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A Creative style personality...

Your look

A Creative style personality assembles a wardrobe that is original, innovative and completely individual.

The impression you give

The impression you give is unconventional, laid-back, artistic and you are completely unaware that your outfit is anything out of the ordinary.

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You're passionate about...

A creative style personality loves beautiful fabrics such as hand-painted or printed silks and lace; suede, denim, corduroy, fur and animal prints - however, you are often far too passionate about our social ills to wear the real thing.

Difficult to categorize...

It's difficult to capture and categorize a creative style personality. 

There will undoubtedly be an overall influence - it may lean towards Bohemian with an organic earthy appeal, pure vintage or retro  - but you will always manage to source original and unique accessories to evolve your very own quirky co-ordination.

You will avoid fussy detail but bold statement accessories such as interesting belts, watches, ethnic jewellery, scarves, hats and handbags. Your nose is always to the ground seeking out the unusual in out-of-the-way boutiques and unique accessory shops.

Once you find a style that works for you and makes you feel good there's no reason not to keep running with it!

The iconic Stevie Nicks

This is a lady who developed her signature style in the rock years of the 70's performing with Fleetwood Mac. Her taste has changed little over the years.

Bohemian with a dose of hippie and rock chick flowed together in her billowy dresses trimmed with layered lace and ruffles in luxurious velvets and tapestries.

It may look a little more vintage and gothic nowadays but it's a very flattering style for her slightly fuller figure while her love of shawls, scarves and hats is bang on trend.

Creative Style Personality #creativestyle #stylepersonality #stevienicks #helenabonhamcarter

The talented and oh so cool Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton was 'Annie Hall' in the 1960's film. She was allowed to develop her own cool appearance - oversized jackets and vests, floppy men’s hats, and cowboy boots.

Although in reality she somewhat streamlined her androgenous 'uniform', her look has stayed the test of time.

She has always favored structured simplicity in neutral colors. Pants or skirt suits with jackets cinched in at the waist; buttoned cuffs, high necklines and up-turned shirt collars. 

Creative Style Personality #creativestyle #stylepersonality #stevienicks #helenabonhamcarter #dianekeaton

She uses necklaces or chokers to fill an open neck, statement belts, bold glasses frames and the hats she loves wherever possible. All of this is softened by maintaining a youthful hairstyle with movement and highlights - and of course always a ready smile!

Can you copy a Creative Style Personality?

This look does not come off the shelf! Adding your own touch to create your own 'feel' comes completely naturally. But you can give yourself permission to let your creativity flow and not follow the crowd!

It will feel natural to you to team interesting textures and patterns; to purposely mis-match a suit; you'll overdo the trimmings; and find an interesting accessory. A Creative style personality will confidently mix and match individual pieces creating a unique personal image.  

Creative Style Personality #creativestyle #stylepersonality #stevienicks #helenabonhamcarter #dianekeaton
https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/creative-style-personality.htmlHelena Bonham Carter

But you can add a touch of individuality...

To some, your outfits can look as though they are thrown together and are sometimes completely 'off the wall', but you will always see a connective thread. There is undoubtedly an artistic leaning and this kind of 'style', and the confidence to pull it off is something you are likely to have been born with.

Your style doesn't have to follow the fashion rules. If a pretty accessory or certain shape turns you on, go for it and enjoy!

The choices made by a creative style personality is unlikely to fit into anyone else's idea of conventional fashion.

Your style icons

Your style icons:  Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Kate Bush, Sienna Miller, Helena Bonham Carter and Stevie Nicks.

Not for you?

If Creative style isn't right for you, check out the other Style Personalities. It's quite normal to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks. 

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