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All of these photos were created following ONLINE COLOR ANALYSIS.

Wherever you are in the world, it works via a questionnaire and photographs, all delivered directly to your Inbox.

I use both Tonal and Seasonal Color Analysis whichever works best for your natural coloring - and there's a guarantee of satisfaction! 

You love before and after Color Analysis images and I love to see the delighted smiles when you've found a look that makes you feel comfortable and, well, just like YOU!

There is complete confidentiality and images are used only with the express permission of the ladies concerned.

"..always felt I wasn't one of the Seasons"

I love the warm palette! I've always felt like I wasn't quite one of the seasons so this makes so much sense. I like the autumn palette too, but I remember getting lots of compliments whenever I wore an old peachy salmon shirt, and also when I wore a slightly brighter teal scarf, both of which would have been too bright for autumn.

Looking at my closet I can definitely see why I feel so "blah" all the time lately. For whatever reason (trends? the shops here locally?) my closet is full of black, white, and cooler denim-y blue/chambray shirts. I hardly have anything in the warm colors so it'll be fun to shop again. Ashley, USA

"Can't wait to start building my wardrobe!"

Thank you so much for your very thorough Colour Analysis! I have gone over all the details and am very impressed with the amount of details and all of the explanations given.

Thank you for confirming my thoughts about my hair colour as well. It’s at the point I don’t even want to wear it down anymore. And I love the Cool colour family and can’t wait to start building my wardrobe with these striking colours! 

I just purchased the fabric cards to assist me on my journey :) Again, thank you so very much! Lori, Canada

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Spot on.."

I think your color reading was spot on, it answered a lot of questions.   

You gave me some new colors to think about and I'm curious to see which stronger shades I can pull off. It’s funny how many artists (myself included) call grey their favorite color, partly because we’d rather put color on the canvas and not be distracted by what’s around us!

I’ve long dreamed of an easy care and comfortable all purpose 'uniform'. I drool over jewel toned evening gowns in pictures, while wearing faded t-shirts, makes no sense. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

This is a silly way to live and since I now live in humid Florida, I think the answer is sundresses with strategic coverage for an older lady. Lynn USA

"Very thorough..."

Thank you so much for your very thorough Color Analysis, I truly appreciate it and couldn't have asked for better results! It was exactly what I was thinking and hoping it would be! I’ve always been pretty sure I’m some kind of Autumn, always felt the most flattered by those colors. Jackie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"What can I say but 'Wow'!"

What can I say but "WOW", you've given me so much to work with, a truly thorough Color Analysis.

Delighted with the colors you've chosen for me, some are my faves like greens and teal and the others are just so gorgeous I can't believe I can include them in my wardrobe. Peach/ coral and warm russet to reds? Wonderful! 

After nearly 50 years of black and navy and generally getting it wrong it's such a relief to finally have something inspiring to work with.  Thank you so very much for this new lease of life, I'm so very grateful. Prue, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"always been confused!"

Thank you so much! I have always been confused.  I was told I was a Spring in my childhood but I've never felt right about that.  Summer makes sense because my Mom had Cool skin (Winter). 

Thank you so much. Janice, USA  

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Your reasoning made perfect sense!"

Thank you very much for the analysis! I went through the images first and realised the big difference between sets of colours without knowing. Your reasoning made perfect sense. 

I've analysis', in my 20's (deep autumn) and my 30's (cool and deep winter). Nevertheless in recent years I wore warm colors with henna hair color it looked good and felt right. 

With greying hair I changed more and more to a cool wardrobe because I read that grey hair needs jewel colors! I was increasingly unhappy, looking and feeling stressed out. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I remembered an old terracotta top and it felt so good. Confusion! Do I like warm but need to wear cool? Seeing your testimonials I knew you could help. 

I was so happy and relieved with your answer. I love the step-by-step analysis, so important to me that things make sense and I can see why you arrive at a specific conclusion. The result has so much more weight. Being an Autumn gave me an instant energy boost, no more guesswork as I got out an old orange-red top that I couldn't part with. It looked great, even with greying hair. Daniela Austria

"Wow what a difference!"

Thank you so much, you've explained everything perfectly and I'm thrilled to be a tonal WARM. So pleased to find light clear blue in my new palette, I have a couple pieces that I love. I've always been drawn to all shades of orange and teal so happy to learn they are my best colors.

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out my closet and once finished was pleased to see I have a very workable wardrobe. I put a neutral animal print cardigan over a rust colored tee
rather than the black I've always worn. WOW what a difference! I'll be adding a few more tees in colors to pop under my neutral jackets & sweaters.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Love those boots!

Thanks also for the tips on lip color and nail polish. I'm going to go through those next though I haven't worn lipstick in ages due to the mask requirement. I should send you a photo of my favorite boots, painted in all WARM colors. Kathie USA

" provide contrast so I can see for myself ..."

You are welcome to use my photos and any of my comments on your testimonials page.  I’m still reading through the material but really like how thorough you are in the analysis. 

I expected to receive only information for Cool, however you provide photos and info for contrast so that I can see for myself how washed out or sickly I look when using warm tones. This is invaluable and I appreciate it so much! Armed with these better color choices I know my clothing choices will provide a confidence boost as I engage in every day business, but also when I'm simply lounging at home.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’ll feel better getting maximum enjoyment out of the clothes I buy because they will actually make me look good! Thank you so much. Karen, USA

"..very happy with my colours...!"

I'm very happy with my colours, thank you! I'd be happy for you to use one of my photos in your testimonials. 

I've previously undertaken a number of online colour analysis quizzes and the results were either cool summer or cool winter.  I just wanted a second opinion, because every so often I'd wonder if I actually was a summer or a winter. I am very happy to be typed as 'cool' because I like all the pinks and blues that are in my colour pallet. I've saved some of the photos in my phone as a reminder when I go shopping. Thank you for all the kind and helpful things you wrote in the analysis. Dove, Australia

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Thanks upon thanks for your patience..."

Thanks upon thanks for your patience in explaining and answering all my questions. This has been an enjoyable lesson for me on personal palette. I always thought I was Winter because of my dark hair and gray blue eyes, Summer never crossed my mind. I thought that was for light brown to blonde hair. I was told by another analyst recently that I was a soft autumn flowing into soft summer. Confusion amplified!

Enter Style Yourself Confident!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs loves teal!

After Pamela’s comparisons with the tonals and seasonals (after much research on my part) it started to finally make sense why I'm a Summer. So looking forward to trying out colors I’ve always been afraid to wear. I had such quick replies too, I would love to meet Pamela in person one day! Genelle, USA

"I am shocked and delighted..."

Thank you for all your hard work I was not expecting such a detailed report and insight... into myself.

I'm shocked and delighted in equal measures that the colours I've always  been drawn to are MY colours! I have avoided warm colours most of my life because of my rosy complexion thinking that cool colours may tone it down but it makes perfect sense to me now. When I look at photos of myself in black/white is when I look rosiest. I wanted my colours analysed because I love to sew and want to sew a work wardrobe for when I'm back at the office. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Capsule wardrobes usually start with black/navy, grey/white and I think I knew in my heart and soul that that wasn't me. If I am prepared to invest time and money into sewing a capsule wardrobe, I want it to be right. 

I do have navy and black for work BUT also caramel burnt orange mustard strong apricot and my favourite Deep Teal!!! all make me feel great.  Ciara, Ireland

"..daunting but exciting"

Thank you again for the colour analysis. Being a summer was quite a surprise but looking back at some favourite outfits I can see it. Now I can understand why my mainly black and navy wardrobe is so uninspiring! There are some ”new” colours which I would love to try.

I'm so glad you said that it would take time to get to a complete colour coordinated wardrobe. Pity I didn't do it before I bought a new set of winter clothes (in black and charcoal!).

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I'm wondering one thing; where in the world will I find basics or fabric in cocoa, rose brown and soft navy? I'll have to redo and plan all my basics. Luckily I do have items in soft grey and burgundy (and some teal). This seems daunting and exciting at the same time. Isha, Ireland.

Pamela says: Kettlewell Colours do all the colors in your palette.

I've been drawn to Warm colors...

Thanks Pamela, I've been looking to tell the difference between Warm and Cool. I have trouble with some colours more than others but instore means both garment and swatch are in the same lighting so it works well. 

I've been drawn to Warm colours so I have some already. So many things are in black white and grey in Winter and they're not great on me but this year there's also navy. Brown works for me but we rarely see it.

Thanks again, I look forward to my fabric swatch and hunting down some good clothing. Lynn, Canada.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Update from Lynn: It's been close to 2 years since you did my Colour Analysis and I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing. I LOVE my Autumn colours, I was wearing a lot of them already and mostly wondering if my season had changed as I got older. I stopped coloring my hair some time ago and I love the colours with my natural hair. I want to thank you again and let you know how much I'm enjoying my colours.

" relieved to finally know!"

Thank you so much. I’m so relieved to finally KNOW!  Yes, I’ve been called olive skinned and mistyped seasonally. So confused by people who were supposed to know about this stuff.

I’m now excited to make my hair appointment now, and to go buy some makeup!  I think my lifelong avoidance of makeup is in large part because I usually felt I looked worse with the makeup than I did without. Jillianne, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"A profound analysis!"

Thank you so much for this profound Analysis, your explanations are in such great detail.

I did a color analysis before and was categorized as soft autumn, but never wore the dark colors, it just didn't feel right. I liked spring colors more but you made it so visible and so clear that I am neither autumn nor spring, I am just WARM and all my favorite colors are included. It makes so much sense now. You do such a great job, thank you so much! Knowing ones colors is a superboost in confidence! Helga, Austria

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"They somehow feel natural to me..."

Thank you very much for reviewing the analysis for me again.

You are quite right with me not feeling the spring palette colours, I never enjoyed them, it made me feel very nervous for some reason. However the Summer palette is a different story. They somehow feel natural to me and I wouldn't think twice wearing them.

I never really thought that it also comes down to what I like. And that it's also a clue, so this was a bit of an eye-opener for me. I will work further with the material you sent to me. And I will also purchase the Summer colour wheel. Mirka, Netherlands

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I see the difference the stronger colors make.."

