Before and After Color Analysis
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You love to see before and after Color Analysis images - and I love to see the delighted smiles when you've found a look that makes you feel comfortable and, well, just like YOU!

Online Color Analysis is a service I offer worldwide because it works via a questionnaire and photographs.  And it's all delivered directly to your Inbox.

I use both Tonal and Seasonal Color Analysis whichever works best for your natural coloring - and there's a guarantee of satisfaction! 

The photographs featured below are used only with the express permission of the ladies concerned.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It explains so much...

Laura, USA: Thank you so much the analysis is excellent and explains so much.

I've often been drawn to Summer colors but felt I needed to “brighten” myself up with warmer colored clothes and hair. I’d been coloring my hair warm for so long that I'd kind of forgotten that I was once  naturally cooler. I suspected either Soft or Summer could be a possibility but I was quite surprised when I read the results anyway. Now I know that my instincts were right. 

I heard about you through a small Facebook group, several of the ladies have had analyses and were very pleased. We all think you are very gifted!

And a followup: 5 months ago I received your Online Color Analysis with a result of Summer. I had previously been determined Warm Spring but after several months realized the colors weren’t right. Just like to let you know that I'm very happy with your analysis the colors feel very natural and I love them. I’m also finding it more effortless to put outfits together. I’ve added a couple of pics of me dressed in my Summer colors - thank you again!

It's taken a while...

It's taken a while but I'm starting to see this now. I've just ordered some clothes from Kettlewell and mentioned your name when they asked how I heard of the company.

I’m interested of how you picked up Irish in me? Do I appear Irish? My paternal grandmother is Irish and grandfather is Catalan. All of my relatives on the Irish side have very dark hair, However, I do have distant cousins from Barcelona who are gingers.

Spring to Soft Summer but happy to be back...

I think I instinctively chose Spring colors before I ever thought about the gold flecks in my eyes and decided I was Spring! I have old photos of me in turquoise, periwinkle blue and clear red. 

Then a few natural ash tones in my hair threw me and I switched to Soft Summer - there's a soft look I see from time to time so it seemed to make sense.

I've been weeding out the Soft Summer colors from my wardrobe this week and noticed that I collected crossover colors that also fit into Spring; some of them are very muted though and those are the ones that are going to go.

I was so excited once your conclusion set in that I took a day off to rearrange my wardrobe back to Spring. I'm getting my old wardrobe back, but it's different. I feel more free now to mix it up and pair opposites - and I'm only keeping what I love. Angie from

I can now see objectively..

I have been soaking up all the information and insights you presented in your well thought out and clearly composed analysis.

I am so grateful for you to have taken the time and effort to compose my analysis results. I can finally see how well the cooler colours look on me! My instincts have always been that I veer on the Cool side as opposed to Warm but I could never quite trust what I believed. With your help I can now see objectively which colours work in harmony with me and which ones are not so good.  This has been a brilliant service. Thank you so much, I am happy with the explanations you have so kindly provided. Jen, UK

Thank you so much for the analysis, I'm really happy for the result that I'm COOL. It feels very familiar, cosy and good to look at those colors, they are so me. I started to read about colors this summer, so many different programs to look at. The most ridiculous was that 22 season or flows to seasons, or what ever was it name.

Before contacting you I used another virtual Color Analysis and was diagnosed as an cool summer. I wanted your analysis after reading your website and seeing pinterest fotos to see if there is softness that my own eyes refuse to see. I'm not used to wearing light or soft colors but now I can start enjoying these great COOL colors.  I feel like I'm done with my so called color journey, so thank you. Sonja, Finland

Sue is an expat blogger enjoying the Spanish sun...

There's so much to take in, but my immediate reaction was that it all made sense to me and there are lots of colours that I love in there. I liked the way you showed the various options so I could see the difference between warm and cool etc, and also how you used some photos from my blog!

I have some of the Autumn colours in my Warm swatch, but it will be good to have all the Autumn colours together. It's interesting to see the difference having the deep element makes, as many of the warm shades are too light for me. I'm definitely pleased with the results.

Thanks again for sending me such an in-depth analysis, plus the book.  Sue from

This is a game changer for me!

Thank you for the detailed analysis. I think that it's going to be a game changer and save me money in my future purchases. I've had other online analysis - been neutral and even warm neutral twice (soft autumn). Those analysis' were challenged on a Facebook forum with lots of feedback saying I was cool most likely a summer maybe winter. 

I've tried being objective about myself and felt I looked best in cooler colors. I can wear bright white especially well and have always gravitated towards all shades of blue and grey. It's hard to be objective and maybe as you pointed out the most important thing isn't bright vs. soft or light vs. dark so those factors have always thrown me off when trying to apply other systems. 

My palette is so classy and I love that you made the comparison to Duchess Kate. I also loved the example of Jamie Lee Curtis in that gorgeous dress! I can't wait to start building a wardrobe that will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you again! Laurie, USA

Think I've gone into analysis paralysis!

Thank you SO much for this. It's absolutely wonderful. I had a feeling I was going to be either Autumn or Winter, so this has confirmed it and I'm very excited!

I am actually rebuilding my wardrobe 'from the ground up'. Most of my clothes no longer fit so I'm literally starting from scratch. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a capsule wardrobe, at least to start off with, so I'm trying to come up with a colour palette based on the analysis you've given me.

I think I've gone into analysis paralysis!  Christina, Australia

Pamela says: Christina has lots of black in her wardrobe and the boldest colors of Autumn work so well with this to give her plenty of mix and match opportunities straightaway. 

This makes sense...

Thank you so much, this is very exciting and makes sense of what I was thinking. I have a lot of the colours already but now it gives me a much better focus and a good deal of inspiration. It also explains why some colours just don't make me feel good even though I like them!

I always wanted to do an analysis but found it too expensive but I think you are offering good value for money and it is equally effective online. Eleanor, UK

It's so exciting..  Linda USA

Oh my gosh, this is just wonderful.  I have a few things still to read, but I love all the work you did. 

