Disguise upper arm fat or thick arms

Are you concerned about upper arm fat or feel that you have thick arms overall?

Even if we're stuck at home it's Summer and for many of you temperatures are climbing high. It's time to show some flesh!

As we age fat does tend to settle in the upper arms however conscious you are of overall health and weight - in fact weight isn't always a factor. And of course softened muscle tone means that the flesh on our arms is inevitably softer, fleshier and more 'baggy'. 

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Upper arm fat is only a problem if it worries you...

There are no hard and fast rules but age isn't always the culprit, even young women can feel conscious of their arms. And it's only a problem if it worries you! 

If you don't feel comfortable showing your upper arms there are simple and stylish ways of dressing to feel cool and confident. 

To minimize upper arm fat or thick arms we need to correct the look of the 'rounded' arm.  


  • cap sleeves to cover just the top of the arm and balance the widest part
  • fluid fabrics but with a structured shoulder
  • set in sleeves with a small shoulder pad that slightly overlaps top of arm
  • wider shoulder straps, V necks - all make arms and upper torso look slimmer
  • sleeves with volume - angel, bat wing, full sleeves ending in a cuff
  • clothes big enough to allow movement around the back and tops of arms
  • jackets that flow from strong shoulder line and create a vertical design
  • V necklines and long necklaces help to bring the eye to the center of the body
  • Emphasize the best parts of your figure
Upper arm fat #upperarmfat #fatarms https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/upper-arm-fat.htmlLeft upper arm is exposed; Right cap sleeve balances and slims the arm


  • tight t-shirts, fine knitwear, fabrics that stretch and cling to the upper body
  • thin straps, halter necks, exposure emphasizes shoulders and upper arm fat
  • stiff tight fabrics, snug fitting, anything that pulls will make you look bigger
  • don't end sleeves at the widest part of your arm, that's where the eye rests
  • raglan sleeves as the seam slopes into the widest part of your arm
  • the rounded shoulder look! it will add width overall to the upper torso
Flatter upper arms  #upper arm fat  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/upper-arm-fat.htmlLeft: the look to avoid - Centre and right: creating the best silhouette

Look for a remedy...

My navy and white jumpsuit is a favorite for holidays and special occasions. But I did feel a little exposed around the arm holes.

Fortunately, it had a really long sash. So I cut some of it off and wrapped it around the armholes to extend the shoulderline.  It's just enough to soften and disguise my upper arm fat. The wider shoulders also have a slimming effect.

No doubt a dressmaker would have made a better job of it but it worked, and I feel much more comfortable with my new silhouette.

Upper arm fat #upperarmfat #fatarms https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/upper-arm-fat.html

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