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French Fashion Style

Think French fashion style and the words CHIC and STYLE immediately come to mind. Paris is the cradle of fashion and still the fashion capital of the world!

Every French woman appears to be born with effortless style and poise and the innate ability to make it entirely fuss-free! She chooses key pieces and basics make up most of her looks.   

A Frenchwoman will never buy in panic but assembles a wardrobe of quality classics that she will wear on repeat.   

It is the addition of beautifully selected accessories and fashion items which enable her to update and transform her look from season to season.


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How a French woman builds her wardrobe

Quality over Quantity

  • A French woman is disciplined from youth to establish a collection of simple, classic, well cut and essential garments. 
  • She will dress age appropriate and always maintain her sophistication.
  • The wardrobe will be minimal in neutral colors, but always the best she can afford. Every item will fit to perfection and be rigorously maintained and cherished.
  • An older woman won't pay too much attention to what's in vogue but will focus on on wearing the items and colors she loves choosing shapes that continue to flatter her figure. 
  • The result is timeless elegance! 
French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.htmlFrench Fashion Style - Outerwear

In every French woman's wardrobe...

This is the typical French fashion style in every French woman's closet.  

Of course colors, styles and shapes will vary but the colors will be plain, the tones neutral and the shapes a modern classic. Most of the items will mix and match.

  • a white shirt - cotton or silk - the ultimate layer with skirts or pants around the world
  • quality dark toned jeans - skinny if you're young; straight/bootcut for the more mature woman
  • quality tailored trousers

French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html
  • nearly everyone will have a striped sweater of some kind, usually cotton. It adds a low-key but polished look. 
  • a scarf is essential for men and women, often cashmere and frequently black!
French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html
  • a cashmere sweater or cardigan for men and women. 
  • accessories such as bag and belt must be quality and under-stated 
  • French women carry a small, usually crossbody bag. They carry little, perhaps just a small wallet and a lipstick! 
French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html
  • a simple black dress that can be worn to work and dressed up for dinner. 
  • a coverall trenchcoat or, for the winter, a statement coat, will top all your outfits. 
French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html
  • an oversized blazer is a fashion must have. It can be used to top all your separates or even a dress. 
French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html

The look is tasteful and uncomplicated; quite easy to copy if you can be disciplined but you may need to change your mindset.

Aim for simplicity and superior quality over the large and varied wardrobe we've become used to. You may even have several of these basic essentials already in your closet but they tend to get lost amongst the brighter hues. 

French Fashion Style? Just stick to the rules...

  • Investment pieces - your basic essentials should be investment pieces as they will work for all seasons, buy the best you can afford to last.
  • Never buy in panic - but work to a plan and add only quality and versatile pieces to your wardrobe. Natural fabrics, wool or linen, will give good wear.
  • Simplicity of style and color - will allow you to use your wardrobe basics to full advantage. With the addition of a few current or colorful accessories you can update and transform your look from season to season.
  • The seamstress is your friend - be prepared to adjust or alter a garment to retain a perfect fit and to stay in vogue.

Accessories are key!

Accessories are key and probably a French woman's main extravagance!

One single quality accessory can turn a simple outfit into a chic statement!

Establish a basic collection so you're ready for any occasion but add the odd special or colorful item.

Hats are worn frequently. A French woman knows that a careless hair style is not a good look. 

Shop carefully to achieve the best quality whatever your budget. 

French fashion style #frenchfashionstyle  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/french-fashion-style.html
  • sunglasses even if on your head

  • boots, heels or loafers/flats
  • cashmere scarf for men and women, often black
  • leather bag
  • good belts
  • unobtrusive quality jewelry

What to choose

  • Classic styles in quality fabric
  • Well cut and good fit
  • Mainly plain fabrics
  • Match top/pants or top/skirt
  • Quality tailoring
  • smart shoes and accessories
  • quality over quantity always!

What to avoid

  • Light blue jeans and sweatshirts
  • Flip flops or sneakers
  • Any kind of exercise clothing
  • T-shirts with pictures or logo
  •  anything gaudy or tacky

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