I've needed help for a long time and have always been confused with color. Am so looking forward to my fabric swatch and feeling impatient!...

I got them yesterday. I'd ordered coats in camel and grey, and that worked the best. I was able to see that the camel was a medium shade and didn't quite fit in with the colors.

Will have a lot of fun - so glad you did my color analysis, such a thorough job! It is very exciting and keeps me a bit out of myself! Thanks so much.

From confusion to confidence...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you have sent me.

I had been previously told I was a Summer flowing to Spring which I have found quite confusing and thought perhaps I might be more tonal. Coming out as a True Spring is a surprise but makes so much sense when I look at the pictures, especially as I've always thought peachy make-up and bronzer really suited me rather than pinks. No wonder I have been feeling quite drab of late!

You have given me the confidence to embrace some colours which I had thought suited me but was contrary to the cool palette I've been sticking too.

I'm super excited to keep my new copper hair and can't wait to brighten up my wardrobe. Deborah U.S.A.

Thank you very much for your analysis. At the end of my teens I was told that I was Winter - my hair was black at the time so that might have been the reason for it. But I have not really found myself in the Winter colors, even though I'm very fond of everything that's blue.

Now I am looking forward to using the Autumn colors, they appear to be a better fit. I know I love the greens and the tomato red - but the beige and browns - I don't know. I think the warm grey and the marine navy will be my best neutrals.  Thale, Norway

What a difference!

Amy, USA - I love my analysis.  It’s easy to understand and I have consulted my color wheel/palette for every new purchase I’ve made.  

What a difference it’s made in my wardrobe choices! I am actually wearing color and it’s flattering!!! Thank you so much! If I have any questions, I will definitely email you. Hope you are well. 

Cool confirmation...

I suspected I was Cool colouring.  Years ago when the Seasons began I felt I didn't really fit any of the categories. I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and naturally gravitated towards some of the colours in those palettes. It was nice to have someone confirm that. 

Most of my wardrobe fits the Cool palette but there are some fun colours I can try as well. I did find that L'Oreal has foundations is Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones so picked one in Cool and it matches great, makes a big difference.  I just need to find lipstick colours now.

Thanks so much for all your help.  I'm looking forward to getting the colour swatch. Susan, Canada

Pamela: How different siblings can be. Susan's sister is Kathryn (3 down) - they're polar opposites!

Eventually it makes sense...

Every system I've seen still has that Warm/Cool separation.  I was analyzed as a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn.

I have medium brown hair with warm natural highlights/cool skin/ gray blue green eyes and always felt I could wear soft muted medium shades from both seasons. Felt I could wear watermelon red, soft periwinkle, rose pink, jade green, denim, olive, marine navy, teal, forest green, aqua, turquoise.  Lip color/blush was always difficult and look best in pink with touch of brown.  All the information you provided about Soft Muted coloring fit me exactly. I am not uncertain any longer.  Thank you. Christa, USA

What a complete and perfect color analysis!

Bonnie, USA: Yes, I am both warm and cool, bright/clear/muted, and most of all ‘light’. It’s so nice to have that all addressed with the beautiful Light color palette you have chosen for me.

It has been so difficult trying to find where I fit. Mostly, I've been wearing mid-value colors on the cool-ish side. I don’t wear many prints aside from stripes as they seem to compete with my clarity. Spring Colors that are too warm bring out redness in my face. Too pastel will wash me out. Perhaps now with the right color palette I will be able to enjoy a better mix.

I’m so excited to finally get moving in downsizing my closet. When I had a personal color analysis with TCI I thought I had it under control but with Soft Summer’s gray undertones it was quickly obvious that it wasn’t me. I looked and felt “gray”.

Your system has simplified the complexities of not fitting neatly into one season. I feel all my color attributes have been addressed and finally this is “me”. Thanks again!

No wonder I felt faded...

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful insights. I must say I was initially surprised with your determination but totally agree with your recommendations. I expected you to tell me I was in the Light Tonal Group!

I understand now why I've been feeling faded, trying to dress in softer colour to match my light skin/hair has washed me out further. I had accepted that my hair was grey and I should wear pastel shades

The hair colour in my younger photo which you referred to as coppery was completely natural. Its odd that I never thought it that way!

When I think about it I've received compliments wearing creamy white, tomato red, bright navy and salmon, and a lovely tobacco brown. Not sure why I strayed so far!

Thank you too for the hair advice. For some time I've felt that I needed a softer style with a little more fullness. I'm going to try to grow it again and not be influenced by husband and daughters. They see me as I was, I see me as I am today and know that this hairstyle is too severe!

Looking forward to replacing my poor colour choices with happier/more vibrant ones and feel so much better already because I have a direction. I can't thank you enough, your service is of great value to women like me who need a confidence boost. Kathryn, Canada

Having fun with my Summer colors

Thanks Pamela, I think I got everything. It will take a while to process but I love the way you show the warm and cool so I can see the difference. When I was younger I think I was more of a Cool but you are spot on that Summer is better now. I do want to order the fabric swatch but let me look everything over first.

Thank goodness for Poshmark-lots of Warm stuff going to sell! Thanks again. You have confirmed what I thought was correct. 

I’m having fun with my summer colors.

Joy, USA

Debra, USA. So pleased with my SUMMER analysis, think the colors are right on. Just yesterday had cool highlights put in my hair! The winter bolder shades worked better when I was younger the summer much better on me now. I’m adding navy as my neutral and loving the soft but deeper pinks. Always with the blue added!! 

Janice writes from Canada...

"I have been searching for over two years for someone to do my colours for me. Anyone I found missed the mark with their clients. When I came across Pamela's site I knew I had hit gold!

Everyone looked so much better in their correct colours.  I always thought I might be Autumn but some of the colours were just so off, now I know I'm a Summer and I love all the colours! I have gone through a lot in the last few years of my life and this is just what I need to help get back on track. 

