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What is Body Talk?

BODY TALK is the very essence of you - Are you hearing it positively?

As a child...

you followed your Body Talk instinctively - when you were hungry or thirsty, tired or in pain.

But as you grow and mature you're shaped by many outside influences - parents, schooling, environment, occupation, relationships - in fact many of us have been completely re-shaped or re-defined!

Are your thoughts and opinions about the latest news item your own? or have you been influenced by the way the news item was reported?

Has the way you think about yourself and take care of yourself been influenced by your life and the way you're treated by those around you?

Has your upbringing influenced the way you choose to dress? Did your school uniform turn you off grey for life?

Listen to your body talk #body talk #body language you listening correctly?

Do you feel that you should conform to a certain look that's appropriate to your worklife, homelife, your social status? Hardly surprising that sometimes it's difficult to find the REAL YOU!

Hearing Negative Body Talk? you'll have Negative Body Language

Hearing Positives? you can start to send out Positive Body Language

Listen to your body talk #body talk #body language precision of nature

The precision of Nature

Whether or not you've ever heard of Fibonacci, we're all aware of not just the beauty but the precision in Nature's creation. Fibonacci is Nature's numbering system and every living thing grows to a pre-ordained order, pattern or sequence.

Do we actually ever look at our vegetables and appreciate the beauty and perfection?

In the same way animals and humans are designed by a pre-ordained pattern to ensure that our bodies function efficiently. 

Harmony and perfection - but always individuality

Nature has designed every living thing with care to produce harmony and perfection. Every leaf compliments it's flower; the colors of Autumn flow effortlessly together; even the pebbles on the beach are designed to harmonize.

Yes, every living thing is created PERFECTLY but always with INDIVIDUALITY. These beautiful little blue tits are all perfectly as nature designed but they are all different shapes, sizes and colors.

Listen to your body talk #body talk #body language

Nature has given us the same gifts

We are each created perfectly but different. 

You can learn to read what your Body is telling you and discover how your own Color scheme, your Body Shape and even your Personality traits are all pre-ordained at the moment of your conception. 

In the same beautiful way listen to the messages your body is giving and find the positive gifts inside the REAL YOU!

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