I must say that I am very surprised at being cool. I never wear pinks as they clash with my colouring, preferring more autumnal colours. Also pale blues don't really look good on me, except pale teal, nor does pale yellow.

Because of this I don't own clothes in any of these colours except some dark blues and purples. Do I just think I look bad in these colours because I don't like them or should I be trying to embrace them?

Pamela says: No need to embrace colors you dislike, color should make you feel good and consequently look good. The deep blues and purples hold the secret! I have highlighted the stronger jewel colors in your profile picture right.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

What you say makes sense and I see the difference the stronger colours make to my complexion from your photos. I do prefer the jewel colours so will experiment with those, thank you very much for your help Helen UK

"Truly, a wonderful service..."

I used to think taking a color analysis quiz from a magazine would suffice for understanding my own personal coloring!

Pamela provided detailed information for me to understand color theory and why certain colors compliment me better than others. I now have clear direction when shopping and putting together outfits, which makes dressing much more efficient and exciting.

Truly, you offer a wonderful service. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for answering my questions and yes you may use my photo! Angela, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"A lot of thought and much needed clarity..."

Thank you so much for my Colour Analysis. You have put a lot of thought into it and offered much needed clarity when it comes to my colour group.

I have been trying to place myself for some weeks in one of 12 seasons and it did not quite work, the Autumn group seemed most likely and I have been looking at clear Spring but it felt a bit too bright. You explained it perfectly! I am taking your advice on board and bringing some of those lovely colours like coral, turquoise and warm neutrals into my wardrobe and closer to my face. Mira, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Super glad to have found you"

Thank you the analysis pretty much confirmed my thoughts and also added a great color pallet! Opened up more for me than I had expected or hoped.

I have started highlighting my hair with an ash blonde. I'm currently at "phase one" to see if I want go further but taking my time with it. I am so happy you suggested ash blonde highlights and not red or go darker. They are not affecting my skin color.

I'm also starting to use some makeup again as well even if no socializing much and working from home. It helps mentally so thank you. I am super glad to have found you. Andi, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Comprehensive & interesting"

It is comprehensive and interesting. I don't really have  too many questions.

The side by side comparisons really show which colors are the best ones for me and I thank you again. It was a good presentation. It is sort of freeing to know the colors I gravitate toward are the best ones for me. The pinks, blues, violets and softer colors are definitely excellent as far as I'm concerned and I feel excited about the Color Analysis. Jan, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Warmly expressed and communicates so clearly..."

I am delighted with your assessment of my colors!  It’s truly amazing to see the various palettes side by side and how much better I look with the Cool palette. To me, it looks as if I’m better lighted in Cool!  And I never realized the obvious that color actually reflects onto the face.  In the Warm palette I can see the reflection and it’s not good!! The Cool palette draws out my blue undertones, neutralizes whatever yellow there may be and definitely enhances my appearance!

Thank you so much, Pamela, for your extremely professional effort on my behalf. It is well written, warmly expressed and communicates so clearly. Kevin, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I've had hardly any compliments for 10 years.."

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain in detail the reasonings behind your analysis. My initial thoughts on learning I was 'Cool' was shock! Although from the pictures you produced it was glaringly obvious that the Cool colours looked so much better, I had doubts as I'd previously been analysed as soft and muted.

You are completely right in saying that I mustn't have felt completely in tune with the analysis I'd been given 10 years ago, deep down I didn't!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I tried to convince myself that the colours suited me because that's what I'd been told. What a joy to know that my instinct was correct (although not knowing why!)

On holiday I popped into a couple of clothes shops with the digital swatch and found some of my colours. I was absolutely delighted to discover that next to my face my eyes came alive (shocking pink and royal blue which I would never have dreamed would look good!). It's strange, as years ago, I had an emerald green top and a purple print dress which I loved and received compliments. I've had very few (if any!) compliments about the clothes I've worn during the past 10 years!!

I already have some of the neutrals and can put a few outfits together, but the rest of my wardrobe does not fit at all! I am so excited about shopping, making changes to my makeup, buying silver rather than gold jewellery, getting rid of the yellow highlights and re-instating my hair to a light/mid brown. Your analysis has been a revelation, and your advice priceless. I am truly grateful! Rebecca, France

Happy customer!

Thank you so much for the analysis! I did cross my fingers and hoped for the Summer color palette since I'm a sucker for pretty colors, in pinks and blues particularly.

Thank you again for your analysis! :)

Happy Customer! Anastacia, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

He's happy!

Thank you so much for my husband's color analysis. He is happy with the results and we liked the explanation.

Mark's self analysis  was Spring as he had freckles when he was younger, but he didn't wear the orange shirts or camel coat I bought him. I didn't think the colors were good for him.

I began to think he might be a cool because of the way his hair grayed and was leaning more toward Summer. I like him in navy and gray and he does wear a little black but it's a bit severe.

He's looking forward to wearing  his Winter colors.  Thank you. Mark, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: Mark is somewhere between Summer and Winter but because of his lifestyle and preference for strong colors I think Winter will give him more mileage!

The pics really help me to see...

I am so happy with your assessment of the Warm color family for me! I knew Spring and Autumn weren't right being too bright and clear, too rich and deep respectively. Discounting all others I assumed Muted was the best fit.

Seeing my pics inside each color family really helps me see why you chose Warm. Perfect!

As a teen I instinctively chose the warm colors from my palette. I have a favorite top which is a gold color, it does wonders for my complexion. (Gold is my favorite color). Thank you, Pamela! You are the best! Karla, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I'd recommend this to anyone..."

Thank you so much for my colour analysis. It all makes sense and I used to get so many conflicting results when I've tried various colour quizzes. I was even buying clothes in autumn cols, no wonder I always looked sallow ill and just not well put together.

This will make a massive difference and my hairdresser is also helping on my journey to a more suitable hair colour. This has been such a drastic change it has to be done gradually.

If I'm wearing black close to my face, will something simple like earrings make a difference? I've spent a fortune on a dress for my brothers wedding with black top and black/white skirt. If I need a jacket at least I will know the colors to look for. Susan, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Yes, if you need to bring light to your face a pair of pearl or silver earrings will work wonders! Pamela

"'s perfect, the colors I've always loved.."

I had a chance to read through your analysis, and can’t express enough how happy I am with it! I had been wanting to finally feel settled in a season but neither Spring nor Summer felt completely correct and I didn’t understand why.

Your explanation of how the Light color family links the two seasons together, with both warm and cool colors included, makes so much sense. The fact that it’s not always critical to focus on undertone was a total revelation (and relief!) to me. And it’s perfect, because the colors I’ve always loved from both Spring and Summer appear in the light palette. Jana, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I have a smaller but better wardrobe..!

A couple of years ago you analyzed me as Autumn. I was delighted with how the colors looked on me and had your information and color fan. Previously I'd been told I was a Warm Autumn Deep Autumn even a Winter. The colors were either too bright, too intense or too dark for me, your Autumn palette was just right.

To update, my Autumn analysis has helped me have a smaller but better new wardrobe. Now most of my clothes “go together” so I have many more things that mix and match.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’ve also been able to purchase cosmetics, especially lipsticks, that I truly love. I think that my new choices make me look better and I just love that! Thank-you so much, Carol, USA

"...incredible that you can do this from photographs!"

I am absolutely delighted with my analysis, so in depth, incredible that you can manage to do that from photographs only. You're a genius!

What makes the massive difference is the way you clearly show how you come to your conclusions at each stage of the process of analysing the photos and colour palette.

I think I have the same conviction I would have from a face to face session so that I'm happy, more acceptant and comfortable with my tonal swatch.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I didn't think that cool and warm worn together would provide me with that balance - but not too far either way explains it so well. I like this - an artist is always looking for balance!

But overall amazing Pamela, you are so good at this and please feel free to quote my grateful comments anywhere if you wish to. Maxie, UK

Contact me for any questions about Color Analysis

"Thank you, your work is exceptional!"

Fantastic!! Your color analysis is so comprehensive it’s truly amazing.

I must tell you I had recently had another color analysis done and her findings were so contrary to everything that was inherently natural to me that I just knew it had to be wrong. Hence why I felt the need to repeat the process with someone else.

Well, everything you said resonated with me and made so much sense. The cool colors are what I naturally gravitate towards and my first favorite color was in fact blue.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’ve already ordered the fabric swatches and I’m still digesting all the information, I trust I may have questions in the near future. 

Thank you again, your work is exceptional. Barbara, USA

"love the Spring colors"

As promised I am writing to give you feedback on the colour analysis update you have recently done for me.

Thank you for all the information. I am just beginning to read it all but I must say I do love turquoise, denim blue, violet, corals and ivory of the Spring palette. It is just sometimes hard to find them. I actually only have a few black pieces and you are perfectly right I need to relieve the colour near my face.

Happy for you to use my image. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"So cool... the colors I grativate towards"

Thank you so much, I loved it! Loved seeing how exactly colors work with my natural color, also the detailed history and write up that you do.

It's funny, I went to my closet and saw that naturally I gravitate towards the Blues Pinks and Purples that are the correct shades. That was so cool. 

Knowing what looks good on gave me a real confidence boost.

Thank you, thank you so much for your service time and knowledge. I have told several of my friends about your service. I'm so excited to start building a wardrobe I love and getting dressed easily. Mindy US

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..can't thank you enough!"

Pamela I can't thank you enough!!! 

I've been wearing Autumn colors and I can't believe the difference!!! I AM Winter! I'm going to change my makeup and get rid of some of the red in my hair.

You're right about all of it including my eyes. I didn't really understand the question about a grey ring around your iris - well stupid me, I didn't really read  it and didn't think my dark grey ring counted. I've always tried to wear warm toned makeup. No wonder I look so pale and off. It's ok to be fair if you wear the right color!!!!!  Denise, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

6 months on - I wanted to share with you my epiphany, my brain finally clicked! This morning in my bathroom mirror (both robe and tile are the 'wrong' color) I realized that these colors confuse me because I am Winter and my skin tone is cool.

Long story short, I've been using the wrong makeup and making myself look sickly. Today the right foundation blush and shadow, a dark blue top and voila!