I need new clothes but didn't want to waste money on things that didn't flatter me so finding out what my colours were was a first step for me. Why spend loads of money if they are the wrong colour and won't flatter me?  Now I know exactly what to buy no money wasted  I feel more confident in going shopping!  Thank you so much Pamela you are a treasure and I  truly feel you have a gift at helping people with their colours, and through that with their confidence!"

Juliet from France says...

Before: "I am a new mom since 6 months and I would like find the right colors to be prettier and feel more confident." 

After: "Thank you very much for this color analysis. I am very happy to finally know what colors to choose. 

I started buying a scarf with spring colors and I immediately saw the difference on me. I will continue with sun dresses for this summer" :)

Elizabeth from the USA says... 'When I think back...'

Thank you so much for the color typing results. When I think back these warm colors have always looked best on me but too often I wore winter colors because I didn't know enough, thought dark hair and light skin must equal winter. After 30 years of wearing black, the last few unhappily, I know in my heart it does not flatter me and you're right, straight autumn can be too muddy and straight spring too shrill. Another stylist said I was soft-cool-medium with light olive skin, but greyed tones don't flatter me any more than bright ones. 

So it's really a growing awareness of what looks best rather than adherence to a rule. I do have some cooler colors I like too much to give up but now I can move in a warmer direction with complete confidence.

I love the depth you go into...  Kelly from the USA

I love my color analysis thank you so much! Let me first say that your site is the first place that I’ve ever come across the Tonal color families.  I was always trying to decide if I was a summer or a winter; felt I was too dark for Summer but too light for Winter. And then I encountered a system that broke all the seasons down into three separate categories such as light, bright, and deep. I also saw the words shaded. How confusing! I really could not decide then.

Then I came across your site and pretty much figured I was probably either a Cool or a Winter but kind of also wondered about the Muted so I really wanted to have you do the Color Analysis so that I would know for sure.

If I had been forced to choose I would have said I was the Cool color family so looks like I was right. I love the depth you go into, I'll be buying the fabric color swatch for sure. Again thank you so much. I’m 100% satisfied.

Absolutely you may use my words and photo. Your website is very clear, you do amazing work. Thanks again!

Melissa, Australia...

Thank you so much - how wonderful to see your analysis it makes perfect sense.

In some ways I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t say you thought I was a Spring or a Light or even an Autumn just because it would be something that would be completely different and new to work with but deep down I knew I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and most of my favourite clothes are Cool coloured.

You’ve given me a great framework and a better understanding of how/why my colouring is supported and brought out with cool colours but not so much in some of the colours in the Summer and Winter palettes.

I don’t know why I waited so long to ask for your help!

P: Melissa's hair is transitioning into beautiful silver which allows her colors to look more stunning.

Thank you for the Color Analysis, so I’m not a neutral after all, felt a bit relieved really. Have not read it all yet but make up tips are great.

I am gonna favor the softer tones and not so much muted with gray to see what happens. Fun to try something new and I also look forward to tossing out parts of my wardrobe. I will treat myself to a new haircolor too! 

I will try the Summer colors and take it from there thats why I ordered the fabric swatch. A nice treat to pep up instead of getting older and stop caring. 

Very nice to have contacted you and to get the benefit of your expertise.  Irene, Sweden

Teresa in the UK says:

Thank you for all the time and fantastic pictures, so very pleased with what you said. 

I'm glad I seemed to be on the right track. I think when my hair was correct it was easier to see myself properly, I'm sure I'll get the colour back how i want and I’ll send a picture when it feels right.

Thank you for all the information, its so helpful to see warm and cool side by side, I can see how sallow the warm makes me look.

Ready for your Color Analysis?

I love it!

Susan from the US:

Thank you so much! I love it! I will take some time this week to read and digest all the information. Can’t wait to dive in. By the way, You were recommended by Laura V. Several of us in that group find your analyses (even online!) to be thorough and so very helpful.

Your explanation of the Summer  seasonal palette (vs tonal) helps all the others I’ve had make sense now. I'm really enjoying my palette.

I am part of a Facebook group where we discuss a lot about color. 

I'm really enjoying my new palette. I did decide to go darker with my hair, it's still a touch auburn, but reads cool. 

Yes certainly you may use my photo.

Kathryn, USA

Pamela: You can be a Winter blonde. Kathryn's hair was platinum and she still made a stunning Winter.

Fiona, Australia says: I appreciate your help to all my questions. I'm really looking forward to identifying a pattern and understanding why certain colours and makeup works or don't work. I want to stop second guessing myself all the time over purchases and know what to look for. Thank you for the digital swatch, can I order fabric swatch from you?

Pamela:You talked initially about finding your personal style - well after seeing earlier photos of you I think you've definitely found it. With your short curly hair and colorful glasses it really sets off your delicate features and the vibrant Spring colors will be the finishing touch.

No wonder I always thought I was pale...

Looking at my pictures with the colors around them I can't believe I could have been so confused thinking I was warm. I can really see how the Winter palette favors my skin tone. About 90% of my wardrobe and makeup is warm using orange, brown and gold jewelry. That could be the reason why I always thought about myself as yellow and pale but I've just been using the wrong colors most of the time.

I am so happy now knowing my right colors that I look forward to start making changes little by little to enhance my appearance. I know it will take time as you said but thank you again I am really happy with the results and love the colors of the Winter palette. USA.

Debbie is wearing her Color Family instinctively...

Thank you for the detailed analysis! I am still a little bit shell shocked at being Warm, I've always been told I'm cool. At my niece's memorial last year we took a family picture of our hands and I noticed how yellow mine were in comparison to other family members so I guess it's not a complete surprise but just different - but a good different!

As long as my favorite colors aqua and mint green are included I'm happy. Although I'm whiny over losing pink!

So queries, rose gold? Copper? and I have some pieces that are antiqued gold with a vintage look?  Thank you for everything. USA

P: You were instinctively choosing your best colors and don't worry lovely warm coral pink is one of your best. Jewelry? spot on - have fun. x

After numerous analysis'...this is perfect!

I have gotten Soft Summer three times (even David Zyla) and something always felt off like it was greying and aging me.

