How to flatter a Short Neck or Double Chin...

Do you have a short neck or wide neck? Perhaps you have a little bit of a double chin appearing?

We all have figure faults but by carefully choosing the cut and style of what you're wearing, you can influence the eye and feel far more confident about the way you look.

The lady on the right has a short neck and yet she is making look shorter still by filling the only available space with a wide necklace band.

How to flatter a short or wide neck and styles to choose  #short neck #wide neck to avoid

Make your neck look longer...

There are little tips and tricks you can adopt to create the look of a longer neck.

By leaving the neckline bare and showing a little more flesh you can visibly elongate this area.

Avoid clutter around the neck and aim to bring the eye downwards and create vertical lines.

Styles that flatter a wide or short neck...

How to flatter a short or wide neck and styles to choose  #short neck #wide neck
  • Wear open or lower necklines, particularly V-necks
  • Shirt styles with open buttons are great as the collar gives height as well and the front buttons take the eye down lower
  • A cowl neck provides a soft drape that exposes more neckline
  • A cross-over style brings the eye down more, even if you have to wear a camisole underneath the V still does it's job.
  • Wear a V shaped necklace such as a fine chain and pendant
  • Wear a long pendant or necklace to bring the eye down but not if you have a large bust as it would emphasize this area
  • Wear a scarf tied low in the front so that it hangs down creating the V shape
  • Holding your head high and avoiding anything tight around this area will reduce the appearance of a double chin and distract the eye
  • Choose a hairstyle that avoids the neck area - go shorter hair with a bit of height or below the shoulder. A well-cut bob at chin level will look particularly flattering
  • Choose earrings that create a vertical line such as hoops, but not long earrings.

Styles to avoid...

  • Avoid high round necklines, it makes the neck disappear
  • No polos or high necklines
  • Avoid clutter such as chokers or round necklace
  • A hairstyle that finishes at short neck level
  • Round earrings 
  • Don't hold your head down thinking that a double chin won't be seen, it makes it more obvious.

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