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Tall Lady Style

It's easy for me to forget that a tall lady can have just as many problems finding clothes to fit as us vertically challenged 'shorties'.  

Not only must she take into account her generic Body Type but finding garments that can accommodate a long torso with extra length in the sleeves and trouser legs can be a nightmare.

There are many tall ladies that exude confidence but others feel less than feminine when they find themselves towering over their contemporaries.

Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Jerry Hall https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.html

Celebrity beauties who stand tall

Many of the highest paid models in the world, athletes, actors and our own Duchess of Cambridge stand at least 5ft 10ins tall. 

5 ft 10"

5 ft 11"

6 ft

6 ft 1"

6 ft 2"

6 ft 3"

6 ft 4"

6 ft 5"

Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Latifah

Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen

Brooke Shields, Jerry Hall, Gina Davis

Venus Williams, Brigette Nielsen

Maria Sharapova, Jodie Kidd, Elizabeth Debicki

Gabrielle Reece, Gwendoline Christie

Candace Parker

Lisa Leslie

The advantages of being a Tall Lady

  • your height is envied and commands attention
  • long legs allow you to look good in most clothes styles
  • you are the perfect clothes horse
  • you are never overlooked and are listened to with interest
  • you can carry additional weight without it showing
  • you don't have to ruin your feet with killer heels!
Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Jerry Hall https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.htmlJerry Hall 6ft
Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Brooke Shields https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.htmlBrooke Shields 6ft

Generic style tips

  • Follow the guidelines for your generic Body Type initially
  • Choose interesting shoes - everyone checks to see what heels you're wearing!
  • Don't avoid heels, they do great things for your legs and posture
  • Visually reduce height with interesting separates rather than top to toe color
  • Create horizontal lines with wider collars, belts, hemlines etc.
  • Feeling less than feminine, try wider softer silhouette with movement

Grooming for a Tall Lady

  • Personal grooming is important, as you will always command attention
  • Adopt a hairstyle that flatters your face and body proportion
  • Good posture is vital to your confidence, enjoy your height
  • When you look good you'll feel good and can hold your head up high
  • Need style inspiration?  Copy the style of your favorite tall celebrity

Proportions - Do's and Don'ts


  • break up the vertical with belts, separates, different colors
  • enjoy dramatic and bold jewelry
  • interesting necklines, large collars, dramatic ponchos and wraps, texture
  • over sized tote bags and beautiful boots


  • one color top to toe, you will look taller
  • small florals, patterns, collars, fussy detail
  • delicate jewelry, small bags and accessories
  • clingy fabric and designs

If you're Tall and Slender

  • a tall lady may need to add shape if she is very slender
  • add shoulder pads to create width and stature
  • add bulk to top half with blouson top, cardigan, bolero or loose jacket
  • create volume on your bottom half with wide legged/pleated pants
  • a belt creates a waistline to add shape
  • wear double breasted or loose jackets 
Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Jodie Kidd https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.htmlJodie Kidd 6ft 2"

Broad shoulders/small bust

  • you have model proportions
  • long legs look great in most styles
  • add movement to create curves
  • you can be dramatic and elegant
Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Jodie Kidd https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.htmlNicole Kidman 5ft 11"

Athletic or larger figure

  • show off your broad shoulders
  • wear simple styles with enough fabric to allow movement
  • ensure color breaks accentuate your best points
  • one piece dress with decolletage or interest down the center
  • ensure that pants fit well around your hips so there's no strain
  • avoid too much fullness, too many details
  • assymetrical lines reduce bulk
Style advice for tall lady #tall lady #Gabriella Reece https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tall-lady.htmlGabriella Reece 6ft 3"

Suggested stockists:

Establish the manufacturers that fit and suit you then stick with them.

This is an amazing list of brands: Tall Sustainable Brands - Curated by Jennifer

Large size shoes: Zappos, Long Tall Sally

Fashion and Jeans:  GapLong Tall Sally; Banana Republic Tall

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