Also had several as some sort of Spring, I was draped by 12 blueprints as a LSp yet I was never satisfied I felt like most of the colors were too light (and where did hot pink go, that without a doubt was one of my best colors). Then there were years of thinking I was cool toned and Spring didn't jive with that. Also been told I'm a warm spring and a striking spring in CMAS. 

So much conflict and opinions that I just didn't know what was right anymore - lots of second guessing myself. Not to mention that no-one, absolutely no-one, explained the whys and hows of what they were saying.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Zyla gave me my palette and out the door; there is no follow up or anything. LSp, she tried to explain what she was seeing but I couldn't see it. Every other time it was basically "this is what I saw that was best." I wanted to know why, you explained it perfectly, for that I am thankful. Now it feels like everything has fallen into place and I am actually accepting this; never thought I'd get to this point, like a huge weight has lifted off of me. Silly I know when it's just colors but I've been on this path so long with no real answers.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time you put into this. You are amazing!  Lynette, USA

I feel free...

Thank you so much - very helpful - now I can understand why I have both Warm and Cool. 

I feel free! Now I can shop with confidence. I really appreciate your help. 

Clarice USA

At ease with both Cool and Summer...

Enjoying my colors. I got a lot of compliments wearing a clear medium blue top instead of the greyed down blue I would have previously worn. I always thought it was too harsh for me.

I'm quite at ease knowing that I can wear colors from the Cool and the Summer palette depending on my mood.

I also know that its alright to leave out the pale pastels and go for more saturated colors especially if they are light! So thank you again. Arlette, Switzerland.

This information is so helpful, I appreciate you being thorough. I find that some of my favorite outfits fit nicely into the direction you've laid out and others I can see why I don't feel comfortable in them even though on the hanger I love them.

Strangely I had not thought about coloring when it comes to jewelry and makeup (except foundation). I have some cool color palettes and some warm to match my clothes. Of course, it makes more sense to compliment skin tone and as you can see I've already learned a lot just from one reading. I'm excited to incorporate some changes immediately and then gradually replace more items from my closet. Christie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I've been nearly every Season...

Britta from Germany says:

I've been made Spring, Autumn and Summer! Summer is too gray, fall too heavy and spring just too colorful. I see that you work with other priorities I hope that could help me.

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the detailed description of my Color Analysis. A few days have passed and I had time  let the colors affect me. I ordered the color fan light today. I am slowly getting a feel for myself and the colors. I like to wear lighter olive tones. Is that still good for light or not? I have to practice a bit first. And what about patterns for a light?

Pamela: The Light color family includes Warms and Cools all with a light saturation which work together, light olive will make a great neutral, patterns too, just follow the same theme.

Excited to be a Summer...

Catherine says "Thank you so much for the analysis, I am still going over everything and digesting it. I was excited to be Summer and had wondered if this was my direction but no one else has ever seemed to think I am Cool.  

I love Duchess Kate (my sister has always told me I look like her), and she is Cool, right?  Our coloring does seem to be similar".  

Pamela: Catherine enjoys playing with color and assembled an impressive gallery with many different colored tops. But like most of us it's difficult to be completely objective. 

Her coloring is very similar to 'Duchess Kate' but slightly softer. With some rosacea the Cool colors are a little harsh and likely to exacerbate a high color - the Summer colors clear her complexion.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Lana from the USA says:

"Fascinating, I'm the type who reads everything slowly because I want to absorb all of it. It has been a game changer I learned so much. I've rekindled a love affair with black and I'm loving it. I liked understanding that our colors can stay strong into older age.

I'm very excited to receive my swatches in the mail. My husband and my mom both complimented me on my new shade of lipstick which I would never have chosen before finding you. I do want to look my best - thank you so much". 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Finally, Bright feels right...

Thank you so much for this analysis.  It actually makes a lot of sense.  I have been analyzed as a bright Spring and bright Winter.  Of course I have also been analyzed as a Dusky Summer and true summer. Lol  But the bright colors definitely look better on me! 

Also, I have been complimented in bright shades of salmon and orange which I see in the swatches you gave me.  I could never been able to reconcile that with being told I am completely cool, because people who are completely cool cannot wear orange!!  I am looking forward to experimenting with my new palette.  I will be ordering the swatches in a few weeks so I have them when I go shopping. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Can I wear black with Autumn?

"Just to let you know your analysis is a huge success, nothing but compliments and everyone is applauding the fact that you’ve included the black for me!" Laura, France

Pamela says: Autumn is often thought of as a Muted palette, not so! Yes there is softness in the mix of Warm, Deep and Muted but that's because the colors are a rich blend and have a strong warm undertone.  So if you like to wear black it makes a perfect foil for these vibrant and lively colors. 

You've re-inspired me...

Thank you, you've re-inspired me re colour and I'm excited. Realised that I'd been sinking towards mutedness and had lost confidence in my Winterness (Had my colours done several yrs ago and was deemed to be Winter or possibly Summer then!!). Have been seeing my natural coloring diminished and drifted away from the deep, bright, cool emphasis. I find it helpful  that you do both Tonal and Seasonal analysis and that you have gone thro your thinking about both for me. Exactly what I wanted! 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Since receiving your analysis and write-up I have reverted to using stronger cooler lipstick and to playing with stronger colours again and I feel much better for it and look much more healthy!  Ruth, UK

Ready to find your Color Family?

Spring whatever my hair color

Thanks so much for the Color Analysis. I've had my colors done before but was not completely at ease, this has given me a real light bulb moment. I now see why I didn't fit into any of the mixed seasonal types and why changing my hair colour didn't really alter the best colours. A lot to take in - thank you!  Andrea UK

Pamela says - Andrea's eyes are extremely bright and her skin very clear. In this case, the color direction was the same whatever her hair color. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

No wonder I didn't feel like a Spring!

Thanks for all the time and effort spent trying different seasonal palettes against my face.

I was always confused how I could be a True Spring because the lipsticks were so orange but now I see it was a certain saturation I needed but that saturation had to be COOL not warm. 

