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Hi - I'm Pamela thank you so much for visiting my corner of the Internet.

This website is about LOOKING GOOD and FEELING GOOD about yourself, whatever your age shape or size!

Although most women will tell you that looking good and feeling good generally go hand in hand, each of us has a different agenda for what makes that happen. 

Many years ago I trained as an Image Consultant but I've always been reluctant to use the title because it's so pretentious. We're overdosed with patronizing makeover shows on TV which have nothing whatsoever to do with real life!

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"I find most women, like me, don’t want to look like fashion models, just want a bit more confidence...!"

The world as a whole often regards the older woman as invisible but it's easy to take back control of the way you look and feel with a little fun, flexibility and plain old fashioned common sense. 

Let me help you discover a little about the COLORS and SHAPES that nature designed for you because it's never too late to discover STYLE CONFIDENCE!

My working life began...

in public relations, confidence personified but, like many women, several years and 3 children later, life had changed and confidence was at an all-time low.

My husband (at the time) was in the fashion industry so clothes weren’t the problem, finding something to fit was! I was often laughed at and told I needed stretching. 5ft 2" slim, a bit pear shaped but others found things to fit so what was wrong with me?

I taught myself to sew a little, made a few alterations but if a special occasion was looming it was more of a worry than a pleasure to find something I felt happy in. 

How I found Color and Style...

I really can't remember how I stumbled on it - possibly a magazine article that promised the world - but I jumped feet first into a course that in no time at all churned out 'qualified' Image Consultants!! Crazy - I was a wreck! The course was very dictatorial and most of the time was spent telling me what was wrong with me.

After pulling myself together...

however, I realized I had the answers at my fingertips. There was nothing wrong with me, I'd just been trying to fit into clothes that were available and, in no way, were they cut for my shape and size. I thought it was my fault; how silly is that?

The magic and logic of COLOR, SHAPE and STYLE allowed me to be myself with renewed confidence. OK from thereon I had a lot less to wear, but I didn't need a vast wardrobe I just needed to feel like ME!

Moreover, I went forward into teaching so I could share my knowledge with others, playing down the Image Consultant title and gravitating very naturally into adult education. You see...

Few women appreciate themselves

The majority of women will tell you their shortcomings but very few appreciate their good points. We all have challenges but it's important to feel good about who and what you are – at every point in life.  

A little knowledge, a feeling of being 'in control', is often all that's needed to increase self confidence and raise self esteem. There are no rules here - you are a UNIQUE individual so go with your instincts. Take what works for you and reject what doesn't as you see how easy it is to... STYLE YOURSELF CONFIDENT!

Enjoy the articles I'm privileged to share and I invite you to share your news and views with me. Let me inspire you to value yourself and to use some of my (our) tips and techniques to LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD and....  STYLE YOURSELF CONFIDENT!

Bye for now


“Shape/Style is nothing to do with fashion, a wardrobe can work on a budget and finding COLOR is magic!”

How this website was born...

The very idea of me designing a website! I've always been a complete technophobe!

But winding down from fulltime work and newly married (life is good), I needed something to occupy my mind to keep the brain cells ticking and, more importantly, to generate some kind of income. It was only by chance that I met up with an old friend and admired her website - my introduction to SBI.

Always intrigued by something new, I did some research and was impressed. SBI stands for Solo Build, a company which provides the tools, tuition and encouragement for individuals to build a website and turn it into an income stream. Although it sounded too good to be true, the small investment required actually came with a 90 day money back guarantee!

But "what on earth could I create a website about?"

What did I know and what might other people be interested in too? It took a while for the penny to drop (again!) and Style-Yourself-Confident was born.

So that's me in a nutshell!

I've got the best of both worlds, sharing experience that people actually want to hear about from the comfort of my own home and building a business.

I love what I'm doing, it's compulsive (too much my husband would say) and I delight in the contact with visitors from all over the world. Believe me, if I can do this anyone can.

I Love SBI!

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