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Recognize your Colors

It's easy to recognize your color shades once you understand how they all work together.

Even if you've got a color swatch it can be difficult to know what all the colors are about if it hasn't been explained to you and you can't tell one red from another!    

Having a color palette to work with can sound as though it's very LIMITING but, in actual fact, it's exactly the opposite!  

Understand your colors #color analysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/understand-your-colors.html

Color is here to enjoy...

Color is to make you look good and feel good; to use and to enjoy. Color Analysis is not here to issue draconian rules or drain your confidence - the very opposite!

The easiest way to recognize your colors is to know whether your undertone is WARM or COOL. On that basis I'm breaking the color palettes down so that you can identify your own best shades and begin to enjoy wearing them. 

I'll show you how to spot the shades that are best for you, how to extend your range of colors, how to experiment and still ensure that you have all the color you need to look and feel your best.

Recognize your colors and you're ready for fun!

The biggest mis-understanding comes when people think that they need to exactly match colors - but that's practically impossible. The most important factor is to understand the characteristics of the colors that suit you best - and why!

Burgundy or Maroon?

Burgundy and Maroon - do you know which is which?

And how to distinguish between Warm and Cool shades of this very popular fashion color.

Understand your colors #color analysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/understand-your-colors.html

How to wear Burgundy 

One of our most popular and versatile colors - let's look at how to wear BURGUNDY. 

Burgundy seems to work for nearly every color direction and whatever your style.

How to wear Lime

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or chilling in the Caribbean, the dramatic shades of luscious Lime are perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe.  

One of the most striking colors of all time, but is this color for YOU?

Simply Pink

Whether it's baby sweet or hot and shocking, there is invariably some kind of 'girly' connotation to this color. But whether you run a mile from

Pink or not - every woman needs to know the best PINK to suit her natural coloring - even if it is just for Makeup.

Understand your colors #color analysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/understand-your-colors.html

50 shades of grey

Who needs 50 Shades of Grey?

All you need is to know the best shades to flatter your own complexion and harmonize with all the other shades in your Color Family.

Grey is a very versatile and useful neutral and perfect for every wardrobe but some shades will suit you better than others.

Shades of Green

So many shades of green - do you know the best one for you?

Learning to recognize your colors can cause confusion so I'll try to simplify it. Any shade that echoes the undertone of your skin will look good on you.

Shades of Red

Many women are fearful of wearing red because they think its bright and showy, but actually everyone can find a shade without feeling over powered.

The easiest way is to recognize the difference between a Warm and a Cool Red - that's whether it has a yellow or blue undertone.

Yes you can wear Red!

Think you can't wear RED? Sure you can, there is a shade of RED in every color palette.

Maybe you're not quite ready to dazzle head to toe in red this Valentine's Day but even a new lipstick or nail polish means that you need to know the shades that make you look your best.

Understand your colors #color analysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/understand-your-colors.html

Universal Colors

Concerned about choosing colors for a special occasion?

Well you never need worry when you choose one of the Universal Colors because they suit just about everyone.

Understand your colors #color analysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/understand-your-colors.html

Love that Leopard!

I've had a soft spot for leopard print ever since my mother bought me some cuddly PJ's in my teens. 

Ok I don't want to wear it head to toe but I'm thrilled to see that it re-appears almost every Fall in some guise or other and it never fails to raise a smile! 

But did you know that some prints are Cool and some are Warm?

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