Summer's Magic Color

Although I've been looking for Summers Magic Color! The ONE color that will suit absolutely everyone with Summer coloring, I find that actually this is a great color for most women. 

If you fit the bill with coloring that's Cool, Light and Soft (Muted), then PERIWINKLE certainly is your special Magic Color and works for all occasions. I've never met a single Summer complexion that doesn't respond favourably to this fabulous purpley blue however casually it's used.  

But if you check out my article on Universal Colors you'll find that a bold shade of Periwinkle makes a stunning splash for any special occasion. Well worth considering for Mother of the Bride or Groom.   

Summers magic col Universal

Summers Magic Color is Periwinkle

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

Garments from Kettlewell. Ladies from Before and After Color Analysis

Don't get hung up on the perfect shade!

It's not necessary to get hung up trying to exactly match any color shade - it's just not do-able! So I've put my interpretation on this and rounded the colors up and down a little so you can see how many different shades of Summers magic color PERIWINKLE can work within a seasonal framework. 

And, of course, it's so important to see how you can use your magic color with the items already in your wardrobe - although I have to say that it is mostly nuetrals that show it off best.

What is Periwinkle?

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

Is it blue or is it purple?

Now you may call this stunning color Blue or you might call it Purple, color is often in the eye of the beholder.

Periwinkle takes it's name from the flower. The base color is blue and it contains subtle shades of pink and purple, sometimes it's even called 'lavender blue'. No doubt every periwinkle flower you find will be a slightly different shade which just goes to show how difficult it is to try to pin down an exact color!

There are literally thousands of shades between all the colors I show you, just like an artist's palette. It's never necessary to try and match any color exactly, that would be beyond frustrating which is why a color swatch is so darned useful.  Just imagine trying to shop for the 'perfect' shade - impossible! 

One thing is for certain that this little flower sits very happily within the Summer colors. And if it sits happily with your swatch then it will look fabulous on YOU!

Co-ordinating with Neutrals

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

There's something quite special about Periwinkle! Neither a blue nor a mauve, it has just that touch of vibrance that brings Summer coloring to life. Kettlewell call it Heliotrope or Hyacinth but Periwinkle just about sums up all the shades you will come across. 

It works best with neutrals because that vibrancy is never over powered - it's especially good with white and navy as it creates a strong contrast. 

And with accent colors...

To be honest, there are no colors in the Summer palette that can't stand alongside periwinkle!

At every turn of the color palette you will create harmony.

Every shade of pink, from gentle rose pink through to a deep and soft burgundy. All blues are wonderful on a Summer complexion and periwinkle looks just as good with turquoise as it does a true blue.

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

Don't forget Lemon!

Lemon is a color I frequently forget to include with Summer but how prettily it shows off and allows periwinkle to look stronger and take center stage.

On a color wheel yellow is the true complement to periwinkle so shades of lemon, sunflower, mustard and gold will all offer contrast without a clash. 

We'll limit it to lemon here, but if you're very observant you'll notice that Periwinkle is also in the warm Spring palette. So for anyone with warm coloring you'll find that periwinkle works with the stronger yellows too. 

Summers magic color in a print

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

Silver is the most complementary jewelry to wear for Summer coloring, so it's no surprise that silver looks stunning in a print and shows off a Summer complexion to perfection.

The delicacy of Summer green and watermelon red add differen tones but each produces a print that's pretty as a picture.

A little more contrast? Then the stronger print in no way detracts from the delicacy of periwinkle, in fact, it emphasises the brightness.  

Strong enough to stand alone

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

Periwinkle is a color that is frequently used alone to make a strong statement. It's one of the Universal Colors and will look good on almost everyone. Perfect for the Mother of the Bride.

BUT there is something pretty special about the way that a light cool complexion responds particularly well to Summer's magic color Periwinkle

Surround your face with Summers Magic Color

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

A splash of Summer's magic color next to your face is illuminating! 

The purity and delicacy of Periwinkle stands alone which is why it's perfect for tops and dresses, anything that surrounds the face. When I first found Color Analysis I was analysed as Cool (many years ago) and it was finding a blazer in Periwinkle that convinced me I was actually a far more delicate Summer!  

If you come across this color, don't hesitate!

Summers Magic Color #summersmagiccolor #periwinkle #summercolors #coloranalysis

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