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Feb 04, 2023

Your Style magazine

Your style 128 sq

Your Style magazine - color analysis, bodyshape and style. FREE book 'Shortcut to Style' when you subscribe

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Jan 23, 2023

Business Casual for Women


The easiest way to do Business Casual for women is to adopt your own style of 'uniform'

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Jan 17, 2023

Style Yourself Confident


Your kind of Style Makeover because everyone, regardless of age shape or size, deserves the look good/feel good factor that comes with Style Confidence!

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Jan 17, 2023

Identifying colors from a Fabric Swatch

Happy New Year, Pamela-- I'm so loving my Bright colors! I notice that we must be rare--only a couple of us among the customers presented so far. It

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Jan 16, 2023

Blue Monday

Blue Monday 600

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year! Let's put a positive spin on it

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Jan 15, 2023

At home elegance


Chic and casual at home elegance for the retired woman!

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Jan 15, 2023

Before and After Color Analysis

B and A Silvia

I now understand why I never fully felt like Summer or Winter! Super excited to find my colors! #onlinecoloranaysis #coloranalysis

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Jan 10, 2023

Listen to your Body Talk

Body Talk 400

Listen to your Body Talk and find the POSITIVES that Nature has given you - let them show you how to Style Yourself Confident

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Jan 08, 2023

Style a Chunky Knit 4 ways


Style a chunky knit - make it appropriate for any occasion with a change of accessories to take you from casual to party

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Jan 07, 2023

Online Color Analysis

B and A Nancy

Discover your best colors with indepth and professional Online Color Analysis - a questionnaire, a photo and you receive an in-depth Color Profile with 100% guarantee of satisfaction

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Jan 07, 2023

Color Analysis for Men


Is Color Analysis for men? Sure is, because a wardrobe that helps you to feel good and look your best will also save you time and money!

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Dec 18, 2022

Color Analysis books

Tonal Color Brief

Color Analysis books - Tonal and Seasonal Color Analysis, how to understand and identify your own color family

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Dec 02, 2022

Gift Vouchers for Color and Style

Gift voucher 2022

Never too late for the PERFECT GIFT! Instant download and access - send to anywhere in the world at the click of a finger. The gift of COLOR and STYLE lasts forever

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Dec 02, 2022

Decplay - Piano lessons for Seniors

Decplay piano lessons

With Decplay piano lessons for seniors, I'm learning to play the piano at the age of74!

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Dec 01, 2022

How to master 'Smart Casual'

Smart casual pin

The term ‘Smart Casual’ often causes confusion. How to strike a balance between being overdressed and appearing too casual?

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Dec 01, 2022

Eye makeup for the mature woman

Eye makeup mature woman

Eye makeup for the mature woman can give an INSTANT lift to look and feel younger and more attractive!!

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Nov 29, 2022

Identify your hip shape to find your Body Type

Hip shapes 600

Identify your Hip Shape first - there's only 2 basic shapes - and find your Body Type

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Nov 29, 2022

Seasonal color analysis Winter

Winter sq CZJ 600

Seasonal color analysis Winter - your natural coloring is stunning with brilliant jewel-like eyes, fair skin and the deepest hair for contrast

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Nov 29, 2022

Think you can't wear red?

Wear red at Xmas

Wear Red and be Red Carpet ready! Awards ceremonies and Valentine's Day are here just choose the best shade so you're not over powered.

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Nov 28, 2022

The Christmas Season

Christmas page

The Christmas season - festivities, fashion, food and feeling good!

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Nov 24, 2022

Transitioning to grey

QUESTION Hello Pamela I have been told by my Hairdresser and my daughter that my hair is salt and pepper. That's OK, but is it Cool or Warm? I keep

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Nov 21, 2022

GYPO Style Challenge Capsules

GYPO Winter 22 400

NEW the Winter Capsule Wardrobe Plan 2022 - effortlessly easy CHIC!

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Nov 21, 2022

Your Style 124 Nov Mag

Your Style 124 email

Christmas Sparkle, Learning to play Piano & the Cool Family!

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Nov 15, 2022

Roast Butternut Squash Soup

Winter soups butternut squash

Delicious roast butternut squash soup - easy quick delicious!

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Nov 13, 2022

Tex-Mex Soup

HE Tex Mex Soup

Tex-Mex Soup, hearty, filling, easy, delicious - it's chilli con carne on a soup spoon!

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Nov 13, 2022

A new Hobby for Self Confidence

Hobby for selfconfidence

A new hobby allows your self confidence to soar! A new topic of conversation, being interested makes you a more interesting person!

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Nov 12, 2022

Kettlewell at Christmas 2022

Kettlewell Xmas main pic 2

Sparkle with Kettlewell at Christmas - color, style, quality and sustainability!

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Nov 11, 2022

Kettlewell Colours bring your Color Swatch to life!

Kettlewell moving ad

Kettlewell Colours bring your Color Swatch to life! Ethical and sustainable womens clothing in all the Seasonal colors!

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Nov 10, 2022

Good Grooming

Good grooming 400

Good grooming is something everyone can achieve - take care of and make the best of yourself

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Nov 10, 2022

The best Facial Hair Remover - discreet and painfree

Facial hair remover

Finishing Touch Flawless is the best facial hair remover, discreet and painfree

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