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Color Analysis Warm - Is this your color palette?

Looking your best starts with understanding your natural coloring and echoing it with the the colors you wear. Translate it further still into the colors you use for your hair and makeup.

If you are Color Analysis WARM, you will always look your best when you're wearing colors with a Golden or Yellow undertone that echoes your Warm golden coloring. 

Colors with a blue undertone (Cool) can make your complexion look quite pinched, even grey!

WARM is your Color Family and your color direction.

Color Analysis Warm #coloranalysiswarm #warmcolors #warmcolorfamily

You're not SPRING and you're not AUTUMN

If you've landed on this page you are certainly drawn to some of these colors! You might even have been analyzed as Spring or Autumn. But...  

You probably feel that SPRING colors are pretty but they're too vivid and harsh!

You probably feel that AUTUMN colors are stunning but too soft and deep for you!

Although the WARM color palette encompasses many of the shades from the Spring and Autumn palettes, they have other elements that don't relate.

Color Analysis Warm #coloranalysiswarm #warmcolors #warmcolorfamily Spring, not Autumn just WARM!

It's often said that WARM is halfway between Spring and Autumn are which is not strictly true. 

Although some of the colors from both Spring and Autumn are included in the Warm color palette, it is only those colors with WARM as the primary color characteristic. The elements that do not relate are excluded.

Whether the colors are the light and fresh shades of Spring or the soft and glorious shades of Autumn, it is the WARM color characteristic which always dominates.

But if you can match your coloring...

Can you match your coloring and discover that you're WARM?

Your overall look is naturally soft and invariably identified with a golden glow. The glorious colors in your Color Family will enhance this further. 

Color Analysis Warm #coloranalysiswarm #warmcolors #warmcolorfamily

Your eyes: warm eyes are usually a mix of tones introducing golden tones. Browns will be golden, turquoise/teal and hazel may have amber or yellow flecks, green may lean towards olive or yellow tones.

Your skin tone: Warm skin tone could be ivory through to a golden beige or bronze often with a sprinkling of freckles. Not always, but the veins in your wrist may look green because of the yellow tones in your skin. 

Your hair: will have or will have had elements of red or golden tones even if it's not always visible. Perhaps you were a golden haired child! People with grey hair can still be warm but you will have had elements of red at some time.

Warm golden tones create balance

To look your best you should re-create your natural coloring in the clothes you wear - this creates COLOR BALANCE.

As the WARM color family has the same color characteristic as yourself, the Warm color palette shows you the shades of each color to will flatter you best. This works for both clothes and makeup.

Whether the colors are lighter or stronger, it is the WARM characteristic which always dominates.

Color Analysis Warm #coloranalysiswarm #warmcolors #warmcolorfamily

Your most flattering colors...

  • Your most flattering colors are always those with a Warm / yellow undertone
  • Choose peach, apricot, coral and salmon through to the deepest pumpkin
  • You can wear yellow toned greens - lime through to moss and olive green
  • Beautiful yellow toned aquas, turquoise through to deep soft teal blues

  • Clear blues and the gorgeous light and deep periwinkle, also a deep warm purple
  • Choose to wear rich creams and ivory next to the face rather than pure white
  • Your best neutrals are camels and browns, warmer shades of navy and grey

How to visualize your WARM colors

For some real visual inspiration, take a look at a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses which bring your Color Swatch to life from Kettlewell Colours.

Although they are presented in sections for Spring and Autumn some of the colors will cross over because they are all WARM and mellow. 

The elements of Light and Bright from Spring and Deep and Muted from Autumn are excluded.  

If you don't know the best colors for you there's lots of information in the Warm Color Brief or on the Warm color swatch. Understanding is the key!

But there's really no reason why you can't wear and enjoy them all according to your mood and occasion.

Everyone won't look the same...

Color Analysis Warm #coloranalysiswarm #warmcolors #warmcolorfamily

Every single person with warm coloring will not look exactly the same but the primary tone, the 'first impression' given is always a golden warmth. 

The golden tones of your COLOR FAMILY will match and enhance your natural warm coloring. Your skin will look fresh and clear, your eyes brighter and the shade of your hair more intense as you create Color Balance.

Colors to avoid

  • anything with a Cool (blue) undertone - it will be cold and harsh on a warm complexion

  • icy shades and harsh strong pinks, pure white, deep greys and black  

How to cope with hard-to-wear colors

If you have garments in your closet which don't do you justice, aim to team them with some of your new warmer shades close to your face to soften the effect. 

Like to wear black for the evening? Fine, just wear a slightly lower neckline and introduce some lustrous pearls to bring softness to your face. Ivory and soft shades of peach are wonderful softeners that can be introduced to make things work; a scarf near to your face, a collar over a jacket, even a pair of creamy pearl earrings will introduce WARMTH.

Warm skin tone

How to recognize and flatter a warm skin tone...


Warm makeup

If you have a Warm skin tone, you need Warm makeup.

Even if you are SPRING or  AUTUMN you still have a Warm undertone and need to echo that in your makeup. 


Color Analysis Warm #Warmcolors #coloranalysiswarm

All you need to wear and enjoy your WARM colors

Color Analysis Warm #Warmcolors #coloranalysiswarm

The WARM Color Brief £3.00

Ready to download and print with all the information you need to wear and enjoy your Color Family - colors, makeup hair etc.

15 pages of information includes FREE DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

Color Analysis Warm #Warmcolors #coloranalysiswarm

The TONAL Color Brief £9.00
6 Tonal Color Briefs/swatches for the price of 3

You'll discover an easy wasy to identify your colors along with a concise and comprehensive reference to Tonal Color Analysis. 

A starting point into the magical world of Color!

There are 60 pages in all with 45 colors for each Color Family - ready to download and print.

WARM swatch £38.50

45 fabulous fabric shades in an attractive suedette covered fan, handbag size 12.5 x 6.5 cm. With a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

No more mistakes - save TIME and MONEY!

In the UK? Please use this button, post & packing £1.95

Outside the UK? Please use this button, post & packing £5.45

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