Style Personality - what's your taste?

Your Tastes, Lifestyle and Budget all influence STYLE PERSONALITY

The most stylish woman you know probably has a Style Personality that you find easy to identify.

She's not the most fashionable woman but she's surprisingly CONSISTENT in her choice of clothes. 

She's found a look that suits her body shape, it's appropriate for her lifestyle, she knows what makes her feel confident and comfortable, and STICKS WITH IT!

Depending on lifestyle and her personal taste that look may be classic or edgy, crisp or fancy, ladylike or outrageous.

Style personality is where you embrace your instinctive taste and individuality.

It's what makes YOU an individual and allows your creativity to blossom!

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

If you've found your Colors and know how to dress your Body Shape
now it's time for your creativity to blossom!

Your wardrobe is just for you...

And yet although we may recognize and admire the style of others, we find it surprisingly difficult to identify our own Style Personality! 

Your wardrobe only has to work for YOU! You don't have to consider anyone else. 

You don't have to dress in the latest fashion to be stylish - but you do have to feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. What you wear only has to work for you and your lifestyle!

Do you know what you're looking for, are you secure enough to stick to your style personality - or do you shop in panic?

Style Personality is often broken into 6 categories...

If someone asked you 'What's your Style?' you might find it difficult to say. So although you certainly don't have to fit into any of these categories, it can help to formulate what you like and what you don't like.   

It's quite usual for us to feel an affinity with two or even three different looks - after all we're different people at different times!

Classic Style - Is this you?

Classic, Traditional or conservative - this lady is ready for business! A 'no panic' lady always in control with a look that's dependable and and trust-worthy.

More of personality trait, the Classic look is timeless, comfortable and flattering with shapes, colors and styles to mix and match for any occasion.

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

Natural Style - this perhaps?

Informal unpretentious and relaxed - a simplified, unfussy and dressed-down look allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

More than any other style it takes in the tussled hair and minimal makeup. Friendly, casual and practical allows ease of movement and it perfect for the sporty and outdoors lifestyle.

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

European Style - Wow!

'Je ne sais quoi! An elegant, sophisticated and cosmopolitan chic! What a look - an unmistakable simplicity that oozes quality and class.

You can do Casual but probably needs to be in the Armani class! Dramatic chic adds gravitas. See how to bring your style up to date.

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

Dramatic - a drama queen?

The amazingly confident persona of 'our Joan'! Nothing run-of-the-mill in her wardrobe, whatever the occasion it's always done properly and with immense aplomb!

Dramatic ladies like detail to die for - a commanding, flamboyant and exciting look.

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

Creative - one of a kind?

Unconventional and bohemian, the delightful actress Helena Bonham Carter is perfectly at ease with herself and doesn't need approval from others!

Undoubtedly there's artistic flair - difficult to explain the look of the Creative. It's often a feel for the unusual, the 'treasured find' that makes the outfit, although others may think it is merely 'thrown-together'.

Feminine or Romantic?

A lady who's not afraid to show her femininity. Up to date and never missing a trick but Taylor Swift never forgoes the curls, the full makeup and the feminine allure.

Rarely casual, always with an eye for detail and never seen at less than her perfect best. 

Style personality - your taste, your individuality

Find the REAL YOU!

Read more about the Style Personality for each of these ladies. Do any of them sound or feel like YOU? Perhaps you'd like to aspire to look like this - you don't have to copy the celebrity price tags but you can get the feel of the style.  

Have you made a Fashion Collage yet?

Or perhaps you've saved some favorite looks onto Pinterest? You can upload anything that helps you to feel confident onto the Group Pinterest board.  Like to join? just contact me and leave your email address, I'll add your name.  

If you haven't done any of this, have some fun and assemble some pictures of fashion styles and personalities to give you ideas and inspiration. Play around with pictures, photographs, colors and styles and see what you instinctively choose for your favorite look. 

If you've already made a Style Collage, re-visit and see whether your ideas have developed or changed. Look at the different Style Personalities and:

  • Identify how you'd like to look
  • Decide if that look is achievable
  • Ask yourself if the look is appropriate for your lifestyle

The most important thing is to feel COMFORTABLE in your own skin! If you're happy with your own Style Personality pick and choose to find ideas for a quick STYLE-UP!

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