I also realized that most makeup people try to "warm you up" further adding to my confusion. I turn everything orange anyway so I don't need any of that, it's going in the garbage! 

Neutral and cool toned people can get a sun tan and still be cool, just a deeper shade. Self tanners are orange, more confusion. I can also lighten my hair a bit, it doesn't have to be black/brown just without red. It doesn't mean I have to be so ash that I look like a corpse. 

I'm going to embrace my fair skin, dark hair and eyes. I will stop following trends that don't work for me. But at least now I understand why.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!    P says: Music to my ears Denise x

No wonder I felt faded...

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful insights. I must say I was initially surprised with your determination but totally agree with your recommendations. I expected you to tell me I was in the Light Tonal Group!

I understand now why I've been feeling faded, trying to dress in softer colour to match my light skin/hair has washed me out further. I had accepted that my hair was grey and I should wear pastel shades

The hair colour in my younger photo which you referred to as coppery was completely natural. Its odd that I never thought it that way!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

When I think about it I've received compliments wearing creamy white, tomato red, bright navy and salmon, and a lovely tobacco brown. Not sure why I strayed so far!

Thank you too for the hair advice. For some time I've felt that I needed a softer style with a little more fullness. I'm going to try to grow it again and not be influenced by husband and daughters. They see me as I was, I see me as I am today and know that this hairstyle is too severe!

Looking forward to replacing my poor colour choices with happier/more vibrant ones and feel so much better already because I have a direction. I can't thank you enough, your service is of great value to women like me who need a confidence boost. Kathryn, Canada

"I've got some wardrobe managing to do..."

Thank you so much for your mad skills with color analysis. Your very thorough explanation and how you arrived at the color choice made good sense to me.

For a long time I have been confused about the 2 previous analysis' years ago, something was not right and I believe you've finally explained it.

I'm so glad that I got your help as I was about to adapt some generic info about a greying Autumn turning a muted Autumn or Summer shades!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It bothered me enough to contact you and I am very thankful for your help. The WARM color family seems spot on and now I have some wardrobe managing to do. I am eagerly awaiting your fabric color swatches. Merlina, USA

"I am over the moon!"

Just wanted to touch base and reiterate my pleasure with the analysis

I’ve been lost for years in the Seasons and just defaulted to Winter and that was so NOT working so I just wore black! (lightened to navy in Summer!)

I was unable to figure it out and knew I didn't have the skill to solve this color conundrum. Thanks to my friend I discovered you!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Went to finally get my covid hair done, showed my hairdresser Duchess Kate picture and said “take this brassy out and give me cooler ash!” He said it would take a few times to tone down the brassy highlights (what!? - it’s not like I have platinum hair!!)

I'm thrilled and very comfortable with the COOL family and look forward to reading more. I am a neutral gal, monochromatic is my jam, pop of color is enough. Imagine my THRILL to discover there is more than black and navy for me.

Can’t wait to work on skill recognition of cool vs warm, this is a game changer, up til now a good color was by chance. Feeling more confident with your guidance that I can move forward and explore (gasp!) COLOR! Thank you Laura, USA

"..really happy I decided to purchase..."

I’ve been reading through it. At first I felt overwhelmed by all the information but now feeling more confident.

I’m so glad I did this as I used to think I leaned towards the Autumn colours, but turns out they’re not my colours

Can you please give me some more information on why I would purchase the colour swatch? How do people use it? Also what is the colour brief book?

Thanks so much, I’m really happy I decided to purchase this. Zoe, NZ

"Finally found a place I can settle..."

It was always a mystery why I felt the bright colors made me look more alive, yet the brightest colors of the Spring palette (like bright orange) just did not do it for me. Made my teeth have a yellowish cast and who wants that?!

After years of trying to figure my "Season" out and NEVER getting the result I felt was correct, I have finally found a place I can settle and feel at home! Thank you for everything!! Terrie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

" have a new best friend!"

Oh, Lady… have a NEW BEST FRIEND…. I’m LOVING every page…

At the same time, I’m mad as hell with every “Makeup Counter” Salesperson who has pushed me as WARM.

But I guess I can’t blame them MORE than I can my Hair Stylist of 25 years!!! Who’s been highlighting me BLONDE….:0

I am having SO MUCH FUN. And it’s storming outside, so I’m diving in with a nice cup of tea!!!!

I’m sure that’ll turn in to a nice glass of wine later!!! LOL.  Lea, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I can see the warmer tones and how they fit in"

Thank you so much for the colour analysis, not at all what I expected but makes so much sense, I just needed another perspective.

I always thought I was a Summer because of blue eyes/fair skin and I like blues/greens, but I can now see the warmer tones and how the greens/blues fit in. In the sunlight my hair definitely has red highlights; my mother had red hair.

I work in a male-dominated area and I usually just wear black tops and blue jeans, I'm not sure that I would be comfortable wearing color but I’m ready to start with neutrals like autumn grey or taupe. Corinne, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"To say I'm delighted is an understatement.."

Thank you so much I'm very happy to be a Spring. I’d always longed to have my colours done but 5/6 years ago I was disappointed/confused when I was made Summer - I was sure I’m warm.

With "appropriate" make up I felt like a puppet and, not convinced, I lost confidence in my own ability as every-thing in my wardrobe was apparently wrong. A repeat analysis came closer, I was a blue Spring although I never sunderstood what that meant!

In my 20’s I naturally wore Spring colours and still veer away from cool. I’ve spent a fortune trying to work out what suits although I can tell almost instantly if others have got it right. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Currently going through my wardrobe, I’m very excited to get the other side of lockdown so that I can go look for my Spring colours with confidence.

I am astonished by the wealth of information you include and your detailed explanations mean that, for the first time, I understand why a certain colour is right or wrong for me. To say I’m delighted is an understatement. Maggie, UK

The TRUE WARM palette

Thank you SO much for all this information, it’s marvellous!

So detailed, and personalised, just brilliant!

I shall definitely want the fabric swatches, can I order them online?  Helena, UK


Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"My clothes were wearing me..."

Wow! Your result is completely surprising but well justified. I was thinking, maybe Soft Autumn, Summer was not in my thinking at all. That said it's starting to make sense.

In the '80's I was labeled a Winter but  it never felt right, too heavy. I've always had trouble blending my makeup to coordinate well with my clothing now I know why! It's growing on me, I immediately changed my clothes and feel calmer and more put together already. I've noticed that now that I'm wearing the appropriate colors I can wear more jewelry.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs had been coloring her hair and finding it too heavy

With the wrong colors my jewelry stood out not me! My clothes were "wearing me". I have a smattering of both cool and warm clothes in my closet so I will be pruning that ASAP! I also appreciate that you provided a snapshot of a catalog from my favorite retailer showing the Summer colors - I would never have even looked at those colors, but now I will get my eye accustomed. 

Your analysis was so thorough and personalized. it will make a huge difference in my style and confidence! Julie, USA

"I'm now confident about becoming that girl..."

Thank you so much for your analysis. You absolutely may use my image on your website.  

You've cleared up a lot of confusion I've had about my coloring and provided some surprises too! Truth be told there was a woman I used to work with that somehow always looked absolutely stunning with the fit of her clothes and the colors she used. For years I have thought back to her and what magic she used to get that way and I'm now feeling confident about becoming that girl in my office thanks to you! Leanne, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Thank you for helping me to see myself again..."

You had me at Jennifer Anniston! I just love my summer colours.

After two decades living in Australia I recently returned to England. When the tan faded and my hair was no longer highlighted by the sun I didn’t know how to deal with the faded person in the mirror. Thank you so much Pamela for helping me ‘see’ myself again. I can’t wait to get my fabric swatch and to start having fun with it. Josephine, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Thank you for finding my true colors!"

At first I was skeptical as I'd always fancied myself Muted, believing that I had both warm and cool elements. I even purchased your Muted color swatch a year or so ago as I was drawn to those colors.  

But after reading your analysis, and eyed my wardrobe against the digital swatches you provided, I could see that I'm in the Warm color family. I just finished reading the information and learned that there is warm light, warm deep and warm muted, so my guess is that I was drawn to the warm shades of the Muted color pallet.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Even before receiving the fabric swatch I limited my purchases to the Warm color family and I look so much better in my clothes!  So thank you! The next steps are to gradually replace certain items in my wardrobe and to experiment with aqua and warm purple, colors I'm not instinctively drawn to.

Thank you again for helping me find my true colors! Elizabeth, Netherlands

"I was in shock..."

Hi, sorry that I haven't replied back to you I was in shock that you analysed me as Cool.

I was analysed previously as a Spring so that's why I have been wearing yellow and other warm colors. So now I don't know which result to trust. As I said I can't wear cool toned blush or lipstick that looks awful on me. 

Pamela says: I put the palettes together so Kati could see the difference. And actually she was choosing Cool lipstick instinctively!

Thank for your answer. I have been wearing now for couple days my new colors and feel excellent. Kati, Finland

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I am a Summer..."

Thank you for my comprehensive colour analysis. After looking at the images I am a Summer! Funny, I mentioned that I looked summery in the park photo.

My hair is quite dark, I didn't know you could have that combination. Already a little research has shown Summer covers blonde to darker hair. 

I’ve already got quite a lot of pink, blue, lilac, soft white and navy in my wardrobe that fits also I had a sea green/blue velvet jacket and soft pinky red one that I always received compliments on. So it’s more a case of adjust the hair and mindset than adjust the wardrobe. I’ll always have a soft spot for the odd Bright Spring T shirt, but keep within the range for the major items. Jenny, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: Summer is Soft, Light and Cool Jenny, you to perfection.

"You hit it on the head, Cool!"

Really like this palette - tried to fit into the warm category for so long. The softness threw me in that direction, knew I wasn’t a summer, way too light and the models were always blond!

I am so excited to be heading in the right direction. Blue is my go to, haha should have taken a clue from that!

I have read everything and some stuff twice or more. I appreciate the detailed analysis and all the written information and picture comparisons. I do see the cool tones make my skin look healthier vs the warm where it looks a bit sallow.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

The whole season thing made me crazy, thank goodness for the tonal approach. Overall you hit it on the head, Cool! Thank you so much!

A travelling life and a personal color journey!

