Choose Warm makeup colors to flatter Warm skin

If you have a yellow or WARM undertone to your skin you should choose Warm makeup shades to flatter your natural coloring. This is how nature designed us to look our most attractive.

Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever

So if you're Warm...

If you look and feel good in the fabulous Warm shades I show below - golds, reds, turquoise and olive - then you probably have a Warm skin.

Luscious colors with a golden/yellow undertone - peach and apricot,

You should 'dress' this natural coloring by wearing complementary shades on your face and you'll be amazed at how your coloring comes to life - brighter eyes, clearer skin and more intense hair color.

Makeup and Mature Skin

Makeup is an important accessory to a mature woman. I'm not saying that everyone should wear it - that's a purely personal choice - but as we get older there's no earthly reason why we shouldn't still look and feel as attractive as when we were younger. Feeling good about yourself boosts confidence and isn't that what I write about?

I know only too well that older skin is like blotting paper - my makeup sinks in very quickly - and it can be uneven in tone which makes it more difficult to achieve the look that I want.  By choosing a 'Pro Age' makeup that's specially formulated for older skins I've found products that smooth and even the skin tone - extra coverage that lasts longer but never looks heavy.

Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever

Warm makeup shades...

Follow the Warm color palette and you'll never go wrong.

Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever #AmyAdams
Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever #JenniferLopez

PRIMER: is a product that I've never thought was particularly important but now I've tried it I've certainly changed my mind. Applied after moisturiser it smoothes the skin filling in open pores and fine lines leaving the skin looking smoother and feeling velvety. It also ensures that your makeup stays on and looks fresh for longer. 

FOUNDATION: should be matched to your skin tone as closely as possible and once you get the right tone you can wear it all year round. If you take a tan you can always add a little tint of color to the mix to achieve a deeper shade. Avoid a too 'flat' beige which will flatten your coloring.   

LIPSTICK: think of natural peach or copper, shiny bronze or terracotta, rustic or natural earthy tones to tone with your wonderful color swatch. Stronger tones can take a deep rusty red. Your pinks are peachy, always avoid harsh blue toned pink and burgundy.

EYES: Natural tones of taupe, beige or warm brown for shaping and creamy highlighter for the lid. Choose beautiful dusky shades from the colors below for added color - subtle teal, olive, warm purple are yummy. 

BLUSH: Choose blusher with a peach or brown undertone. A peachy pink or pinkish brown would also work. Stronger skintones can choose deep terracotta and rusty browns. 

If your coloring is fair you'll probably want to choose the lighter and more gentle tones from this selection of colors. If you have darker hair with stronger coloring, you can take a stronger contrast on both your lips and eyes even though your skin may be only mid-toned.

Nature shows us how it's done...

Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever #JenniferLopez
Warm makeup for a Warm complexion #warmmakeup #coloranalysis #lookfabulousforever #JenniferLopez

Look at the fabulous color palette created by this beautiful golden lily. The flowers and the leaves are both from the same color palette and therefore create complete harmony. Marcia has fabulous Warm coloring and 'sits' happiy in the warm color palette too.

This is how Nature always gets it right - your natural coloring works in just the same way. When you wear clothes and makeup in shades that echo your natural coloring you create COLOR BALANCE. Nature designed us so we can get our 'foliage' now.

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