You have an Inverted triangle body shape

Wide shoulders Slim hips

You're an Inverted Triangle Body Shape...

If you have straight hips and wider shoulders, you probably have little waist definition.

This figure is sometimes referred to as Top Heavy but you're not - you merely have strong shoulders which makes for an amazing body shape.

And you're in great company. 

Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Kim Catrall, Cindy Crawford - all beautiful ladies that stand proud with broad shoulders and a more slender bottom half.

Inverted triangle body shape #inverted triangle

Flaunt those fabulous shoulders!

Look at these fabulous girls! All standing tall, flaunting and even enhancing their inverted triangle body shape. Broad shoulders make their waist and hips look even more slender.

All the ladies use curved detail on their hip line to add curves and balance the figure - seam detail, ruching and folds, softly flowing chiffon. Add a pretty clutch bag at hip height.   

Positives of an Inverted Triangle Body shape

  • You have the body of athletes and models
  • you're probably a strong swimmer
  • clothes hang elegantly from a strong shoulder line
  • broad shoulders make your waist look slimmer
  • slim hips and thighs with wonderful legs

Maximize your amazing body shape by:

  • enjoying and even emphasizing your strong shoulder line
  • allow your strong shoulders to slenderize the rest of your figure
  • don't add additional bulk to your shoulders
Inverted triangle body shape #inverted triangle

Balance a strong shoulder line by...

  • drawing the eye down to your bottom half with color or print
  • a dropped neckline such as a soft cowl or ruffles to bring attention to your cleavage
  • assymetric styles add interest at the hipline
  • detail or pockets at the hipline
  • palazzo pants or tulip style skirt to add width to your bottom half
  • you can add softness and volume to your bottom half to balance it if it feels right for you

How to balance...

For the perfectly balanced inverted triangle, tall and enjoy your strong shoulder. 

Add a little width to the hipline for balance with assymetric or detailed garments.

And the CONS...

There are very few CONS to this body shape but when it's time to put on weight you WILL put it on around your midriff! 

This area is probably the easiest to disguise because you WILL invariably retain slim hips and thighs.

and Shop the most flattering shapes...

Petite Top Heavy

If you're an Inverted Triangle shape and also a Petite Lady, check out a few additional styling tips to help balance your shoulders. 

Inverted triangle body shape #inverted triangle body

Dress your own Body Shape

Although you will now understand the basics of fitting your INVERTED TRIANGLE figure, like most of us, you may have the odd 'problem spot' which bothers you.  

Perhaps it's sloping shoulders, a hollow back, a bust that's too big or too small - so take a look at how you can dress this part individually.

Dress for your OWN Body Shape shows you how to cope with your own personal bugbears!

Inverted triangle body shape #inverted triangle body

You should always wear what makes you feel good about yourself
Take only what works for you from these styling tips

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