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LOOK more attractive


Natural coloring is defined by the colors in your eyes, hair and skin

When you echo these colors in the clothes you wear, you create COLOR BALANCE.

 With a color palette of your most flattering shades

you'll LOOK healthier and FEEL more like YOU!

Online Color Analysis identifies the colors that bring you to life. A palette of colors that harmonize for co-ordination or capsules.

This could be YOU

Online Color Analysis identifies the colors that bring you to life. A palette of colors that harmonize for co-ordination or capsules.

or YOU

or YOU

or even YOU!

So if this sounds a bit like YOU...

  • A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
  • You'd like to look and feel more confident..
  • But hesitate to try something new..
  • Or panic when a special occasion comes along?
  • Want to save TIME MONEY and LOOK GOOD?

You need to find your COLOR FAMILY!

Online Color Analysis identifies the colors that bring you to life. A palette of colors that harmonize for co-ordination or capsules.

You may have a SEASONAL or a TONAL Color Family
whichever best fits your natural coloring

and receive a whole palette of colors that bring You to LIFE!

plus a guarantee of satisfaction!

Read testimonials with more 'before and after' pics

Online Color Analysis costs just £60.00
for information that lasts a lifetime!

When you echo your natural coloring in the colors you wear you create COLOR BALANCE and the result is a more attractive YOU!

I will analyze your natural coloring carefully taking into account your genetic background. You will have a TONAL or SEASONAL Color Family depending on your genetic makeup and a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Probably less than the price of a dress to ensure NO MORE MISTAKES!

In just a few days you'll receive direct to your Inbox...

1)   Your personal Color Analysis

  • Your personal Color Analysis (usually 5/6 pages) is very detailed as I fully explain how and why your natural coloring links you to a particular Color Family
  • and how your complexion will react to these colors
  • I create step by step images to explain my findings so you can see how it works!
  • Seeing and understanding is the key to enjoying your colors to the full
  • I answer your queries about color, makeup etc. too

2)   30 page Color Family profile book

  • explains all you need to know about your Color Family
  • how to recognize and choose your own color shades
  • how to wear and co-ordinate the colors
  • how to update your existing wardrobe on a budget
  • how to choose the most flattering makeup shades
  • the best hair colors and highlights for you
  • how to choose the most flattering jewelry and glasses
  • colors for accessories and underwear
  • the story and history of Color Analysis and how it works
  • how it affects your self confidence and body image

3)   Your Digital Color Swatch

  • A digital Color Swatch - always available for shopping or wardrobe co-ordination. The Tonal swatch has 45 colors, Seasonal has 30 or 33 colors.
  • A Fabric Color Swatch is an optional extra to show the true subtlety of the colors

4)   and lots of personalized color images (at least 10)

  • Images support my findings to show which colors work and those that don't
  • Neutrals and accent colors are highlighted
  • Your photograph is framed with all the colors from your own Color Family 
  • A compilation shot will include a couple of fashion shot suggestions

  • A photo with sample color palettes that will flatter you
  • This is a completely UNIQUE kind of photograph and service

I spend an extraordinary amount of time on your Color Analysis and take great pride in customer satisfaction

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Can it really work Online?

I have many years experience in Color Analysis, face-to-face and Online. You'll receive my complete personal attention and yes, it certainly works extremely well online as testimonials from satisfied customers illustrate.

This is entirely different from many of the services you will find online. My questionnaire, although concise and easy to complete, does ask for more information than you might expect and because it may be difficult to explain your natural coloring to me I've made it user friendly.

My analysis is based as much on your answers of background and ethnicity as it is on photographs. Nothing is assumed and I work closely with you to ensure that you completely understand why and how colors work for you.

I spend an extraordinary amount of time on each client's analysis and take great pride in customer satisfaction. 

Read comments from satisfied clients...

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