Find your Hip Shape first...

Find your HIP SHAPE - it will direct you to your Body Type.

There are only 2 basic hip shapes - and it's easy to find yours.

It has nothing to do with SIZE it's just your SHAPE that counts

Don't worry if you're not as slender as the pictures below, we're only looking at basic bone structure.

And it's really easy to find your Hip Shape... or the closest to it!

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type

"...many a changing-room drama trying to fit curved hips into a straight skirt!"

Just identify your HIP SHAPE - CURVED or STRAIGHT?
I bet you'll easily recognize yourself...

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type
Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type


You always keep a neat waistline and your hips slope away gently. Your widest point is likely to be at thigh level. 

When you put on weight it's generally evenly distributed between your hips, thighs and tummy area.

You will be an Hourglass or a Pear Shape.

LUCKY YOU: You always maintain a neat waistline.


Your hipbone is high, almost at your waist which means you have little waist definition. Your hip and thigh measurements are roughly the same. 

When you put on weight it's mostly carried around your waist and midriff area.

Your will be an Inverted Triangle, a Rectangle or an Apple shape.

LUCKY YOU: You keep shapely legs and thighs.

Don't recognize yourself?

If you don't instantly know your hip shape...

Try one of these methods to find the shape you are closest to...

1 Stand in front of a mirror in underclothes or something close fitting. Look at your profile and identify the widest part of your bottom half.

2 If you're undecided ask a friend to help. Ask her to stand behind and put her hands each side of your waist, running them firmly down your sides to find your widest part. Disregard body fat, you're feeling for bone structure. 

3 If you can't figure out your hip shape you're probably lucky and don't have a problem in the hip area. If you need help to fit your figure in other areas check out your own individual BODY SHAPE for lots more styling tips.

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type

How to fit different HIP SHAPES... 

If some women have HIPS in one place and some in another - how do we ever find anything to fit?

Did you know that clothes are designed and specially made for these two very distinct hip shapes? Unless a garment is completely minute and stretchy it will be cut to fit either one of these. 

Some manufacturers will design for one shape of woman and some for another. Crazy isn't it? Why has no-one ever thought to tell us that? You probably haven't even realized the shapes that you have in your closet...

Look how different these skirts are...

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type

The skirt on the left is cut for CURVED HIPS - the waist is neat and the darts are long and deep. 

The widest part is at thigh level (7 to 10 inches below the waist) just about at the top of her left hand.

The skirt then tapers in to slim the silhouette. If it did not taper in there would be no curves but would just appear wide all the way down.  

If a straight hip shape wears this skirt, there is excess fabric on the thighs, giving the appearance of 'jodpurs'.

A bias cut skirt is particularly figure flattering for a curved hip shape. The fabric is cut at a 45 degree angle so that it drapes to the shape of the body. 

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type

This skirt is cut for STRAIGHT HIPS.  Because there is little waist definition, there is likely to be only a narrow waistband or sometimes no waistband at all.  

The darts are short as the skirt widens immediately below the waist to accommodate the high hipbone.

Because the thighs are roughly the same width as the hips, there is no need for further shaping.

If a Curved hip tries to wear this skirt, it will ride up as there's not enough fabric in the thigh area.

This shaping can be on any length skirt, not just a mini!

Do you have changing room problems?

Can you look at a skirt and know if it's the right shape for you? When you do find a brand that fits you well and is comfortable, remember the name!

But... Have you ever been in a changing room trying to squeeze into a skirt - standing sideways breathing in - holding in your tummy - blaming yourself that you're too fat!!

You know what? It's not your fault - It's just the WRONG SKIRT for you!

But now you can find out how to fit CURVED HIPS or STRAIGHT HIPS...

Can't find your Hip Shape?

Take the Quiz...

Your hip shape directs you to your Body Type #hips #body type

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