Summer was  too grey and Winter too harsh. The true COOL palette is the perfect in-between that I needed. Sandra, Ireland

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Anne from Australia says:

I must say that I am so impressed with your colour analysis and just so VERY HAPPY with the result!  I have read the whole presentation twice over and feel that I can make it work for me, especially so because of all the useful information you have also provided.

"If I could wear my house..."  says Alex

I was analysed quite a few years ago as Deep Autumn. With brunette hair at the time some of the colours were good but most too strong unless I wear plenty of makeup. And the dark lipsticks are much stronger than my favorite copper lip gloss. I actually felt as though it was me that should have been deeper as surely my 'season' should feel right! I've discounted True Autumn and Spring thinking maybe Soft Autumn - I now know why I don't fit into those categories.

I can see why the Muted palette with both warm and cool suits me. I'm very drawn to the greens browns bronze terracotta and teal and know I will enjoy the blues and peaches in the warmer months. I'm still on the fence with the pinks but will definitely keep an open mind.

Many thanks for my Color Analysis I already feel 'lighter' and more relaxed somehow wearing my soft colours. I'm happy to tone down the makeup and weed out a lot of the black. You're right to say it has been a safe option.

The funny thing is if I could wear the rooms in my house I would probably look amazing as the soft colours are already on my walls, furniture & cushions! Alex, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

You've given me the courage to go gray...

Mary Louise from the US says: No words can say how much I appreciate your color analysis. You hit the nail right on the head and confirmed what I suspected through the years that I was graying from a deep winter into a cool winter. You definitely have given me the courage and inspiration to go gray once more, and THIS TIME, I won't be going back to coloring ever again.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I want you to know Pamela, that the work you do is more than just cosmetic. You give women and perhaps even a few men a chance to feel good about ourselves and to start over again and to reclaim our lives. Thanks so much, and please know that you have given me one more reason to appreciate the British people.

Pamela says: Mary Louise was determined Winter many years ago with very dark hair and cool skin. She's now unable to color her hair because of allergies - but it's a blessing in disguise because the dark hair was becoming very harsh against her skin tone. A quick tweak to the Cool Deep palette gives her far more colors to enjoy and her pink toned complexion has come to life!

"I just received the Deep color swatches and they are great. Since I had such dark hair and light skin I wasn’t sure if I were a Bright or Deep.

Also in your blog you say that Deeps shouldn’t go light and my hair was very dark when young. All the beauty experts tell you to go light as you get older. I always hated it but with your encouragement I went a medium ash brown which comes out a lot darker. I like it much better and it’s not too harsh so thank you again from across the Atlantic. Keep up the good work".

'I feel like a kid at Christmas...'

"I guess you can tell I am so excited waiting for my color swatch to arrive I feel like a little kid at Christmas. I am so grateful to have found your site and met you Pamela, you are a DayMaker and touch people’s lives in such a special way. Absolutely you may use my photo, I look forward to sharing more conversations with you, be blessed!"  Donna, USA

P: Thank you for your kind words. Donna had no idea just how fabulous her coloring was but now, with re-newed confidence, she's having so much fun experimenting with her new look.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

After several different analysis' Crystal is Cool...

Crystal says: "Wow, you've provided so much great information! It'll take a while to really process it all but I wanted to share my first thoughts...

I've previously been analyzed as Soft Summer, Light Summer and "Cool, Soft & Deep" by various on-line and in person analyses. Your analysis cuts right to the heart of my problem: Summer was too soft.. the super dusty colors of soft summer that were supposed to look great just looked drab. Light Summer seemed better as the colors weren't as dusty but the whole thing felt too light. I wondered about Winter but it seemed too harsh and stark.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

You've solved these problems!  I'm eager to give it a try and see how things feel. I'll definitely be ordering the fabric swatch. Thank you and please feel free to use my picture and any of my feedback."  USA

Amanda says: Wow I'm beyond pleased with my analysis, it's the best money I've ever spent on myself.

I've long suspected I was Spring although now I understand the reasons and implications. My confusion and uncertainty has been in part because every hair stylist firmly insists I'm "cool" which explains the reason I'm not happy with my hair.

My wardrobe features many of the swatch colors but they're mostly unworn although I naturally choose the Spring colors for my children and husband too.

I am purchasing an analysis for my sister. I'm nearly as excited to see her result as I was to get my own! Thanks so much your advice has made such a difference.  USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs
Color Analysis before and after - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Amy from the USA says:

Absolutely you can use my photo!

You have done a beautiful job and I'm so excited to utilize everything that you've sent! Thank you for the depth of detail and the explanation on why I fit into the Cool category.

This is truly so so helpful as I'm building my capsule wardrobe.

Celeste writes from the US...

I'm full of anticipation and excited for their arrival (the Light color swatch).  

On a side note: I ordered from you, as you're the first person (maybe only) that aptly captures the Summer/Spring crossover.

Thank you for your brilliance and excellent customer service.

Pamela: Thank you so much, I'm sure you'll love it.

Color Analysis Light swatch

Online Color Analysis - satisfaction guaranteed!

Sarah from the US: "Wow, that was fast!

I was pleasantly surprised by your findings.  After reading your ebook, I kind of thought I would end up in the “muted” category.  But what you have communicated to me makes absolute sense.  I was analysed as a Winter several years ago, but never completely satisfied with the color choices missing some of the richer, deeper colors from Autumn and always thought that I would like to wear those.

Color Analysis before and after - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’ve purchased the “deep” fabric color swatches from your website and can hardly wait to experiment with my new palette.  Would it be okay for me to send you an occasional photo with the new colors? Thanks again for your quick response and your detailed analysis of my coloring".

Pamela says: Although Sarah's hair is silver, the depth and high contrast remains in her eyes/eyebrows. The 'after' photos show a real boost to confidence. 

Lynn writes about 'How to Work your Wardrobe' - "I have tried this very concept on my own many times. I find a capsule that I like, and try to imagine pieces of the wardrobe that I already own to make it happen. I never thought of doing it the other way round...I love, love, love this guide! Thank you so much!"

