Find your Body Type

Do you know your Body Type?

There are just 5 basic types

It's all based on Bone Structure and it never changes even if you gain weight

It's the shape of your HIPS
that decides whether you have a CURVED or a STRAIGHT BODY

It's SHAPE not SIZE that matters
nothing to do with size or weight

Did you know that there are just 2 basic Hip Shapes and they determine your Body Type.

How Body Types are determined...

Would you put a square tablecloth on a round table? Of course you wouldn't because the shapes don't fit! A square tablecloth on a round table looks awkward while the round tablecloth drapes and looks elegant!

It works exactly the same on the firm structure we call a BODY FRAME.

There are 2 basic HIP SHAPES and most of you will easily recognize which shape is YOU!

Look at the widest points of your HIPS and THIGHS - some will have their widest point high close to the waist and some of you will have the widest part of your thighs lower, several inches below the waist. 

This indicates whether your Hips are CURVED or STRAIGHT.

Of course not everyone's hips fall exactly one way or another but it's a pretty good guide.

Most body frames follow the HIP SHAPE i.e. curved hips usually indicate a CURVED BODY, straight hips usually indicate a STRAIGHT BODY.

So when you're choosing clothes to fit your body frame, you need to understand your own shape. It immediately explains why certain shapes and styles don't fit you - it's not your fault that something doesn't fit - it's just not made for you! 

Whatever your dress size, whether it's a size 6 or size 26, you will still be the same Body Type because the shape of your body frame or bone structure doesn't change - even if you gain weight. 

Curved Hips

If you have a curvy body then you need curvy shapes and fluid fabrics to fit around your body frame. The skirts below are cut to allow for curvy hips - your widest part is usually about 7 inches down from your natural waist. 

Straight Hips

If you have straight hips then you need straight shapes to fit your body frame and you can take firmer fabrics. There is little hip shaping in these skirts because your hip bone is high and close to your waist. 

There has to be one of course...

There has to be one of course that's an anomaly - the Apple shape is a bit of both. You have a curved body at the top and slender straight hips. Click on the image for your styling tips. 

Getting clothes to fit is like learning to piece together a JIGSAW. It's easy when you know how to fit the right shapes together.

Let me make it easy! Take the Body Type Quiz

It takes just 2 steps to find your generic Body Type with the BODY TYPE QUIZ.

First of all you decide your hip shape then you look at the relationship between your hips and shoulders.

It has nothing to do with weight.

These 5 basic Body Types can be attributed to practically everyone and you will find styling tips for each body type to help you to dress your figure.

5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?

But....  obviously we are all different and each of us has a unique and individual Body Shape of our own.

So when you're learning to DRESS YOUR BODY SHAPE you'll discover how to fit your own individual 'figure challenges' and problem areas.

Already know your Body Type? Click to go...

5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?
5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?
5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?
5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?
5 basic Body Types - do you know yours?


It has nothing to do with your weight - fat or thin!

If you're size 8 or size 28 your bone structure IS your Body Type

No matter what you do you cannot change this basic bone structure

STRAIGHT bodies have STRAIGHT HIPS and need STRAIGHT shapes

CURVY bodies have CURVED HIPS and need CURVY shapes

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