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Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis
Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis

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What is Color Analysis

Your natural coloring is defined by the colors in your eyes, hair and skin. When you echo these colors in the clothes you wear, you will COME TO LIFE!

The result is a Color Palette of your most flattering shades so that you LOOK healthier and MORE attractive, FEEL more comfortable and more like YOU!

You will save TIME and MONEY with no more MISTAKES!

I carefully analyze...

I ensure that I understand your natural coloring based on your questionnaire and photos before I attempt to begin the analysis. The result is a fabulous color palette that feels completely comfortable for YOU! Every step is supported by color images so you actually 'see' my reasonings.

Your complete Color Analysis is delivered to you by email usually within a week to 10 days but I will confirm the date you can expect to receive it. You may have a Tonal or Seasonal Color Family as I use both methods to ensure a correct result. 

I take great pride and spend an extraordinary amount of time on each analysis and offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. This information will last a lifetime.

What you receive:

File 1 - Your Personal Color Analysis

  • I personally write your very detailed Color Analysis (usually 8/9 pages) and fully explain how and why your natural coloring links you to a particular Color Family
  • I explain the images I've created specially for you (at least 20) so you can see how it works. Understanding is the key to enjoying your colors to the full.
  • I answer any queries you might have about color, makeup etc.
Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis comes as a digital file

File 2 - Your full Color Profile (about 30 pages)

  • explains all you need to know about your Color Family
  • how to recognize and choose your own color shades
  • how to wear and co-ordinate the colors
  • how to update your existing wardrobe on a budget
  • how to choose the most flattering makeup shades and hair colors
  • how to choose colors for jewelry, glasses, accessories and underwear
  • the history of Color Analysis and it's effect on self confidence/body image.
Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis selection of pages from the Autumn Color Profile - comes as digital file

File 3 - Your digital Color Swatch

  • A digital Color Swatch of your Color Family can be kept on your phone for shopping or wardrobe co-ordination.
  • A Fabric Color Swatch is an optional extra to show the true subtlety of the colors
Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis fabric color swatch (left) and digital color swatch

4.  At least 20 personalized images (often more)

  • Images that take you right through the process with your own photos
  • Your photograph is framed with all the colors of your own Color Family
  • Neutrals and accent colors are highlighted
  • Compilation shots with outfit suggestions
  • This is a completely UNIQUE kind of image service
Color Analysis online delivered worldwide - #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis selection of images created for Michelle's Color Analysis

So if this sounds a bit like YOU...

  • A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
  • You'd like to look and feel more confident..
  • But hesitate to try something new..
  • Or panic when a special occasion comes along?
  • Want to save TIME, MONEY and LOOK GOOD?

You need to find your COLOR FAMILY!

Online Color Analysis identifies the colors that bring you to life. A palette of colors that harmonize for co-ordination or capsules. and TONAL Color Families ensure you get the correct result

Complete your Color Analysis questionnaire

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  • If you find the questionnaire difficult please don't worry, we will be in touch by email and discuss any hiccups.   
  • You can send additional photos later or ask any questions as we go along.   

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