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Body Confidence

I've been running Style Workshops for women of every age, shape and size for over 20 years. The majority of them lack body confidence to some degree.

No matter how much you exercise or challenge yourself to diet, however much you spend on pampering or clothes, you need to truly believe in yourself before you can FEEL GOOD.

A group of women can be incredibly supportive towards each other and will usually come together with a positive and caring attitude ready to recognize, respect and encourage their peers.

Nature makes each of us a perfect human being but we are all UNIQUE.

Body confidence doesn't come from having a perfect body - it's embracing the one you've got!

I always asked these lovely ladies to 'play the game'.  Take a look at your new friends; what are your first impressions; how would you describe her?

One was recognized as having an enviable figure, another a clear complexion; one had graceful hands while another has a winning smile. 

Few of us will live up to what we perceive as 'beauty' but seeing yourself through the eyes of others can often help you to alleviate the negative comments you're used to hearing in your head. Learn to recognize and appreciate your positive points.

From childhood to maturity...

From childhood to maturity we are shaped by many outside influences - parents, schooling, environment, occupation, relationships - in fact many of us have been completely re-shaped or re-defined.

Has the way you think about yourself and take care of yourself been influenced by your route through life and the way you've been treated by those around you?

Negative thoughts will produce Negative Body Language

Positive thoughts will produce Positive Body Language

Listen to only Positive Body Talk

Start from the inside out and discover what Nature is telling you. Discover the positives that are pre-designed for you and create your own kind of Style Confidence for YOU and your LIFESTYLE!

How important is a First Impression?

You only get one chance to make a First Impression! Before you've opened your mouth, the way you're dressed and the way you behave is allowing others to form an opinion. Up to 93% of what you say is non-verbal - so are you saying what you want to?

Listen to your body talk #body talk #body language

6 tips to Positive Body Language

Are the messages your Body Language is sending out doing you justice?

A few guidelines will ensure that everyone has a positive reaction to your meeting and is left with a good impression. 

Real Women look like YOU & ME!

What do you think other women look like? Do you think everyone is more attractive and more shapely than you?

Real Women look just like YOU and ME! We come in every conceivable shape and size and every one of us has 'challenges' to overcome...

6 steps to love the skin you're in

When you look in the mirror are you over-critical of the way you look? If people compliment you, do you believe them? The relationship we have with ourselves can be very confusing!

5 steps - Raise Body Image and Self Esteem

Do you appreciate just what an amazing machine your body is? Do you realize all the wonderful things you're equipped to do, to see, to feel, to experience? You can start to raise your Body Image and self esteem today.... just 5 small steps...

Healthy Eating

This is currently a 'skinny' section but will be added to as time goes by.

Healthy Eating is a major factor in looking good and feeling good about yourself which is the whole ethos of Style Yourself Confident. Why not send me your favorite healthy and delicious recipe?

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