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Struggling between Spring and Summer? You might just belong to Color Analysis Light; one of the Tonal Color Families.

You are lucky enough to be able to wear both Warm and Cool colors because the undertone isn't your most important characteristic. 

If you are Color Analysis LIGHT, you will look your best in colors with a Light pigment, particularly close to your face. 

Diana Princess of Wales with Light coloring #dianaprincessofwales #lightcoloring late Diana, Princess of Wales, source

Diana, Princess of Wales

These photos are a brief homage to Diana, Princess of Wales, whose life was tragically cut short 24 years ago this week.

Many people have tried to limit her coloring to a Season but she was a complete mix of (naturally) cool hair with the brightest warm eyes imaginable. She instinctively wore both Warm and Cool colors with a LIGHT intensity. Neutrals would have dimmed her brightness and yet here I show how navy emphasized her clarity. She always knew the power of pearls

Diana Princess of Wales with Light coloring #dianaprincessofwales #lightcoloring

Not just wishy washy pastels...

The Light color palette doesn't consist of just wishy washy pastels, there are some beautiful soft and more subtle deeper tones too. But they all have a light saturation or light intensity.

Colors with a deep or heavy pigment will overpower your delicate coloring. You have elements of both Warm and Cool.

Each of these beautiful shades has the same PRIMARY CHARACTERISTICS as your own - when you echo these characteristics in the colors you wear you will always look your best. 

Match your coloring

Color Analysis LIGHT can look delicate and fragile, almost translucent at times with little contrast. You are often lucky enough to remain looking younger than your years.

Your Hair: will be blonde, fair or even light mousey brown. If you'd like to add color you can re-create the fairness of your childhood with blonde highlights.   

Eyes: will be light blue, blue grey, aqua or even light green/hazel.

Your Skin tone: will be ivory or fair, it can even appear florid if you are wearing pigments that are too heavy.

Seasonal Analysis wouldn't work - you would be wrongly determined SPRING or SUMMER

But your dominant characteristic is Color Analysis LIGHT

A whole spectrum...

Your Color Family has a whole spectrum of colors - from fresh and bright through to soft and elegant - but it is the LIGHT color characteristic that always dominates. 

There are elements of both Warm and Cool which echoes the mix of your own natural coloring.

There's no need to ever feel limited with colors. You'll find every color you could wish for - red, blue, green, purple - they are all featured in your color palette, but only the very best shade of each to flatter your natural delicate coloring.

LIGHT shades will create balance with YOU!

When you're wearing the colors that suit you it allows YOU to shine! 

With Light coloring it's easy to be overpowered and we've all seen the effect when an outfit comes through the door first! Heavy color will drain the color from your face and cast heavy shadows onto your face. 

The gloriously pretty colors in your Color Family will enhance and bring your natural coloring to life. Your complexion will be fresh and clear, your eyes brighter and the shade of your hair more intense. A natural bloom will return to your cheeks and the right make-up will enhance this even more.

The LIGHT color family #color analysis  #celebrity color analysis

How to choose your LIGHT colors

It's often said that LIGHT is halfway between Spring and Summer but that's not strictly true. Both seasons have LIGHT in their makeup but it's only the true LIGHT shades from each that are included, other elements that don't relate are excluded!  


  • a LIGHT pigment, not just pastel or wishy-washy but no heavy pigment
  • Soft white and ivory are better for your complexion than pure white
  • 'Sweet pea' shades of lavender, pastel pink through to rose, peach and lemon
  • Most blues and blue greens, aqua, turquoise and lighter reds


  • Elegant shades of beige, stone, taupe and pewter
  • lighter shades of navy and grey

The pure LIGHT of Spring

LIGHT IS your primary consideration i.e. lightly saturated colors that do not lean heavily to either Warm or Cool. You have elements of both so tread a center line.  

It can be difficult to visualize how the swatch colors come together in an outfit and for real inspiration, take a look at a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses which bring your Color Swatch to life from Kettlewell Colours.

and the lightest of Summer

You will also find some of the lightest colors of the SUMMER palette included in the LIGHT color family.

It is not necessarily those colors which appear to be the palest or the most wishy washy but those with LIGHT as their primary characteristic i.e. a light intensity or pigment.

Colors to avoid and how to cope with them

  • Avoid deep colors particularly around your face they will make you look pale and cast shadows 
  • Avoid sludgy or dull colors they will flatten your delicate coloring
  • Avoid harsh and vivid colors with high contrast e.g. black/white is very harsh

If you particularly want to wear some of the more difficult colors keep them away from your face and team them with lighter and brighter colors.

Like to wear black for the evening? Fine, just wear a slightly lower neckline and introduce some lustrous pearls to bring light to your face. A scarf near to your face, a collar over a jacket, even a pair of pearl earrings will introduce LIGHT.

All you need to enjoy your LIGHT colors...

LIGHT Color Brief  £4

The LIGHT Color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying the LIGHT Color Family.

With 45 colors, advice for makeup, hair, jewelry and glasses frames. It also comes with a printable color swatch so you can make it up into an mirror image of the fabric swatch.    

This is a digital product.

The TONAL Color Brief   £16
(6 books and 6 color swatches for the price of 4)

FULLY ILLUSTRATED digital book clearly explaining Tonal Color Analysis. How to identify your primary color characteristic and translate it into a complementary group of colors i.e. your most obvious Color Family.

A 60 page book with detailed information for each Tonal Color Family. You can even print out, make up and laminate your own color swatch.

It explains how your natural coloring works and how you are linked to a particular Color Family; how to wear and enjoy your best colors, How to recognize your neutrals and accent shades; it shows you how to choose your best makeup colors, hair shades and even how to select jewelry to flatter you.

This book is a digital download

Light tonal coloring #coloranalysis #lightcontrast #lightcolors

LIGHT swatch £38.50

45 fabulous fabric shades in an attractive suedette covered fan, handbag size 12.5 x 6.5 cm. With a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

No more mistakes - save TIME and MONEY!

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