Your thoughtful responses to my additional questions are so helpful, thank you! I’m looking forward to receiving my swatches and experimenting with some new colours and reconnecting with ‘old friend’ colours I used to wear but had forgotten about. It will take me a while to attune to being Warm not cool as my fair skin and natural dark hair led me to believe; but having just retired from work and now living the travelling life, I’m excited to align all these changes with a personal colour journey too!

Thank you once again, I will be recommending you. Janet, Australia

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

A wonderful discovery!

"I've already bought a cool undertone lipstick and my hairdresser has replaced golden highlights with ash! I include pictures of my 'old and new' look. What a difference! 

I want to ensure I get the neutrals right and end up with a more concise capsule wardrobe for (expensive) work clothes. I'm packing for a business trip and have so much confidence knowing that some of my purples, teals, and blues, with silver metals will make my skin and eyes shine, so I can just focus on my work.

I'm delighted to help spread the news about your great service and talents and looking forward to my fabric swatch! Thanks again for a wonderful discovery!"

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs, USA

"..this will be color therapy for me..."

Thank you for your color analysis, this was a huge surprise for me. I should have guessed Spring; light and warm but bright I did not see coming. Your analysis makes sense and now I  understand why as there are 3 characteristics to take into account. No wonder I've been wondering.

My new colors are positive and optimistic. This will be color therapy for me and they seem to complement my personality and my outlook :-)

I currently have a lack of bright colors, certainly no red or yellow, so there's a change coming. Thank you very much, Minna, Finland

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..wondered why I looked better in softer colors.."

Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful color analysis, I thought I was Winter and should wear striking jewel colors but wondered why I looked better in softer colors like navy bronze burgundy purples and could wear coral! I definitely look best in the Autumn colors.

Self analysis confused me because of pink skin tone but warm colors in my eyes and hair. My mom was a redhead, both parents from Ireland and my dad is Irish/German with dark hair and eyes, I'm a true mix.

Looking forward to receiving the swatch! It will certainly help my wardrobe choices moving forward.  Mary, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I never thought that red would look good..."

Just wanted to let you know I received my color analysis and I am very happy with the results!! I knew I looked washed out with the light colors and needed more deep colors. You have confirmed that and I like the explanation for that reasoning.

My husband and I went shopping today to look at my colors and I did buy a jacket in tomato red!  I never thought that would look good on me but it looked wonderful!!  

You may use my image on your testimonial page. Thank you so much for your help - Teresa, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

A special occasion?

Think I should put my own Color Analysis family on here to show you how much I wear and enjoy my colors!

The Summer season is sometimes thought to be dull - NOT SO!

This was me as Mother of the Bride in Las Vegas last year. Take a look at our family photos. 

If your special occasion is coming up you need to know your best colors!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..absolutely blown away"

I am absolutely blown away by your fantastic analysis!! It answers all my questions and the pictures are really amazing!!  I’ll never be confused again!

My very first analysis was as a Winter but then someone said I was Spring and as I liked the colors I got really confused. My Mom always told me those colors washed me out and she was right! Anyway I’m going to leisurely enjoy going thru all your explanations commentary and pictures, and am very, very grateful for such a fabulous analysis! 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I enjoyed and learned so much reading your entire report, especially to learn that I’m a True Winter and to make the distinction between that and Cool, Bright, & Deep - I’ve never seen anyone else differentiate that before. Also that my platinum hair (completely natural) is actually Deep, referring to intensity, which closes the circle. I think that’s where a lot of others got it wrong, thinking I was Light, so that is a welcome revelation for me as well!  

You have the sharpest eye of anyone! This really means a lot to me, many thanks! You should author the definitive book on color analysis! Nancy, USA

"I appreciate the detail..."

I was happily surprised by the Analysis and would not have guessed that I'd turn out to be Autumn. I have to admit that the color palette always made me happiest but didn't think it would actually suit me because of how pale I am - but the pictures made sense.

Graduate school classes re-started so haven't had time to experiment but I now have a better idea of what will suit me as I prepare for internships/interviews. I really appreciate the detail in the images and especially the letter, really helpful for someone like me as I transition from "college student" to a more professional look. Kelsey, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Yes I'm Summer!

Thank you for your useful comments and suggestions on my colour profile. Yes, I am Summer! 

I have tried to update my wardrobe with a cloth colour that suits me best. Your analysis, letter, and materials are very helpful. 

The results of the Colour Analysis made me feel more confident in dressing up and going out. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to know their colour profile and have fabulous clothes for their skin tones. Pamela is very outstanding in this field! Cherry, Thailand

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..a detailed and elaborate analysis and explanation..."

Thank you so very much for the very detailed and elaborate Colour Analysis and explanation. My perception has been completely changed and I am now convinced that my colouring is actually a Cool Deep and I'll confidently wear my silver accessories!

Your work is wonderful and has helped me understand so much more about colouring. The comparisons between Warm and Cool are an eye opener. 

Once again thank you so much. Ashley, Singapore.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you for an excellent Color Analysis...

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you so much for an excellent colour analysis!

I understood very early that the Seasonal approach wasn't working for me and Tonal wasn't available. I went so far as to take Soft Summer and Soft Autumn and pull out all the matching colours then add the shades I favor in an attempt to personalize a color grouping. This evolved into mostly warm tones, except when I have a hankering for pink and blue!

The challenge now is to find neutrals that work with both warm and cool accent colors. Darragh, Canada

Pamela: Solved your dilemma Darragh. Warm Beige doesn't work well for you. I suggest you choose a cooler beige to flatter your coloring, then all the neutrals tone incredibly well with both cool and warm accents in the chintz patterns you love. This is your favorite design.   

"..worth it's weight in Autumnal brushed gold!"

I wished I were Autumn for a long time but thought with blue veins at the wrist (green up the forearm) and pinkish skin there was no way it could be so. I am drawn to those colors and the overall feeling they create, I thought "Since I love them maybe I should wear Autumn colors any way, even if they aren't technically my best" but I wanted to know the truth, even if it meant being a different season. As you say all color is glorious, I see beauty in every group but to learn that my favorite season is my season is an epiphany.  

Your system is ingenious, the detailed explanation and personalized visuals adds full confidence to your assessment. Using the 4 Seasons and Tonals to find the best fit is so smart.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I love what you write about not diluting a Season and agree that the smaller niche color groups in the 12-season system can add an unnecessary layer of difficulty. It's nearly impossible to find such specific shades. Your analysis is worth its weight in autumnal brushed gold. ;-) Eva, USA

"I wish I'd done it long ago.."

I have to admit, your Color Analysis has been very enlightening. It makes sense as I had a tendency to lean to these colors anyways BUT I had no idea why. I wish I had done this long ago, it certainly would have simplified colors and options.

I’m looking forward to getting the color swatches in the mail, a color/tonal guideline will be very helpful for me.

I am going to add a toner to my blonde highlights to cool the yellow down, hoping this will make my eyes a little more sparkly. I’ll let you know. ☺️

I appreciate you, your time and skill sets. Many thanks! Kayla, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..makes a lot of sense.."

Thank you very much for my colour analysis. It does make a lot of sense - I was previously told that I was an Autumn, 30 years ago!  

The detail is really interesting, I’ve only read it quickly but I’ll go through it again later today. 

I am wondering which of the fabric swatches I should buy. I’m not sure whether it should be a straightforward Summer or a Cool swatch. Jacky, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: The Summer swatch can sometimes seem a bit limiting whereas the Cool swatch gives a wider understanding of the shades. Just stick to the softest of the Cool.

"such a surprise..."

Thank you so much. This is such a surprise but I can see how much the colors make sense.

Now I can style myself confidently! This information has been and will continue to be so helpful and invaluable."  Gina, USA

Pamela says: Gina was relying on black and it will be so easy to slot some Autumn color into her wardrobe. The new colors bring her to life!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..a lightbulb moment!"

I can't tell you just how much this resonates with me.  I had pretty much figured out the Cool part but I kept trying to force myself into a season. 

When you said "no, just Cool" the lightbulb came on for me.  I've been so enjoying playing with the colors and starting to develop my eye to what works for me and what doesn't.  I've attached a couple of "after" photos you may want to consider and by all means, you have my permission. Christina, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

" difficult to be objective..."

Thank you so much for the analysis, this looks great!

You definitely got it right. Looking at the colors I feel like I fit in with them and can pull them off very successfully. I was never really sure what my undertone was because of my hair and eyes, I always thought they were warm, but my skin would look red whenever I wore say, olive green. 

You're right about it being difficult to be objective about your coloring: I thought I was Bright, thank you for the image explaining that. Definitely send me the swatch, and of course you can use it for the testimonials page, thank you for asking. Kristen USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

So happy with my Spring analysis...

So happy with my Spring analysis, it has confirmed that I wasn't too off with my own thoughts! I am naturally drawn to warm colours and yellow gold jewellery.

You have made it so much easier to understand with explanations and conclusions that make a lot of sense. I think you are right about the hair colour, I'm looking forward to changing it to a more flattering colour very soon and gradually replacing my wardrobe mistakes over time! I never was sure about that charcoal grey!

I now feel much more confident to buy things that will flatter me. Thank you so much for helping me. Wendy, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs can be based around neutrals with or without the brighter colors.

"confidence to have my thoughts confirmed..."

Thanks Pamela, That confirms what I thought I knew but it gives me more confidence to have it confirmed. Can you just tell me whether I can wear any sort of brown eyeshadow/eyeliner  or what colour is best please? Grey and purple I have tried - and also color for blush. Sarah, UK

Pamela says: By all means Sarah, choose a cool taupe eyeshadow, nothing too gingery, it works well as a shaper.  Quite neutral!  Eyeliner, avoid brown and suggest very dark grey or, as you're really deep anyway, black shouldn't be a problem. And if your beautiful tan needs it choose a deep bronzey pink blusher.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"...such indepth information"

I have had a good read through all the files and I can certainly see that Light is my colour family. Thank you for providing such in-depth information and also the comparison pictures with Summer and Spring - that has really helped in my understanding. 

I am honestly so happy to have my colours done and am really happy with your service.

