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Sep 13, 2020

Before and After Color Analysis

"You have put a lot of thought into it and offered much needed clarity..."

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Sep 12, 2020

GYPO Style Challenge AUTUMN/FALL 2019

NEW Autumn/Fall Capsule Wardrobe Plan 2020!

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Sep 11, 2020

A Closet Cleanout

Give yourself the gift of a Closet Cleanout for the new season!

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Sep 07, 2020

Style Yourself Confident Newsletter

FREE Color Personality Quiz when you subscribe to Style Yourself Confident newsletter during January.

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Sep 06, 2020

Style Yourself Confident

Your kind of Style Makeover because every woman, regardless of age shape or size, deserves the look good/feel good factor that comes with Style Confidence!

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Sep 06, 2020

Your Style 095

New Fall Capsule, Color for Men, Cleanouts and lots more...

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Sep 05, 2020

Style advice for a Tall Lady

Style tips for tall lady confidence - the right retailers will allow you to develop your own style confidence!

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Sep 04, 2020

All Wrapped up for Autumn

Get wrapped up for Autumn with a simple and stylish coverup cape - no need to change your daily 'uniform'... just wrap up!

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Sep 03, 2020

Burgundy or Maroon

Burgundy or maroon, do you know the difference? Can you choose between Warm and Cool?

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Aug 30, 2020

Take your Summer Tops into Autumn

Take your versatile Summer tops into Autumn with clever layering

Continue reading "Take your Summer Tops into Autumn"

Aug 30, 2020

Low Fat High Fibre

Low fat high fibre eating for health and weight control!

Continue reading "Low Fat High Fibre "

Aug 24, 2020

Small breasts

Small breasts? A few style tips will allow you to enhance and appreciate your neat figure.

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Aug 24, 2020

color analysis swatch

NOW! Fabric color analysis swatches for MEN too!

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Aug 24, 2020

A soft spot for Leopard

Do you have a soft spot for Leopard? There's a print for you whether you're Warm or Cool and it's always in style!

Continue reading "A soft spot for Leopard"

Aug 23, 2020

Muted tonal coloring

You have Muted tonal coloring and will always look your best wearing softer and blended colors

Continue reading "Muted tonal coloring"

Aug 23, 2020

Bright tonal coloring

You have Bright tonal coloring and will look your best wearing colors with complete Clarity and no undertone

Continue reading "Bright tonal coloring"

Aug 23, 2020

Deep tonal coloring

You have Deep tonal coloring and will look your best wearing colors with a strong color pigment to balance

Continue reading "Deep tonal coloring"

Aug 23, 2020

Cool tonal coloring

You have Cool tonal coloring and will look your best wearing colors with a blue undertone

Continue reading "Cool tonal coloring"

Aug 23, 2020

Light tonal coloring

You have Light tonal coloring and will look your best wearing colors with a light pigment

Continue reading "Light tonal coloring"

Aug 23, 2020

Warm tonal coloring

You have Warm tonal coloring and will always look your best wearing shades with a yellow or golden undertone

Continue reading "Warm tonal coloring"

Aug 22, 2020

Universal Colors

Universal Colors are midway between Warm and Cool and look great on most complexions!

Continue reading "Universal Colors"

Aug 17, 2020

Is there a connection between Body Type and Weight Gain?

Body type and weight gain - is there a connection? Yes where you carry your weight is usually determined by your Body Type

Continue reading "Is there a connection between Body Type and Weight Gain?"

Aug 17, 2020

10 ways to look Slimmer

10 ways to look slimmer - whatever your size, there are lots of simple tricks you can use to look more slender and feel more confident

Continue reading "10 ways to look Slimmer"

Aug 17, 2020


To maintain the beautiful skin of your youth, adopt an easy routine that pampers without hassle.

Continue reading "beautiful-skin-care"

Aug 10, 2020

6 ways to wear Summer Colors

6 ways to wear Summer colors? How to wear, enjoy and co-ordinate colors from the SUMMER palette.

Continue reading "6 ways to wear Summer Colors"

Aug 10, 2020

Mia Tui travel bag

Mia Tui travel bag is the one essential bag every woman needs - and ever woman wonders she didn't think of it!

Continue reading "Mia Tui travel bag"

Aug 07, 2020

Your Style 094

Happy 8th Birthday SYC with Swatches, Slimming, Stress and Scrubs!

Continue reading "Your Style 094"

Aug 06, 2020

DIY face and body scrubs

DIY face and body scrubs, 100% delicious and edible ingredients straight from the fridge!

Continue reading "DIY face and body scrubs"

Aug 05, 2020

Conflicting Color Analysis

QUESTION I was draped as an Autumn in the late 80s. I just went through a different color analysis - before I found your website - and was labeled a Bright,

Continue reading "Conflicting Color Analysis"

Aug 05, 2020

Your Vertical Body

There are no perfect bodies - correct any figure challenge with your Vertical Body with the shapes and styles you choose to wear

Continue reading "Your Vertical Body"

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