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A Creative style personality...

Your look

A Creative style personality assembles a wardrobe that is original, innovative and completely individual.

The impression you give

is unconventional, laid-back and artistic, completely unaware that your outfit is out of the ordinary.

What do you enjoy most?

A creative style personality loves beautiful fabrics such as hand-painted or printed silks and lace; suede, denim, corduroy, fur and animal prints - however, you are often far too passionate about our social ills to wear the real thing.

Creative style personality #creative style #Helena Bonham Carter

Your style is difficult...

to capture and categorize.

There will undoubtedly be an overall influence - it may lean towards Bohemian with an organic earthy appeal, pure vintage or retro  - but you will always manage to source original and unique accessories to evolve your very own quirky co-ordination.

You will avoid fussy detail but bold statement accessories such as interesting belts, watches, ethnic jewellery, scarves, hats and handbags. Your nose is always to the ground seeking out the unusual in out-of-the-way boutiques and unique accessory shops.

The inconic Stevie Nicks

This lady is completely intuitive when it comes to buying clothes. She will hone in on the most unlikely combinations and the most unusual accessories - and make an outfit work - for her. The same nowadays as in her heyday. 

and Diane Keaton

who has developed her own style of wearing pants suits. Invariably black and white whether daytime or evening, and the inevitable bowler style hat - amazingly not on show here. 

Sometimes adding a frill but always unmistakably secure in her own 'uniform'.

Add individuality...

Perhaps you'll buy and alter a garment to achieve your own individual 'feel' then add interesting textures and patterns, scarves, shawls, and a multitude of accessories to make your look totally individual. To some, your outfits can look as though they are thrown together and are sometimes completely 'off the wall', but you will always see a connective thread.

There is undoubtedly an artistic leaning and this kind of 'style', and the confidence to pull it off is something you are likely to have been born with.

Creative style personality #creative style #Stevie Nicks
Creative style personality #creative style #Diane Keaton

Creative style personality - the look for business...

Too much bohemian or create style personality in the business world needs to be toned down a little. Unless you are in a creative industry, exotic makeup or hair color and overlarge jewellery can all prevent you from being taken seriously.

Your style icons

Your style icons:  Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Kate Bush and Sienna Miller (right)

Whether Edgy Cool or Rock Chick - very different looks but a Creative style personality will confidently mix and match individual pieces creating a unique personal image.

While most of us try to follow the fashion 'rules' these ladies are completely unconcerned whether their ideas fit into anyone else's idea of conventional fashion.

NB It's entirely by chance that most of these outfits happen to be in 'goth' type black.

Not for you?

If Creative style isn't right for you, check out the other Style Personalities below. It's quite normal to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks. 

Creative style personality #creative style #Sienna Miller

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