In between dealing with a new baby, I feel far more confident with the task of making a new work wardrobe now that I have direction for colours. And you are so right - fit is so important! Combine fit with the right colours and I'll feel on top of the World!  Beth, Australia

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"Excited to get started.."

Thank you!  I enjoyed reading everything,  (including all 32 pages of the book :-) on the flight down. It was very informative. I am happy that I discovered your website and excited to get started. I do have questions and will email after I get home from vacation and have had time to review again.

I received my swatches today. Thank you so much!  I have been using the digital set, but these are so much better!  Kristie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I was in Analysis Paralysis!

Thank you for your great work. I completely understand the process.

I was analyzed as Soft Summer years ago and told to take the darkest shades of soft summer best but they are a bit muddy. You wrote I should take nothing muddy, now i understand why Soft Summer didn't work. 

I was on the point of wearing only dark navy blue because this was somehow ok, anything else I was in Analysis-Paralysis:-))))))) 

I never thought I could wear such delicate feminine colors, I was on the dull and muddy road, or too strongly saturated. Today I saw a powder rosa long-cardigan - different but I liked it and how it feels. Best wishes Andrea, Germany

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..a color wizard..."

I am thrilled and appreciate the great detail in describing the process for your conclusions. You are a color wizard as you deftly apply the science of color with the art of enhancing natural characteristics. I agree with your suggestion to add back some warm lowlights to my hair and my colorist (daughter in law!) feels the same.

Thank you for sharing your talent. My mother was interested in color analysis in the late 60s/early 70s and got it correct when she analyzed me as Autumn as a pre-teen. I am naturally drawn to the Autumn colors; Fall is my favorite season. I will refer my friends and colleagues to the expert across the pond, your service will be a wonderful gift for my loved onesMarlaine, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..budget and closet will breathe a sigh of relief..."

Lots of ah ha moments. You picked my absolute favorite picture with the pink vest - the first time I’d ever purposely tried on and bought that color, now I understand why I love that outfit. I'd previously gravitated towards brighter colors. You also clarified the freckle dilemma. I always thought I had to be warm because of them.

I see how my face is in the foreground when the colors are right and it takes the background when the colors are wrong.

Can’t wait to play with my swatches. I’d lost the joy in shopping recently not liking anything I was trying on but this has opened a whole new avenue for me. My close and budget are going to breathe a huge sigh of relief.  

Feel free to use my photo however you want. Thank you again Teri USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

So much more than I anticipated...

First, thank you. You did so much more work on this than I anticipated and it was a wonderful surprise.

You mentioned that I "could" wear black (although it's not a staple) and honestly as a lot of my pre-existing wardrobe has black in it and I have so much, I'd like to cull my collection wisely.

Second, I know the palette will help with this, but what constitutes a "warm" grey? I love the idea of integrating it, but a lot of the grey I've seen feels very cold. Is it more a "greige" (grey + beige) tone?

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Third, I am going to need a lot of practice with makeup. I'm used to doing very little makeup, if any, mostly mascara and lips. This is all so helpful and I'm feeling better about my coloring already, thank you again. Layla USA

P says: I'll send you some pics of Warm v Cool grey, you've summed it up well! And you don't have to change your makeup Layla, you have beautiful skin!

The detail is fantastic...

You have done an amazing job with the colours, the detail is fantastic and very easy to understand.

I’m so pleased to be a Winter, it was what I had hoped for because while I like Autumn colours in nature not so much on me. They always made me feel a bit boring. You have helped me more than you know as because of health problems I really needed a lift!

Most of my clothes  are Winter but makeup is Autumn, who knows why haha. It may take a while to get used to the new colours of makeup but excited to try. Something to look forward to that's just for me. I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. Carol, New Zealand

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Harmony was a huge 'a-ha' moment...

I understand better now that the Autumn colors have a touch of grey (muted) and I wear the more intense versions better than the 'Muted' color family. Also seeing the Caribbean Sunset photo next to the Autumn color palette really helps me understand the colors that will work in the summer (or year long in a tropical climate!)  

The concept of "Harmony" was a huge "a-ha" for me. I always thought that my deep intense coloring needed to contrast and therefore a Winter. The shift from thinking I was Cool (Winter) to Warm (Autumn) was a big one until I comprehended the concept of Harmony with colors that are best for me.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you again for your wonderful well-thought analysis and explanation. It will be so fun aligning my wardrobe with my Best Colors! And, yes, you're welcome to use any photos or comments of mine.  Perhaps they will help another! Linda, USA glad I found your website!

Oh how much fun I had with this! I was unsure if I was true Cool or a Summer, but when it's all laid out I can see how I fit the Cool category. 

As I naturally seem to gravitate to the cooler tones this gives me clarity as to the depth of color I need. I concur with others who said they just did not seem to fit the seasonal categories, and am very happy to have found the tonals.

A blogger I follow recently traveled to the UK and had her colors analyzed in person. For me that was not a good option so I started looking online and am so glad I found your website.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

To send someone your pictures and basically put yourself in their hands for help can be intimidating. You very thoroughly and respectfully devoted a lot of time into giving me what I needed going forward in revamping my color palette. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and complete analysis! Judy USA

Pamela says: Actually Judy I find an online analysis is much more effective than the face-to-face I did years ago. More time, more background info to hand, more images and more discussion between us. 

I needed a remake!

Thank you!!!

Oh my goodness - I appreciate your help! I was having an extremely difficult time with clothes and makeup. I would love to purchase the color swatches. 

I understand completely the analysis.

Would you kindly send me a link to purchase them? Sherri, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Confident for the future...

Yes, I am very happy with my color analysis. Great to have a professional help, I have had a few people tell me in the past that I was an autumn, but was never quite sure about it. Now, I will be more confident about my color choices and how they look on me.

I would love it if you used one of my photos!

Thank you so much! Siri, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Very happy with your analysis...

"Thank you very much; I'm very happy with your analysis. Was I a cool, light, or soft summer? I'm sorry if you addressed that already. 

Yes certainly you may use my photo." Megan, USA

Pamela says: Delighted you're pleased with the results. Yes it's all in your Color Profile but I appreciate there is a lot to read and take in!

SUMMER is Light, Cool and Soft and you need all those elements to make the complete palette. If those individual elements are broken down then you are diluting the color palette and not doing yourself justice.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

So glad I found your website...

Thank you for my Color Analysis, I agree with your decision on Cool. 

I've looked at all the images and the files; thank you for doing such a thorough job. I feel that my other two analysis were not right; you are right about Soft Summer being too wishy-washy and Soft Autumn being too warm.

I don’t know why I was typed as a Autumn, but I'm glad I found your website. Colleen USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

This is my third analysis - and this time it's complete!

Thank you Pamela, I loved the analysis. I had already done 2 analysis here in Brazil, and one placed me as Deep Autumn, while the other as Spring - this one is far more complete.

I'll make my experiments with new colors in my wardrobe and try to share them with you. And I'll let you know my experience after taking a course to be a consultant.

And of course you can use the photo, sure. Wishing you all the best - Lilian, Brazil

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Winter to Summer - and it feels right!

I'm very grateful for the Color Analysis, it's exciting to see where it will take me. Previously had a face-to-face analysis here in Norway and told I was a Winter and could wear black!

So now I'm Summer and feel it's RIGHT. It will take a little time to get used to some of the more gentle colors but I bought a pink lipgloss for the first time and really liked it better than the pink/brown or dark pink I used before.

I've cleaned out my closet and been shopping; taking baby steps and trying new colors a little at a time.

Pamela you did great and delivered so much long wanted information.You're the best! Veronica, Norway

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It's a wonderful feeling; from confused to confident!

I am very happy with my color analysis!

I’ve always been attracted to the Spring colors, but I couldn’t place myself into any of the three subgroups. Your thorough process and clear explanation makes complete sense to me.

It’s a wonderful feeling to go from confused to confident! After I assess my closet and enjoy some shopping, I’ll report back and send an “after” photo.

Many thanks for prompt responses, personal warmth, and above all your expert advice. Georgia, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I never felt comfortable with the Seasons...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the detailed, thoughtful analysis that you put together for me.

Your conclusion that I am neither Winter nor Summer but Cool, makes so much sense to me.  I never felt fully comfortable with Summer. Winter seemed closer but felt very limiting.

I feel that the Cool color family is the perfect blend. I'm so excited to play with these colors!  I am going to place an order for the color swatches because I think it will be so much easier to shop. Michelle USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Easy to understand your conclusions...

Wow! I love this analysis, thank you!

It’s clear you put a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into it and the results are wonderful. I enjoyed following along with your process, and it was very easy to understand how you came to your conclusions. I look forward to this color journey as I settle into my colors and fashion.vI’ve always chosen the less bright colors over the more vivid but the outfit examples you sent are good starting point for me.

Now, it’s time to do some shopping, and I think I’ll start with a color fan! Laura USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: Laura does shy away from over-bright colors so I've give examples of how to base outfits initially on the neutrals and gradually add in color as she gains in color confidence.

I've been drawn to Autumn...

Thank you very much for my colour analysis results. It was very detailed and very interesting.

Whenever I did online analysis questions or like many ladies my age used the colour me beautiful book it always arrived at the same result of winter or cool and deep. I was never happy with that result because although the colours are striking I felt that people notice the colour and not me! Does that make sense? (Absolutely makes sense Esme)

Funnily enough I have been drawn to the Autumn palette but wasn't sure if they would look good on me. Esme UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

The Capsule Queen...

"Thank you so much Pamela for the color analysis.  I knew I could wear a few of those colors so seeing the complete color palette is very helpful!

Yes absolutely you may use my photo and I will be delighted to recommend your services". Leanne, USA 

Pamela says: The very talented Leanne has captured a vast audience with the Capsule Wardrobe books she creates each season. Although she favors certain shades she was unaware of the full color palette that would echo and complement her Light coloring. The process of color choice can usually be linked to color direction! You can find Leanne at:

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

" favorite colors are my colors..."

Thank you so much, Pamela!!!  I love this and am so impressed! I’m so happy that my favorite colors are “my” colors! I’m thrilled with your analysis!

It’s embarrassing that I put myself into the autumn pigeon hole for so long, but you’re right when you’re young, you can get away with a lot more blunders.  