Nicola from the UK says: "Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my colour analysis, there is so much detailed information. This has been very helpful and the colour fabric swatch that I have ordered will be extremely useful when shopping.  Thank you very much".

Leigh from the US says: Thank you for the color analysis. I am very pleased with the reports you sent me. Thank you for taking the time to provide such a thorough report! I am excited to go shopping and begin finding more suitable clothing. Thanks again.

Mari Anna from the US kindly says:

"Pamela was wonderful in helping me understand the colors that suit me. My coloring is a bit challenging and Pamela personally communicated with me to gather more information and explain her thoughts. I only wish I had done this earlier. Thank you Pamela!"

Color Analysis before and after - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It was a joy to work with you Mari Anna and a pleasure to hear how all the points fell into place.

Paula from the USA: "Just a note to let you know that I received my color analysis material and am eagerly reviewing it. The Deep Tonal color family makes so much sense and answers a lot of my questions. I really appreciate the depth of material that you’ve offered and have ordered the fabric color swatch.  I look forward to assimilating the information you’ve given me.

Thanks so much for a quality product at such a reasonable price!

Jane from the UK: "Thank you so much for your careful and discerning analysis of my colour family. I am so happy to be in the Light Bright group. I was amazed at the colours around my face and did not recognise myself for a moment. I used to match my colours to my 'dark' hair and they overwhelmed me but I couldn't understand why!

I thought perhaps the light navy and tan browns would be good neutrals as per the pictures next to my face. I am certainly going to lighten my hair a shade. May I ask if you could suggest a s!ightly different hairstyle for me - maybe a fringe? But anyway, I am so happy and will be ordering a colour fan - and I am so glad to have found your website"

Pixie Glo from Canada is about to start a lifestyle blog says "I've been told I'm a true winter but wearing these bright clothes gives me migraine, too intense and I feel that I need to take them down. Also been told I was a neutral cool. I love nature and animals bring me peace... but when I go out I am the life of the party n like to look striking, also very creative 'n spiritual.

Color Analysis before and after - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Deep? Really? Awesome! choose the nicest pic. I approve!"

I found that Pixie Glo has both Warm and Cool elements and is a Deep. P

Denise from Canada says: "I just registered to receive your newsletter and after answering some of your quizzes and "roaming" through your site, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your suggestions and advice.  I've been looking for a long time to find a website as complete as yours.  Thanks so much".  "I'm delighted you're enjoying it... P"

Cheri from the USA: "After struggling with what colors look best on me for many years now and ending up getting a color analysis several times (all were split between Deep Autumn and Deep Winter) I finally feel at peace with what you have presented to me.  You were very thorough and you are really the only one who really explained why I am a winter and not an Autumn.  

I'm really excited to finally have closure and am looking forward to cleaning out my closet and purchasing clothes in my best colors. I had a wonderful experience and I have no problem with you using my photos. Thank you again.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis
Free Color Personality Quiz  #colorpersonality #stylemakeover

"Thank you. Your website is great...very informative and exactly what I have been looking for!"

"This site is a source of information and useful tips!!"

Karin from the USA says:

"I really enjoyed reading through your information and am so pleased to understand my coloring! I had a hunch I was some deep season but could not decipher between winter and autumn, as neither seemed to work particularly well for me. Now I know why!  You explained it beautifully. Thank you for the comprehensive analysis and information; so very helpful!"

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Patricia, USA - Yes you can be Warm and Cool

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Many women try to work out whether they're Autumn or Winter but undertone isn't always the most important factor. The primary characteristic for Patricia is strong DEEP coloring with dark eyes brows and hair. To balance this she needs the intensity of the DEEP color family.

The DEEP color palette includes the true DEEP shades from Autumn and Winter but excludes the other elements that don't relate. Some of Patricia's best colors are aubergine, pine green and teal - the strength of the shade is far more important than whether it's Warm or Cool.

Fiona, USA: I'm really happy that I took the time to treat myself to a color consultation with Pamela. I can truly say it's one of the best things I've done for myself.  The information she gave me was initially very surprising, since it was different from what I had once thought.  But once I cleared away some of the preconceived ideas and mental blocks,  things started to make much more sense.

I have to thank Pamela very much for her clear guidance, and for sorting out years of confusion for me. I know I'll be looking a whole lot better from now on!

Marcia from Canada: was looking for a Mother of the Groom dress so we looked at fitting in with the bride's color scheme. The bride had chosen Tiffany blue and her mother would wear mink, so we put them together with the Winter palette to see how it could work.

"The wedding color mockup is really nice, it makes a difference having the colors with the face in the collage, very interesting to see how color works. I found a navy dress that looks great and have gone through my wardrobe to eliminate some items that weren't right. I feel more confident when dressing now. Thanks so much for rushing to do that for me."

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis
Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Marie, UK - "Thank you so much for the detailed personal colour analysis, it was just what I needed to help me streamline my wardrobe and makeup collection. I really appreciated the personal and tactful advice offered, so much so that I immediately went out and changed my hair colour back to it's natural brunette, which feels like it has taken years off my appearance, and as I now don't need to spend so much time on putting together outfits everyday, I am pleased to say I will have a lot more time available to spend on my studies".

Kristi Frank, USA - "I love your system as it addresses the 'woman in between seasons' - something I'd never even thought about.  I've always felt uncomfortable wearing bright colors and found it difficult to choose makeup.

Well now I know why as I'm a mix of Cool and Warm - Pamela has given me the tools to look at myself objectively for the first time.  Finally I feel like I am able to be beautiful being me!"

Kristi Frank, a women’s health, fitness and business expert, gained national attention as one of the breakout stars of the first season of Donald Trump’s TV show The Apprentice.

With appearances on Oprah, MSNBC, The View, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Howard Stern Show and numerous magazine covers, she is currently exploring many different entrepreneurial endeavors including Celebrity Publisher of Losing It magazine.

