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Jan 16, 2022

A soft spot for Leopard

Do you have a soft spot for Leopard? There's a print for you whether you're Warm or Cool and it's always in style!

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Jan 16, 2022

What the heck is a Soft Autumn?

What the heck is a Soft Autumn? If you have beautifully mellow Autumn coloring then you are always Soft (Muted), Warm and Deep. How can this gorgeous color palette be diluted?

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Jan 16, 2022

Winter's Magic Color

Winter's Magic Color - the ONE color that suits and looks fabulous on absolutely everyone in that Color Family

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Jan 16, 2022

How to master 'Smart Casual'

The term ‘Smart Casual’ often causes confusion. How to strike a balance between being overdressed and appearing too casual?

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Jan 16, 2022

Small breasts

Small breasts? A few style tips will allow you to enhance and appreciate your neat figure.

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Jan 16, 2022

Your Skin, Menopause and beyond

Your Skin Menopause and beyond needs and deserves special care

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Jan 16, 2022

Simply Pink

Simply pink? Absolutely not, choose the shades that flatter you best - Warm or Cool!

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Jan 16, 2022

short neck

Flatter and lengthen a short neck with an open neckline and vertical features

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Jan 16, 2022

Share your Color and Style

Share your Color and Style. How do you choose to dress, what makes you feel confident?

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Jan 16, 2022

Shades of Red

It's Christmas, choose your best shades of Red, are they Warm or Cool?

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Jan 16, 2022

Who needs 50 Shades of Grey?

Who needs 50 shades of grey? Just find the best shades to flatter your personal coloring!

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Jan 16, 2022

Shades of Green

So many shades of green - but which is best for YOU?

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Jan 16, 2022

Seasonal color analysis Winter

Seasonal color analysis Winter - your natural coloring is stunning with brilliant jewel-like eyes, fair skin and the deepest hair for contrast

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Jan 16, 2022

Seasonal Color Analysis Summer

Seasonal Color Analysis Summer, the prettiest Season of all, you can enjoy all the glorious shades from an English country garden

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Jan 16, 2022

Seasonal Color Analysis Autumn

Seasonal color analysis Autumn? Glorious landscape colors of mellow fruitfulness Warm, Deep, and Soft are all in your Autumn color swatch.

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Jan 16, 2022

Seasonal Color Analysis Spring

Seasonal Color Analysis Spring, a complex and gloriously vivid mix of Warm, Light and Bright

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Jan 16, 2022

Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis - 4 Seasons denoting color groups is a brilliant concept with glorious color palettes - but it doesn't work for everyone!

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Jan 16, 2022

25 ways to save time in the morning

25 ways to save time in the morning - streamline your routine and be groomed in record time

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Jan 16, 2022

Romantic style personality

Do you have a Romantic style personality? If you have a romantic fashion style you will never lose your feminine allure, you'll choose softness and drape, color and curls.

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Jan 16, 2022

Roman Originals

Roman Originals separates are my go-to brand, versatile, quality, fit and keen prices.

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Jan 16, 2022


Contact me at Style yourself confident! Let me know what's good, what you don't like and what you want to find!

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Jan 16, 2022

Color Analysis features

Color Analysis features on this website

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Jan 16, 2022

Autumn? but would like confirmation

I'm 84 YO and still love fashion and looking great! When I was younger my natural hair color was a brown with a little gold or red but I've been a blond

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Jan 16, 2022

Look Good in the Winter, and Keep Warm

Look good in the Winter - and keep warm!

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Jan 16, 2022

Hygge Style

Hygge Style is part of Danish culture year round but the Brits are well on their way to capturing the same cosyness and warmth in our homes.

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Jan 15, 2022

I've been told I'm autumn but would like conformation

I'm 84 YO and still love fashion and looking great! When I was younger my natural hair color was a brown with a little gold or red but I've been a blond

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Jan 14, 2022

Style Yourself Confident

Your kind of Style Makeover because every woman, regardless of age shape or size, deserves the look good/feel good factor that comes with Style Confidence!

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Jan 14, 2022

Blue Monday

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year! Let's put a positive spin on it

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Jan 12, 2022

A History of Royal Fashion - the Tudors

A look at the history of Royal fashion with the Tudors - Henry VIII and Elizabeth I

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Jan 12, 2022


Happy New Year with History, Hygge and How to cope with Winter!

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