Color Analysis in Nature

Nature always gets it right

Color Analysis in nature creates complete HARMONY!

Have you ever looked at a landscape and seen colors that clash with each other?  Or spotted a wildflower that isn’t at one with it’s surroundings?  Wherever we look we can witness the most stunning and exquisite color palettes.

Because we love America... and because my husband is a great photographer we have many many amazingly scenic shots from our trips to the States.

It's these amazing photographs that really opened my eyes to the way Nature works.

Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!

Color in nature is purely organic. These stunning natural landscapes - close to Bar Harbor in Maine, USA - shows how the rock structure, the trees, shrubs and flowers all work together to create a perfectly harmonious color palette.

Nature creates HARMONY by working from the INSIDE OUT. It's the structure of the rock that depicts not only it's own natural color but that of the shrubs and plants that live and depend on it. The whole organic package creates the tones and shades of the total color palette.

And a different palette...

An exquisite picture captured in Bryce Canyon, Utah creates a entirely different color palette.

Bryce is primarily known for it's brilliantly colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations.

The indigenous shrubbery is hardy and tough enough to survive the extremities of the desert climate.

The vivid colors of the red sandstone and the blue skies blend into almost a 'heat haze' color scheme. 

Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!

Color Analysis in nature works in every way...

Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!
Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!

The natural world is alive with color inspiration. Every leaf complements the flower and the surroundings.

Color Analysis in nature photographs have enabled me to understand how this natural way of life works from the inside out - and our own natural colorings work in exact the same way.

Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!
Somesville, Maine, USA

Your color palette is decided by Nature too...

Your color palette is decided by NATURE too and my method of Color Analysis isolates the tones that echo and therefore complement your natural coloring.  

Look at the subtle natural coloring of actress Olivia Palermo left below - no garish shades for her. The soft shades of hair, eyes and skin tone are complemented by the richly blended palette of the Muted color family and appear to reflect the elegance of her persona. 

Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!
Color Analysis in Nature - nature always gets it right!

This photograph of Amy (right above) is a favorite of mine - the natural blue undertone that's evident in her hair, eyes and skin tone means that she belongs to the Cool color family. When she echoes this color palette with clothes and makeup she'll always look her best.  

Follow your color palette to look your best...

What is a Rainbow?

Nothing shows us color analysis in nature more than a rainbow. We all love to see one but is it nature’s sign of good luck?  Is there a pot of gold at the end? 

So many myths surrounding this beautiful natural phenomenon - without doubt it's ‘one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth’. 

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