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French Fashion Style

You've really got nothing to wear and don't know where to start?

Well French fashion style will take you back to basics. 

No-one does a capsule wardrobe like a French woman and there's so much we can learn from her innate sense of style. She never buys in panic but assembles a wardrobe of quality classic and simple basics that will cope with every occasion.

It is the addition of beautifully selected accessories and fashion items which enable her to update and transform her look from season to season.


French fashion style #french style

How a French woman builds her wardrobe

  • A French woman is disciplined from youth to establish a collection of simple, classic, well cut and essential wardrobe items.
  • Her wardrobe will usually be minimal, in neutral colors, but always the best she can afford. Every item will fit to perfection and be rigorously maintained and cherished.
  • A French woman's priority is to choose clothes that flatter her body type and shape. The result is timeless elegance with unmistakable STYLE!

French fashion style in every wardrobe...

This is an example of the essential French fashion style you are likely to find in every French woman's closet.

Of course colors, styles and shapes will vary but the colors will be plain, the tones neutral and the shapes a modern classic. Most of the items will mix and match.

  • a cashmere sweater or cardigan
  • a white silk shirt
  • a coverall trench coat
  • quality jeans in darker tones - skinny for the young, straight or bootcut for the more mature!
  • quality tailored trousers
  • leather boots and good loafers
  • leather handbag and a couple of belts
  • add to this of course the little black dress!

Quality over Quantity!

  • A French woman will always place quality above quantity. The basic essentials of her wardrobe are investment pieces for all seasons and she will expect them to last.
  • She never buys in panic but works to a plan to add only quality and versatile pieces to her wardrobe. Natural fabrics are her first choice, wool or linen, are are expected to stand the test of time.
  • The simplicity of style and color allows her to use her wardrobe basics to full advantage. With the addition of a few current or colorful accessories, she will update and transform her look from season to season.
  • The seamstress is her friend and ally, ready to adjust or alter a garment to retain a perfect fit and to stay in vogue. 
  • Accessories are key and probably her extravagance! This is where French FASHION style is introduced and her stylish self will surface. One single accessory can turn a simple outfit into a chic statement!

Create your own French Fashion Style

This look is quite easy to copy. Pull together your basic essentials and you may be in a better situation than you at first thought. 

You may have to cheat with quality initially - and you will probably need to change your mindset!

I'm not suggesting that you dissemble your entire wardrobe but in the UK and the USA we have grown used to expecting a larger and more varied wardrobe. Too much can present a more worrying array of 'what to wear'! By following the French fashion style you'll find that a minimal collection of essential basics will ouze quality, simplify the thought process and somehow takes away the worry!

So don't completely downsize but establish your own basic collection so that you always have something to pull out of the closet ready for any occasion. Add the odd accessory and you'll present a more stylish presence all the time.  

Unless you can afford the real thing, shop very carefully to achieve the best quality you can.

What to look for...

  • Simple classic styles
  • Quality fabric
  • Well cut and good fit
  • Mainly plain fabrics limited to two colors
  • Match top and trousers or top and skirt 
  • A quality trench coat
  • Darker toned jeans - straight legs are best
  • Smart shoes, pumps or loafers
  • Cardigans with plain shirts or a camisole
  • Wear a scarf
  • Always sunglasses even to sit on your head!
  • Quality rather quantity always!

What to avoid

  • T-shirts with pictures, logos or brand
  • Light blue jeans and sweatshirts
  • Flip flops or sneakers
  • Anything gaudy or tacky!

For Paris chic..

A new season but no need to panic! Expand on your basics with additional neutral tones and accessories.

Just add two or three extra items to your basic wardrobe and you'll be ready for the epitome of French fashion style - Springtime in Paris!

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