So when Yellow is added to Red, the colors become WARMER.

COOL colors are typified by blue, purple and green, soothing and calm colors. As more Blue is added to Red, the colors become COOLER.

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.htmlHow Red changes with the addition of Yellow and Blue

Red + Yellow = Orange (Warm)   Red + Blue = Violet (Cool)

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.html

As the colors move away from True Red they become closer to and influenced by either Yellow or Blue which gives them a WARM or COOL influence or UNDERTONE.

Shades of Red - Warm and Cool

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.html

Shades of Red - Light and Deep

When white is added it takes the shades of lighter and when grey or black is added it makes them deeper.

Now we have the four extremes of Red which relate to the 4 Seasons of Color Analysis - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

You can see that within each palette there is no ONE color that's perfect for YOU, there are many! Don't get hooked up on trying to exactly match ONE SHADE!

Shades of Red #shadesofred #redcarpet #howtowearred https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/shades-of-red.html

How to include red in your outfit

Just Warm or Cool is easiest...

Whether your coloring is Light or Deep, whether you instinctively choose gentle or more vivid shades, it will all vary with the individual. But the undertone is your best guide. 

To make it easy remember that you'll find Warm colors in Spring and Autumn, and Cool colors in Summer and Winter. Use your Color Swatch as a 'blending tool' on fabric or garment and see whether the colors 'sit' happily together.

If you don't know your undertone check it out HERE.

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