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A hobby for Self Confidence

Any activity or hobby is good for your self confidence!

As we get older many people have time on their hands and, although it's important to stay physically fit, your mind needs to stay sharp too. Developing a new interest or a new skill allows you to feel proud of what you've achieved and your feeling of self worth will soar. 

Choosing a new interest is optional so it needs to be something you enjoy resulting in a stress-free, happy and relaxed life. It also offers the perfect opportunity to enhance other parts of your life too. 

This is a new section so there's lots to come. I'd love to hear how you spend your leisure time and how your hobby helps your self confidence. Perhaps you'd share with us - Contact me.

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New Hobby or Pastime?

How to choose a new hobby or pastime?

The word 'hobby' sounds a bit archaic, perhaps even boring, but a 'pastime' now that's a different kettle of fish! Enjoying your spare time any way you choose rather than that which life forces on you! 

A new activity can entertain and/or challenge you; it can even help you to discover more about yourself.  It's never too late to learn or experience something new!

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Decplay piano lessons

I have always wanted to play the piano and at the age of 74 I'm finally realizing my dream with Decplay piano lessons for Seniors!

When I was a little girl we had a piano but my mother wasted so much money and had so much grief from my elder sister that she decreed she couldn't go through it again. So sadly we said goodbye to the piano, I had a record player instead but never forgot that piano.  

But it's never too late!

Hobby for self confidence #hobbyforselfconfidence #selfconfidence #hobbiesforseniors https//www.style-yourself-confident.com/hobby-for-self-confidence.html

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