Your website is also wonderful!  I love the Zoe travel bag.  I just have to decide what color I want.  Can I order the fabric swatch to keep in my purse? Christine, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I love the way you describe my coloring...

Thank you for your work, there is so much detail here, great descriptions, pictures and info.  

I am surprised at your analysis (thought I was Spring) but  I love that you have described me in a different way than I ever have been before. I like the thought of light cool and soft to describe me. I was always leery of Summer because my eyes are not a beautiful bright blue, but more of a softer blue green. I think it will take me a while to get my colors down and try to figure out the makeup.

This has been a great experience and I look forward to building a new wardrobe. I really enjoy the website, and love the information. Sherry USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

A very sensible system...

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this analysis! The true test is the fact that I can't think of a single question to ask you - or rather, when I do, I realized it's already answered in the information you gave me.

In past analyses, there was always something that didn't fit, why could I wear some softer and brighter shades? Why could I not decide on black (not the best but not horrid? Why did some cool makeup colors look almost too cool? Why did I seem to be so 'medium' on both the bright/soft and dark/light continuums?

It all fits with the Cool analysis so thanks again, a very sensible system you've worked out. All the best Helena, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It explains so much...

Laura, USA: Thank you so much the analysis is excellent and explains so much.

I've often been drawn to Summer colors but felt I needed to “brighten” myself up with warmer colored clothes and hair. I’d been coloring my hair warm for so long that I'd kind of forgotten that I was once  naturally cooler. I suspected either Soft or Summer could be a possibility but I was quite surprised when I read the results anyway. Now I know that my instincts were right. 

I heard about you through a small Facebook group, several of the ladies have had analyses and were very pleased. We all think you are very gifted!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

And a followup: 5 months ago I received your Online Color Analysis with a result of Summer. I had previously been determined Warm Spring but after several months realized the colors weren’t right. Just like to let you know that I'm very happy with your analysis the colors feel very natural and I love them. I’m also finding it more effortless to put outfits together. I’ve added a couple of pics of me dressed in my Summer colors - thank you again!

So excited and ready for shopping...

Thank you for my colour analysis.  It was very detailed and explains why I didn't like my 2 previous Color Analysis'.

I was told Summer, Cool Summer, and Elegant Colours which is a  combination of Summer/Winter but different tones to the ones you gave.

I actually like the colour palette you have given me and explains why I liked certain shades of Kettlewell Colours which are in my new palette.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It makes a lot of sense and I'm so excited, ready to go shopping now. I found a fantastic colour consultant in you Pamela and I thank you again for what you have done for me.  I will continue to follow your example and buy your wardrobe capsules and I am excited to tell all my friends about you. Kristin, USA

I wish I had buckets of money...

I do love the colours. I wish I had buckets full of money to redo my entire wardrobe now! I'm not very patient. Lol.

Yes you can use my photo. Which one? I'm just hoping it isn't the one I took while in the bus, I'm not very photogenic! Chantal, Canada

Pamela:  On the contrary Chantal you look fabulous in this photo! Much better to get your head round everything before jumping in and spending loads of money!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Now I understand...

Thank you Pamela. I finally was able to pull up the full color analysis on my smartphone. I've read everything, I think I understand and agree.

The results make perfect sense to me; now I understand why I am naturally drawn to certain colors.

Thank you again. You have helped me tremendously! Looking forward to my fabric color swatch. Tanja, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Ready for the attention...

I love your work and certainly you can use my photo.

I was thinking about adding a color like pink, blue, teal, or purple so it shows up but looking for the Warmest tone. What is your opinion of these vs something like auburn brown? I understand the color draws attention, but I'm so ready to do it. I also plan to wear more scarves although we live in Texas and it's really hot, we're shortly moving. Kathy USA

P: I think the main thing is that you're feeling well enough for some fun and when you've gone through a period of ill health what could be better? Just telling the world that you're HERE is amazing. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Exceeded my expectations!

You’ve definitely exceeded my expectations with my color analysis!  

I had one done about 30 years ago and was deemed a Cool Winter but was never happy with it; many of the colors were too deep for me and the rest was just too limiting. Another person told me they thought I was in the Muted color family but I wound up not being completely happy with that either. 

I was very happy to see your analysis of Cool which includes Winter and Summer Cool colors; much more all encompassing.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I need to tweak parts of my wardrobe but already have a very good start. Seems I was naturally gravitating toward many of the right colors through the years.  I’ll be adding some of the new colors this summer. Thank you so much for such a thorough and well thought out analysis. I’ve read it three times already! More than worth the money. Kerri, USA

Such an in-depth approach...

Over the years I've had my "colors" analyzed twice and, in both cases, it took only a few minutes and seemed to be based on only a few factors. I was intrigued by Pamela's website and her in-depth approach to color analysis and especially impressed by the testimonials including "before" and "after" photos of her clients. After filling out an extensive questionnaire and sending several photos taken in natural light, I received an unbelievably in-depth analysis that consisted of 3 documents and 15 color photos!

Pamela carefully explained how she came to the conclusion that I fall into the Muted Soft category by meticulously detailing her step-by-step thought process including photos to illustrate how each step led to her conclusions.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

She then presented an in-depth discussion of how the Muted Soft palette works, including how to avoid extremes of color and how to coordinate the colors into outfits. In addition, she has personally answered several questions about working with the clothing I already have. I am so very grateful to her for her thoughtfulness, care and attention. Thank you Pamela for all the time and effort put into my color analysis! Anne, Tennessee, USA  

'We thought it was a Mom thing'

Mom speaking: McKay and Bella weren't sure about the validity of Color Analysis as it puts you in a box (was "old fashioned") and limits choice. After seeing their detailed analysis' they changed their tune and agreed there is something to this!

McKaylee: is very happy with her Spring analysis and loves to wear the blues/bright aquas that make her happy! The difference between cool and warm pinks was surprising; an almost gray look in the cool but appearing more alive and fresh in the warm Spring pinks. This confirms the fact that a muted gray made her complexion blah; unaware that it was color choice that made her look so pale.   

Bella: loves and gravitates to the darker cooler shades. She agrees and feels good with the Cool palette; burgundy, charcoal and cool blues are her staples. Yellow is a favorite color-of-the-moment but she finds it difficult so has compared her current go-to pale yellow top with the only yellow on the swatches. She proudly said "it's a match, so why I feel good and wear it the most!" Further validation for her that color analysis works!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you for your beautiful gift of color and magic on my girls and me! I love your system, your depth and understanding even for the younger woman like my daughters who had never heard of Color Analysis. They caught on quickly and grasped the concept when they looked at the picture comparisons. We're very happy with your findings! Holly, USA

Pamela says: Gorgeous girls, siblings but entirely different! Fun to do their analysis.  Mum Holly is featured below.

Wow wow wow, I get it!

I can't tell you how your attention to detail has helped me, I completely agree with your analysis and love all the pictures and comparisons. It really does help to see yourself in the middle of the color blocks, sort of like being an outsider looking in. Instant clarity with a fresh set of eyes which greatly helped me to see for myself where I fit in this puzzle of life called color!

There are several key points when you describe how my skin reacts to color that I recognized and convinced me you hit the mark. 

Finally have an understanding of how it feels to be ME! You may absolutely use my photograph and quotes I want everyone to know you are the real deal in color analysis!  Holly, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

" from a place of anxiety not creativity..." happy with the wonderful and detailed analysis. With dark hair and eyes I always thought I was Winter or perhaps deep Autumn; but puzzled at not being able to wear Autumn cream/gold and the brightness/high contrast of Winter looked harsh.

When Pamela said that with a pink skintone and a softness to my brown eyes I suited Cool colours, everything fell into place. I would never have been able to determine this by myself.

Yesterday I wore one of my Cool color suggestions and felt really confident, I’ve also had cool highlights added and have sourced some cool makeup.  I will finally enjoy wearing 'my' colours after going round in circles for so long.

Realized that I often shop from a place of anxiety not creativity! Joanna UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

...made me feel special!

Pamela, your work is truly excellent.  I have enjoyed this.  It has made me feel very special. 

You have met all of my expectations and I am very sincerely grateful.

Thank you, Lynda, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Lady in red...

I have printed off and read everything and I am happy with the Winter season and the colours you suggested.   

Thank you so much for doing this for me, I have already ordered a blue shirt to try and will be wearing a red dress when I go out dancing on Saturday night,

I will order a Winter Fabric Swatch later today.  Ellen, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

The most thorough Color Analysis

Thank you so much for the beautifully detailed color analysis, you do a  wonderful job breaking down color theory into understandable terms and provide supporting visuals. This is the most thorough analysis I've ever received and I'm very happy with it.

In all honesty I've previously been told that I'm Spring (True Spring followed by Clear Spring) however the analyst used the 12 seasons which I hate, too overwhelming, and I much prefer your fabric swatch to a 'paint-swatch’ type.

Incidentally, I’ve also been told that I'm a Light Summer – but something was bothering me about those colors. I love your warm friendly approach.  Sue USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I have struggled...

Thank you so much. You are spot on. I have struggled with my own analysis believing I was a soft autumn confused by the fact that I knew I could wear orange colors well.

I believed I was soft and am still a little shy about calling attention to my self. Another issue I was having finding my colors was the degree of intensity. But you have cleared that up beautifully. I think my coloring comes from my maternal grandfather who was a redheaded Irish man. I can't thank you enough for your analysis. I can't wait to go shopping. I will be following your website closely.  You have certainly put a smile on my face. Rhinda, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Previously Autumn - but feel right as a Cool...

Thank you again for taking the time for my analysis and the long report.

Some of my clothes are in the Cool category but many are in Autumn colors. What to do? I have two real leather skirts in camel that I'd like to keep, also a long winter coat. Some of my clothes will go direct to the Red Cross but I need lots of clothes for the long winter. We had 20cm of snow 2 days ago and now -13 C in Helsinki - too cold for me. 

I agree that the Summer colors are too light and the Winters too strong. It is difficult to see myself as others see me and it has been very interesting to read everything.  Raili, Finland

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I'm holding my head up now...

Thank you for the thorough Color Analysis I was very pleased with how you go about it and analyzed me.