Kristi Frank (from Donald Trump's The Apprentice) belongs to the Soft/Muted Color Family. #Kristi Frank #The Apprentice #Donald Trump

"I think your website and newsletters are great. You manage to cut through a lot of the hype and confusion about colour analysis and have something which is easy to read and makes sense.  I dont want anything too celebrity orientated and as someone who is retired and on a budget look for ideas about translating best colours into my everyday wardrobe. You obviously know your stuff. I shall look forward to further newsletters".  Lin, UK

Barb from the USA:

In my time I have been draped Summer, Toned Spring and Autumn - finally your analysis makes sense. I  read most of the info you sent, including the pictures, and I love it. It will be easy to follow, I think.

I really see and have thought for a while that the mid-tones are best on me. No wonder there haven't been any right fits - thank you for this!!

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Peg from the USA

I found your analysis to be thorough with great examples for application and am looking forward to incorporating the summer colors into my wardrobe.

I would be happy to allow you to use my comments and photo.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Carolyn from the UK:

People always comment about my icy blue eyes which led me to self diagnose a Soft Summer!

Now seeing myself in the Warm colors I can completely understand what you are saying and can see the difference between the cool circle and the warm circle.

I'm having a hard time processing that I have warm coloring but seeing me in the circle certainly  confirms it. I'm ready to 'out' the black!

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Merlyn from the UK: "I've always hated shopping for clothes (yet I'm a woman and that's the strange thing). I'd always feel overwhelmed with choice as soon as I walked into a store, I felt sick. I had ideas of styles but it's the COLOURS! I wished I could just go into a shop and just KNOW which colours do I go for.

I've battled that shopping-phobia (probably a little bit of exaggeration there) for years until I was made aware of personal colours. Now, being an Asian (dark brown skin) I should think I'd definitely be in warm colours palette so I wore a lots of brown and orange. I learnt and self-research about seasonal colours and the history of Colour Analysis and noticed that the models were always caucasian.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

I kept searching until I found the free personal colour quiz and interestingly the result of the quiz was that my colouring was in DEEP colouring family (not seasonal). I was so confident with the result, I ordered the colour swatch for DEEP colouring family and starting to experiment. My brown and orange colours were there but I also found deep pink and chinese blue that I'd never been bold enough to try. I tried the colours and the effect was a further eye opener - I got compliments which I've never had in my life about how lovely a colour looks on me.

So I decided to be 'analysed' further. I bought the colour analysis package online, exchanged email with Pamela, and the result was mind blowing. I would never think myself as COOL (girls with dark brown skins are always associated with warm) and moreover that deeper colouring from cool palette suits me best. It was as if a cloud had been lifted and I could see all my mistakes! I never dared to wear pinks before now I love them. It made life so much easier knowing my personal colours. I ordered my second swatch from COOL family had fun sorting out my wardrobe, got rid of all the wrong colours, and I now have a wardrobe with such harmonious colouring. Lipstick shopping now much easier too.

I could see easily which colours has blue (cool) tone in them and don't even bother trying the warmer colours. And another interesting thing, I started to notice random people around me and could see why wearing wrong colours make one looks dull and tired even sick while wearing right colours give completely the opposite effect. I think that's enough from me. If you get this far, thank you for reading and please give the colour analysis a go, it's worth it"

Christine, UK:

Dear Pamela thank you so very much for my colour analysis. I'm absolutely thrilled with it, I feel like a new start that's fun and much more me.

It was very kind of you to take the time to help me and as I start my new journey I will keep you updated. I will definitely be returning to your wonderful web site all the time and telling all my friends too. Can't wait to start trying my new colours thank you so much.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Yvonne, UK:

Thank you so much Pamela for the lovely Bright colours!

I have noticed that I have some dresses in the colour wheel which is good! I love the picture of the lady in yellow trousers, navy striped top, so I am now on to look for this nautical style.

These Bright colours are amazing, love them!! it has inspired me to look for items for my holiday with colour palette, plus I have a wedding shortly!

I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Julia, UK: 

You are more than welcome to use my photo !

Having my colour analysis completed was quite an eye opener....I have found that I shop with a totally different mind set. My Colours now leap out at me and it's goodbye to impulse purchases....although I can still spend a small fortune...! All part of the fun !

Julia xxx

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Bianca, UK:

For years I have tried to find out my season,but ended up so confused. I had tried following all the online seasonal analysis websites. I even bought all the suggested lipsticks for the seasons and subseasons but couldn't work it out.

Thank God I came across Pamela. It has been the best money I have spent and I'd advise anyone wanting to find out their best colours to do it, it's worth every penny.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Crystal, USA: For years I'd been searching for a good look just for me and as I aged nothing clicked. I felt frumpy and like nothing went together. I had colorists tell me I was light summer, cool summer, soft autumn and winter! So confusing. Then a friend had an analysis done by Pamela and she was over the moon with her results. I was skeptical but really impressed by the things Pamela told her and had discerned about her. So I went for it, filled out the questionnaire and sent in photos. I couldn't be more pleased! Not only did she show me what colors worked best on me but added a lovely letter and additional information showing all the details giving advice on everything from colors to makeup and hair colors - and is spot on!

I have never felt so good about an analysis and how I look. She did it quickly and was open to questions too. I'm smiling all the time. I highly recommend Pamela's services to anyone who is seeking. And best of all she is a lovely person. Her words are kind and give gentle encouragement in how she presents the material just for you. Thanks so much to my friend and to Pamela!

Joy from the USA:

"Pamela is both encouraging and thorough .  Having been determined a "Cool Summer" by previous analysts,  she pursued "deeper" and determined my direction was warm and deep with a touch of bright.

This aligned with colors I have always been comfortable with in my surroundings and really encouraged me. Thank you,  Pamela".

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Louise from the UK says:

"If you’re thinking about getting your colours done, Pamela is the lady to go with. Her warm friendly personality comes through in all her emails, you can just tell she loves her job. She really cares about getting all the details right and she has been a pleasure to deal with the whole way through. I am thrilled with my results and  will be recommending her to all my friends!"

