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Find your Body Type

Do you know your Body Type? There are just 5 basic types

It's based on Bone Structure and it never changes
even if you gain weight

It's the shape of your HIPS that decides whether you have a CURVED or a STRAIGHT BODY


5 basic Body Types - do you know yours? https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/what-is-my-body-type.html

How Body Types are determined...

Would you put a square tablecloth on a round table? Of course not because the shapes don't fit!

A square tablecloth on a round table would look awkward while the round tablecloth drapes and looks elegant!


Similarly, would you put a round tablecloth on a square table? Certainly not, because it would look awkward!

Our body frame is the same!

It works exactly the same on the firm structure we call a BODY FRAME.

CURVED hips need CURVED shapes and fabric that drapes. 

STRAIGHT hips need STRAIGHT shapes and fabric that's more crisp and tailored. 

If you don't understand your body frame and get it wrong then your clothes may feel uncomfortable and look awkward.

If something doesn't fit it's not your fault, it just means that it's not made for you! 

Whatever your dress size, 6 or 26, your Body Type will be the same because the shape of your body frame doesn't change even if you gain weight. 

2 basic Hip Shapes

Most of you will easily recognize whether your hips are CURVED or STRAIGHT. Of course not everyone is built exactly one way or another but it's a pretty good guide and you should be able to tell which one you are closest to. 

Look at the widest points of your HIPS and THIGHS. Some will have their widest point high close to the waist and some of you will have the widest part on your thighs, several inches below the waist.

This indicates whether your Hips are CURVED or STRAIGHT.

Hip Shapes first!

Find your HIP SHAPE - it will direct you to your Body Type.

There are only 2 basic hip shapes - and it's easy to find yours.

It has nothing to do with SIZE it's just your SHAPE that counts

The Hourglass

If you have CURVED HIPS and your shoulders are roughly the same width - whether you are a size 8 or size 28 - you have an HOURGLASS FIGURE. 

You have a well defined waistline and can buy a top and bottom in the same size - you are completely balanced.  

The Pear shape

A pear shaped body has beautiful curves!

You have curvy hips that are wider than your more narrow shoulders.

Sometimes referred to as a TRIANGLE shape because you're bottom heavy but there are certainly no angular lines to your figure.

The Rectangle

A RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE has Straight Hips and a Straight Body Line. 

Your shoulders and hips will be roughly the same measurement with little waist definition and, whether you are a size 8 or size 28 you still have a STRAIGHT BODY.

It's SHAPE not SIZE that counts.

Inverted Triangle

You're an Inverted Triangle Body Shape if you have straight hips and wider shoulders, you probably have little waist definition.

This figure is sometimes referred to as Top Heavy but you're not - you merely have strong shoulders which makes for an amazing body shape.

The Apple shape

You're a Curvy APPLE BODY SHAPE, often wrongly referred to as an Oval or a Round shape.

The benefit of being an Apple is that even if you carry more weight than you'd like to on your upper body, particularly around your midriff, your hips and thighs stay slender.

Body Type Quiz

Still don't know your generic Body Type take just 2 steps with the Body Type Quiz

First of all decide your hip shape then look at the relationship between your hips and shoulders. It has nothing to do with weight.

These 5 basic Body Types can be attributed to practically everyone and you will find styling tips for each body type to help you to dress your figure.

But we're all different!

Although there are only 5 generic Body Types, we are all different with a unique and individual Body Shape of our own.

So once you find your Body Type you can address your own figure challenges and discover how to Dress your own Body Shape.


It has nothing to do with your weight - fat or thin!

If you're size 8 or size 28 your bone structure IS your Body Type

No matter what you do you cannot change this basic bone structure

STRAIGHT bodies have STRAIGHT HIPS and need STRAIGHT shapes

CURVY bodies have CURVED HIPS and need CURVY shapes

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