I had figured I was an Autumn of some type but being True autumn is very good for me to know, I wasn't sure if I was soft or deep and I had never heard about Tonal Analysis. Now I can move ahead with my colors and feel more confident in what I wear with my white hair, I sure didn't like me with the blonde on the photo you tried! I have had trouble accepting my hair thinking it makes me look older though but I am holding my head up high anyways.

Regarding contrast levels: is it best for me to wear medium or high contrast colors together? Louise, Australia

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: Louise's contrast is actually more defined with her stunning white hair.

Ready for a 'pop' of bright...

Juliette from the USA: Thank you so much for your in depth analysis - it makes a lot of sense and I'm actually really excited!

I've always loved bright colors but living in a city for so long made it more comfortable to wear black and grays. I was a bit nervous about brights but it’s great that I can use/wear a lot of the neutrals that I already have (I own a ton of charcoal gray) and I can use accessories to ‘pop’ the brightness. 

I think I switched to safer/deeper colors as I got a bit older. My go-to is a burgundy with charcoal gray, but I've always loved purples and brighter reds. I'm really excited to continue on my style journey!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

What a complete and perfect color analysis!

Bonnie, USA: Yes, I am both Warm and Cool, but most of all ‘light’. It’s so nice to have that all addressed with the beautiful Light color palette you have chosen for me.

It has been so difficult trying to find where I fit. Mostly, I've been wearing mid-value colors on the cool-ish side. I don’t wear many prints aside from stripes as they seem to compete with my clarity. Spring Colors that are too warm bring out redness in my face. Too pastel will wash me out. Perhaps now with the right color palette I will be able to enjoy a better mix.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’m so excited to finally get to downsize my closet. When I had a personal color analysis with TCI I thought I had it under control but with Soft Summer’s gray undertones it was quickly obvious that it wasn’t me. I looked and felt “gray”.

Your system has simplified the complexities of not fitting neatly into one season. I feel all my color attributes have been addressed and finally this is “me”.

It's easy to get sidetracked...

I've had a few days to read digest and think over your advice; it's been a revelation. At first I was a bit discombobulated not to fit into a Season but on reflection I realised I already knew so it made sense. I remember an online quiz asking whether I looked best in white or ivory; that was confusing because I knew I suited both so analysed as Cool made total sense.

The Cool palette leaves me with a lot of things that instinctively work & explains things that don't. I've never looked good in traditional beige leopard print but now I know why but I once had a grey cheetah coat that I loved - makes sense.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Looking at my wardrobe the most expensive things I own tend to be in the Cool colour palette while most of my mistakes are sale 'bargains'/fast fashion buys; I obviously have some instinct for what works with investment dressing but as you say it's easy to get sidetracked!

Thanks so much for the hair advice I knew it wasn't right but I tend to let hairdressers bully me, good to have the validation of an outside expert. Debra, UK

Like coming home...

The in-depth analysis was fascinating. I'm really happy with the results and slightly surprised as I had almost started to convince myself I could be Cool! Funny how we see ourselves and how easy it is to get mislead by pale skin and some ash tones. I trust your judgment and definitely agree with your conclusion, so pleased to have a clear direction. I used to wear so many colours in this palette yet somehow muted or sometimes cooler colours have crept in over the years

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

The palette feels so alive it speaks straight to me and warms my heart. It almost feels like a homecoming as if I’ve been given the go-ahead to embrace the warmth and happiness. I know it sounds cheesy but it actually makes me a bit emotional. I truly thank you, Pamela. Sarah, Denmark (formerly UK)

Cool confirmation...

I suspected I was Cool colouring.  Years ago when the Seasons began I felt I didn't really fit any of the categories. I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and naturally gravitated towards some of the colours in those palettes. It was nice to have someone confirm that. 

Most of my wardrobe fits the Cool palette but there are some fun colours I can try as well. I did find that L'Oreal has foundations is Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones so picked one in Cool and it matches great, makes a big difference.  I just need to find lipstick colours now.

Thanks so much for all your help.  I'm looking forward to getting the colour swatch. Susan, Canada

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela: How different siblings can be. Susan's sister Kathryn is above - they're polar opposites!

I love the depth you go into...  Kelly from the USA

I love my color analysis thank you so much! Let me first say that your site is the first place that I’ve ever come across the Tonal color families.  I was always trying to decide if I was a summer or a winter; felt I was too dark for Summer but too light for Winter. And then I encountered a system that broke all the seasons down into three separate categories such as light, bright, and deep. I also saw the words shaded. How confusing! I really could not decide then.

Then I came across your site and pretty much figured I was probably either a Cool or a Winter but kind of also wondered about the Muted so I really wanted to have you do the Color Analysis so that I would know for sure.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

If I had been forced to choose I would have said I was the Cool color family so looks like I was right. I love the depth you go into, I'll be buying the fabric color swatch for sure. Again thank you so much. I’m 100% satisfied. Your website is very clear, you do amazing work. Thanks again!

It's taken a while...

It's taken a while but I'm starting to see this now. I've just ordered some clothes from Kettlewell and mentioned your name when they asked how I heard of the company.

How did you pick up Irish in me? Do I appear Irish? My paternal grandmother is Irish and grandfather is Catalan. All of my relatives on the Irish side have very dark hair, however, I have distant cousins from Barcelona who are gingers. Kellie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Spring to Soft Summer but happy to be back...

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I think I instinctively chose Spring colors before I ever thought about the gold flecks in my eyes and decided I was Spring! I have old photos of me in turquoise, periwinkle blue and clear red. 

Then a few natural ash tones in my hair threw me and I switched to Soft Summer - there's a soft look I see from time to time so it seemed to make sense.

I've been weeding out the Soft Summer colors from my wardrobe this week and noticed that I collected crossover colors that also fit into Spring; some of them are very muted though and those are the ones that are going to go.

I was so excited once your conclusion set in that I took a day off to rearrange my wardrobe back to Spring. I'm getting my old wardrobe back, but it's different. I feel more free now to mix it up and pair opposites - and I'm only keeping what I love. Angie from

I can now see objectively..

I have been soaking up all the information and insights you presented in your well thought out and clearly composed analysis.

I am so grateful for you to have taken the time and effort to compose my analysis results. I can finally see how well the cooler colours look on me! My instincts have always been that I veer on the Cool side as opposed to Warm but I could never quite trust what I believed. With your help I can now see objectively which colours work in harmony with me and which ones are not so good.  This has been a brilliant service. Thank you so much, I am happy with the explanations you have so kindly provided. Jen, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Sue is an expat blogger enjoying the Spanish sun...

There's so much to take in, but my immediate reaction was that it all made sense and there are lots of colours that I love in there. I liked the way you showed the various options so I could see the difference between warm and cool etc, and also how you used some photos from my blog!

I have some of the Autumn colours in my Warm swatch, but it will be good to have all the Autumn colours together. It's interesting to see the difference having the deep element makes, as many of the warm shades are too light for me.

I'm definitely pleased with the results, thanks for such an indepth analysis plus the book. Sue, Spain from

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

This is a game changer for me!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you for the detailed analysis. I think that it's going to be a game changer and save me money in my future purchases. I've had other online analysis - been neutral and even warm neutral twice (soft autumn). Those analysis' were challenged on a Facebook forum with lots of feedback saying I was cool most likely a summer maybe winter. 

I've tried being objective and felt I looked best in cooler colors. I can wear bright white especially well and have always gravitated towards all shades of blue and grey. It's hard to be objective and maybe as you pointed out the most important thing isn't bright vs. soft or light vs. dark so those factors have always thrown me off when trying to apply other systems. 

My palette is so classy and I love that you made the comparison to Duchess Kate. I also loved the example of Jamie Lee Curtis in that gorgeous dress! I can't wait to start building a wardrobe that will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you again! Laurie, USA

Think I've gone into analysis paralysis!

Thank you SO much for this. It's absolutely wonderful. I had a feeling I was going to be either Autumn or Winter, so this has confirmed it and I'm very excited!

I am actually rebuilding my wardrobe 'from the ground up'. Most of my clothes no longer fit so I'm literally starting from scratch. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a capsule wardrobe, at least to start off with, so I'm trying to come up with a colour palette based on the analysis you've given me.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I think I've gone into analysis paralysis!  Christina, Australia

Pamela says: Christina has lots of black in her wardrobe and the boldest colors of Autumn work so well with this to give her plenty of mix and match opportunities straightaway. 

This makes sense...

Thank you so much, this is very exciting and makes sense of what I was thinking. I have a lot of the colours already but now it gives me a much better focus and a good deal of inspiration. It also explains why some colours just don't make me feel good even though I like them!

I always wanted to do an analysis but found it too expensive but I think you are offering good value for money and it is equally effective online. Eleanor, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

It's so exciting..  Linda USA

Oh my gosh, this is just wonderful.  I have a few things still to read, but I love all the work you did. 

I've needed help for a long time and have always been confused with color. Am so looking forward to my fabric swatch and feeling impatient!...

I got them yesterday. I'd ordered coats in camel and grey, and that worked the best. I was able to see that the camel was a medium shade and didn't quite fit in with the colors.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Will have a lot of fun - so glad you did my color analysis, such a thorough job! It is very exciting and keeps me a bit out of myself! Thanks so much.

From confusion to confidence...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you have sent me.

I had been previously told I was a Summer flowing to Spring which I have found quite confusing and thought perhaps I might be more tonal. Coming out as a True Spring is a surprise but makes so much sense when I look at the pictures, especially as I've always thought peachy make-up and bronzer really suited me rather than pinks. No wonder I have been feeling quite drab of late!

You have given me the confidence to embrace some colours which I had thought suited me but was contrary to the cool palette I've been sticking too.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I'm super excited to keep my new copper hair and can't wait to brighten up my wardrobe. Deborah U.S.A.

What a difference!

Amy, USA - I love my analysis.  It’s easy to understand and I have consulted my color wheel/palette for every new purchase I’ve made.  

What a difference it’s made in my wardrobe choices! I am actually wearing color and it’s flattering!!! Thank you so much! If I have any questions, I will definitely email you. Hope you are well. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Having fun with my Summer colors

Thanks Pamela, I think I got everything. It will take a while to process but I love the way you show the warm and cool so I can see the difference. When I was younger I think I was more of a Cool but you are spot on that Summer is better now. I do want to order the fabric swatch but let me look everything over first.