Ann from USA: Thank you so much for the wonderful color analysis you did for me. I am so pleased that I finally know for sure what looks good on me. I have tried other ways of finding out with no success.

Your assessment was right on, and I have been enjoying making the right purchases for the first time in my life. I have told all my friends to have you do their's, even the State Farm lady I met this morning. You are very professional, and follow through on what you say. This is a great way to run a business. I will continue to read articles you put on the site as they are very helpful. Most of all, I feel so much better about myself, and this is all because of your expertise. Thank you again. 

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Rose from Australia: "Thank you very much Pamela for all the help and the intricacy of your advice. Understanding colour in more detail and how it relates to how I look in my clothes has made a huge difference to what I wear, how I feel about it, and the remarks I have been receiving! I was really getting it wrong when choosing a lot of my clothes, although always feel good in black and various shades of blue. To find that added to the colours I instinctively chose to feature in the majority of my wardrobe, that I could wear emerald green and those glorious cool pinks, purples and reds has been thrilling.

Purple really works for me and, while sorting out my wardrobe and getting rid of a lot of things I haven't worn for years, it's been wonderful to discover some old friends that were purple, had splashes or were the perfect blue.

I've treated myself to some new clothes in that pink/purple range and it really does lift my appearance and make me look more healthy and younger. I now have the most gorgeous pair of emerald green silk pants (silk chiffon over silk lining) that I kind of float around the house in feeling fabulous. One of my Christmas presents was a glorious silk top, primarily royal purple with splashes of lighter purple as well as deep green, which has tied it in perfectly with the pants. I would never have thought of wearing emerald green! But the comments have been extremely positive :-)

To conclude I'd say that I feel happier and am having a lot more fun with my clothes since your analysis. I'm loving it! I would recommend you highly to anybody who'd like to look as fabulous as they can, whatever their age. I am 55 and I feel I have lost 10 years! Thank you.

Sat from Taiwan: "I had been wanting a Color consultation for a long time but was put off by the costs and working abroad made it difficult to meet someone face-to-face. I discovered Pamela and her Online Color Analysis, filled in a short questionnaire and sent a photo. The information I received was fantastic! I got to know which colors to avoid and which colors made me look better. Certain clothes, such as the light orange tie-dye, was really making me look ill but the bright cool red made me look radiant and healthy, and I was quickly able to implement the advice even with hair and makeup, glasses and so on.

People began to compliment me on clothes and makeup and I felt much more confident. I became so passionate that I began to look at color psychology and how it affects people in general.

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

Now after almost 5 years, I still refer to my analysis and am still getting compliments. I always thought that fashion, style and clothes were not that important, but if it contributes to your overall well being and confidence, how can it be bad!

Susan from the USA asked: 'Is it possible to be all 4 Seasons?'

I was so confused trying to determine what my season was, and wrote to Pamela with the odd question of "is it possible to be all 4 seasons?".

I was analyzed by 3-4 different online color consultants and was told I was definitely autumn. Then I was told "burnished winter" and then summer, with no warmth at all in my coloring. I've always instinctively known a good color when on the rare occasion I found it...and that right color could be black, grey, navy, and raspberry.

Finally the Personal Color Analysis I received from Pamela solved the mystery! Although I never saw it, brightness and contrast is my strongest feature. Although in my mind my good colors are very specific, now it makes perfect sense that I could wear a lot of different colors (not just warm, not just cool, but all colors) as long as it's crisp and clear and when I have it on, something just clicks and I look years younger with minimal makeup...for me, it was an epiphany and the end of my season searching! My feeling is that BRIGHT is not common, and can't be easily diagnosed, but Pamela took the time to figure it out for me...finally!

Thank you Susan - I enjoyed the challenge! See a precis of my answer HERE...  P.

Lynn from the USA ordered a Light color swatch

I have learned through trial and error the colors that look best on me. I also took your color quiz, which was accurate. Years ago there was a book about whether you were a spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Thank you for your marvelous website - I am quite excited to continue reading about this fascinating subject.

Color analysis swatch Tonal and Seasonal #color analysis

Eleanor, Scotland - "dubious about Online"

"I thought I would just let you know what a wonderful, positive experience my colour analysis was. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to do an analysis from photographs but you did an amazing job. You recognised that one of the issues that was adding to my confusion over which colours help me look my best was my hair colour. Since the ‘greys’ started to seep in I have found myself more and more perplexed over which colours to wear. Your suggestion that rather than go lighter it would be best for me to return to my natural hair colour was spot on.

I must say how attractive and useful I find the colour swatch. I don't find it easy to remember or hold a colour in my mind; so having a physical tool to use when shopping is great."

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis Autumn season

Trisha, UK - "you've really clarified things for me!"

"Finding this interesting stuff about choosing your colors. I was 'done' as a Winter in the late eighties, then again as a Deep Autumn in the nineties. A few years ago, a Color Me Beautiful training lady did me as DEEP. She said

"Deep was half way between Autumn and Winter as I was just the warm side of cool".

I now find that your definition of DEEP has clarified things for me because I have aspects of both Warm and Cool. The browns/oranges of Autumn are too warm on me, especially as I age (59), but cool blues and pinks of Winter are too frosty and give mauve shadows to the skin. 

I believe that more people are between Warm and Cool than is recognized. Too many struggle to fit into a season exactly and it doesn't work. Love your site keep up the good work".

Bertha from the USA is a BRIGHT 

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Bright color family. I have a handful of clothing in this group and have dug them out to retry. It has made a big difference. I had been stuck in wearing cool colors but see that I need clarity and warmth to look my best. Today several people I have never met gave me a greeting.

Kobi from the USA is Deep Bright

"Thank you so very much!! I'm so excited to learn that I am part Autumn/part Winter!!  The women in my family tried to do an analysis on our own and they thought I was Autumn but I found many of the colors very bland. I get the most compliments wearing strong greens and reds, definitely fitting your conclusion. I was so confused but now very happy with the results - I'm thrilled to start planning my wardrobe".

Online Color Analysis - testimonials #onlinecoloranalysis  #coloranalysis

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