Thank goodness for Poshmark-lots of Warm stuff going to sell! Thanks again. You have confirmed what I thought was correct. 

I’m having fun with my summer colors.

Joy, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Janice writes from Canada...

"I have been searching for over two years for someone to do my colours for me. Anyone I found missed the mark with their clients. When I came across Pamela's site I knew I had hit gold!

Everyone looked so much better in their correct colours.  I always thought I might be Autumn but some of the colours were just so off, now I know I'm a Summer and I love all the colours! I have gone through a lot in the last few years of my life and this is just what I need to help get back on track. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I need new clothes but didn't want to waste money on things that didn't flatter me so finding out what my colours were was a first step for me. Why spend loads of money if they are the wrong colour and won't flatter me?  Now I know exactly what to buy no money wasted  I feel more confident in going shopping!  Thank you so much Pamela you are a treasure and I  truly feel you have a gift at helping people with their colours, and through that with their confidence!"

Juliet from France says...

Before: "I am a new mom since 6 months and I would like find the right colors to be prettier and feel more confident." 

After: "Thank you very much for this color analysis. I am very happy to finally know what colors to choose. 

I started buying a scarf with spring colors and I immediately saw the difference on me. I will continue with sun dresses for this summer" :)

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Elizabeth from the USA says... 'When I think back...'

Thank you so much for the color typing results. When I think back these warm colors have always looked best on me but too often I wore winter colors because I didn't know enough, thought dark hair and light skin must equal winter. After 30 years of wearing black, the last few unhappily, I know in my heart it does not flatter me and you're right, straight autumn can be too muddy and straight spring too shrill. Another stylist said I was soft-cool-medium with light olive skin, but greyed tones don't flatter me any more than bright ones. 

So it's really a growing awareness of what looks best rather than adherence to a rule. I do have some cooler colors I like too much to give up but now I can move in a warmer direction with complete confidence.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Melissa, Australia...

Thank you so much - how wonderful to see your analysis it makes perfect sense.

In some ways I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t say you thought I was a Spring or a Light or even an Autumn just because it would be something that would be completely different and new to work with but deep down I knew I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and most of my favourite clothes are Cool coloured.

You’ve given me a great framework and a better understanding of how/why my colouring is supported and brought out with cool colours but not so much in some of the colours in the Summer and Winter palettes.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I don’t know why I waited so long to ask for your help!

P: Melissa's hair is transitioning into beautiful silver which allows her colors to look more stunning.

Thank you for the Color Analysis, so I’m not a neutral after all, felt a bit relieved really. Have not read it all yet but make up tips are great.

I am gonna favor the softer tones and not so much muted with gray to see what happens. Fun to try something new and I also look forward to tossing out parts of my wardrobe. I will treat myself to a new haircolor too! 

I will try the Summer colors and take it from there thats why I ordered the fabric swatch. A nice treat to pep up instead of getting older and stop caring. 

Very nice to have contacted you and to get the benefit of your expertise.  Irene, Sweden

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Teresa in the UK says:

Thank you for all the time and fantastic pictures, so very pleased with what you said. 

I'm glad I seemed to be on the right track. I think when my hair was correct it was easier to see myself properly, I'm sure I'll get the colour back how i want and I’ll send a picture when it feels right.

Thank you for all the information, its so helpful to see warm and cool side by side, I can see how sallow the warm makes me look.

I love it!

Susan from the US:

Thank you so much! I love it! I will take some time this week to read and digest all the information. Can’t wait to dive in. By the way, You were recommended by Laura V. Several of us in that group find your analyses (even online!) to be thorough and so very helpful.

Your explanation of the Summer  seasonal palette (vs tonal) helps all the others I’ve had make sense now. I'm really enjoying my palette.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I am part of a Facebook group where we discuss a lot about color. 

I'm really enjoying my new palette. I did decide to go darker with my hair, it's still a touch auburn, but reads cool. 

Yes certainly you may use my photo.

Kathryn, USA

Pamela: You can be a Winter blonde. Kathryn's hair was platinum and she still made a stunning Winter.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Fiona, Australia says: I appreciate your help to all my questions. I'm really looking forward to identifying a pattern and understanding why certain colours and makeup works or don't work. I want to stop second guessing myself all the time over purchases and know what to look for. Thank you for the digital swatch, can I order fabric swatch from you?

Pamela:You talked initially about finding your personal style - well after seeing earlier photos of you I think you've definitely found it. With your short curly hair and colorful glasses it really sets off your delicate features and the vibrant Spring colors will be the finishing touch.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

No wonder I always thought I was pale...

Looking at my pictures with the colors around them I can't believe I could have been so confused thinking I was warm. I can really see how the Winter palette favors my skin tone. About 90% of my wardrobe and makeup is warm using orange, brown and gold jewelry. That could be the reason why I always thought about myself as yellow and pale but I've just been using the wrong colors most of the time.

I am so happy now knowing my right colors that I look forward to start making changes little by little to enhance my appearance. I know it will take time as you said but thank you again I am really happy with the results and love the colors of the Winter palette. USA.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Debbie is wearing her Color Family instinctively...

Thank you for the detailed analysis! I am still a little bit shell shocked at being Warm, I've always been told I'm cool. At my niece's memorial last year we took a family picture of our hands and I noticed how yellow mine were in comparison to other family members so I guess it's not a complete surprise but just different - but a good different!

As long as my favorite colors aqua and mint green are included I'm happy. Although I'm whiny over losing pink!

So queries, rose gold? Copper? and I have some pieces that are antiqued gold with a vintage look?  Thank you for everything. USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

P: You were instinctively choosing your best colors and don't worry lovely warm coral pink is one of your best. Jewelry? spot on - have fun. x

After numerous analysis'...this is perfect!

I have gotten Soft Summer three times (even David Zyla) and something always felt off like it was greying and aging me.

Also had several as some sort of Spring, I was draped by 12 blueprints as a LSp yet I was never satisfied I felt like most of the colors were too light (and where did hot pink go, that without a doubt was one of my best colors). Then there were years of thinking I was cool toned and Spring didn't jive with that. Also been told I'm a warm spring and a striking spring in CMAS. 

So much conflict and opinions that I just didn't know what was right anymore - lots of second guessing myself. Not to mention that no-one, absolutely no-one, explained the whys and hows of what they were saying.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Zyla gave me my palette and out the door; there is no follow up or anything. LSp, she tried to explain what she was seeing but I couldn't see it. Every other time it was basically "this is what I saw that was best." I wanted to know why, you explained it perfectly, for that I am thankful. Now it feels like everything has fallen into place and I am actually accepting this; never thought I'd get to this point, like a huge weight has lifted off of me. Silly I know when it's just colors but I've been on this path so long with no real answers.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time you put into this. You are amazing!  Lynette, USA

I feel free...

Thank you so much - very helpful - now I can understand why I have both Warm and Cool. 

I feel free! Now I can shop with confidence. I really appreciate your help. 

Clarice USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

At ease with both Cool and Summer...

Enjoying my colors. I got a lot of compliments wearing a clear medium blue top instead of the greyed down blue I would have previously worn. I always thought it was too harsh for me.

I'm quite at ease knowing that I can wear colors from the Cool and the Summer palette depending on my mood.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I also know that its alright to leave out the pale pastels and go for more saturated colors especially if they are light! So thank you again. Arlette, Switzerland.

This information is so helpful, I appreciate you being thorough. I find that some of my favorite outfits fit nicely into the direction you've laid out and others I can see why I don't feel comfortable in them even though on the hanger I love them.

Strangely I had not thought about coloring when it comes to jewelry and makeup (except foundation). I have some cool color palettes and some warm to match my clothes. Of course, it makes more sense to compliment skin tone and as you can see I've already learned a lot just from one reading. I'm excited to incorporate some changes immediately and then gradually replace more items from my closet. Christie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I've been nearly every Season...

Britta from Germany says:

I've been made Spring, Autumn and Summer! Summer is too gray, fall too heavy and spring just too colorful. I see that you work with other priorities I hope that could help me.

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the detailed description of my Color Analysis. A few days have passed and I had time  let the colors affect me. I ordered the color fan light today. I am slowly getting a feel for myself and the colors. I like to wear lighter olive tones. Is that still good for light or not? I have to practice a bit first. And what about patterns for a light?

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela: The Light color family includes Warms and Cools all with a light saturation which work together, light olive will make a great neutral, patterns too, just follow the same theme.

Excited to be a Summer...

Catherine says "Thank you so much for the analysis, I am still going over everything and digesting it. I was excited to be Summer and had wondered if this was my direction but no one else has ever seemed to think I am Cool.  

I love Duchess Kate (my sister has always told me I look like her), and she is Cool, right?  Our coloring does seem to be similar".  

Pamela: Catherine enjoys playing with color and assembled an impressive gallery with many different colored tops. But like most of us it's difficult to be completely objective. 

Her coloring is very similar to 'Duchess Kate' but slightly softer. With some rosacea the Cool colors are a little harsh and likely to exacerbate a high color - the Summer colors clear her complexion.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Lana from the USA says:

"Fascinating, I'm the type who reads everything slowly because I want to absorb all of it. It has been a game changer I learned so much. I've rekindled a love affair with black and I'm loving it. I liked understanding that our colors can stay strong into older age.

I'm very excited to receive my swatches in the mail. My husband and my mom both complimented me on my new shade of lipstick which I would never have chosen before finding you. I do want to look my best - thank you so much". 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Finally, Bright feels right...

Thank you so much for this analysis.  It actually makes a lot of sense.  I have been analyzed as a bright Spring and bright Winter.  Of course I have also been analyzed as a Dusky Summer and true summer. Lol  But the bright colors definitely look better on me! 

Also, I have been complimented in bright shades of salmon and orange which I see in the swatches you gave me.  I could never been able to reconcile that with being told I am completely cool, because people who are completely cool cannot wear orange!!  I am looking forward to experimenting with my new palette.  I will be ordering the swatches in a few weeks so I have them when I go shopping. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

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