The 4 Seasons - how to find yours!

We've all heard about the 4 Seasons and how you can discover a color palette to flatter your own natural coloring. It's Seasonal Color Analysis. 

You can, of course, go straight to the Free Seasonal Color quiz but it's far more rewarding if you understand how the seasons work. 

So let me show YOU how to find your nearest Season and identify the colors to make you look and feel more attractive? It doesn't have to be complicated!

If you wanted a full Color Analysis then of course it's taken far more deeply, but let's keep it easy!

Find your Season #the4seasons #seasonalcoloranalysis #seasonalcolors

How the 4 Seasons were developed

After centuries of theories, the 4 Seasons were developed in the 1950's.

Color Groups were devised grouping similar color characteristics together. It's generally accepted that SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER were merely convenient titles on which to hang these groups - but what a brilliant idea it was!

Not only do the colors distinctly reflect the changing seasons but it strongly links the fact that Color is organic and Nature always gets it right!

OK things have moved on...

And become much more complicated. There have been numerous attempts to split the Seasons into 12 or even 16. Sadly, this only dilutes the color palette and makes it more difficult to understand. 

Yes, officially, there are 3 Tonal elements in every Season and if your Color Analysis is being done professionally this is taken into account.

BUT why don't we make it easy!

The 4 Seasons were originally just a choice of whether you were WARM or COOL then decided whether your coloring was LIGHT or DEEP. It might not work for everyone but YOU can certainly try! 

Seasonal Color Analysis #theseasons #seasonalanalysis #seasonalcolors

Just 2 questions to find your Season!

1 Are you Warm or Cool? 

you are likely to be WARM if you:

  • have golden or yellow toned skin
  • have or had golden freckles
  • have golden or red hair tones
  • have green veins
  • look good in creams and golds
  • choose yellow or orange flowers
  • like to wear gold jewelry

you are likely to be COOL if you: 

  • have pink skin and flush 
  • have sallow skin
  • have a grey rim to your eye
  • have blue veins
  • look good in white   
  • choose pink and blue flowers
  • like to wear silver and pearls

So are you WARM or COOL?

2 Now are you Light or Deep? 

When someone looks at you, is your coloring fair or dark? Are you closer to LIGHT or closer to DEEP? 

Look at your hair, your eyes and your skin tone. If at least 2 of your features are closer to LIGHT then that is your answer. 

If at least 2 of your features are closer to DEEP then that is your answer. 

So are you LIGHT or Deep? 

Time for anwers!

This is how your answers work out. Check out the 4 Seasons below and see if you are drawn to some of your Seasonal colors.

The colors of Spring and Autumn have a yellow undertone; Spring colors are bright and Autumn colors are softer. 

The colors of Summer and Winter have a blue undertone; Summer colors are soft and Winter colors are more dramatic. 

If you're not sure, revisit the questions. If you weren't sure about your answers try again and see if you are guided in a different direction. 

  • WARM and LIGHT
  • COOL and LIGHT
  • WARM and DEEP
  • COOL and DEEP

SPRING - your colors and bright and fresh

SUMMER - your colors are soft and calm

AUTUMN - your colors are soft and rich

WINTER - your colors are bright and bold

SPRING is WARM and LIGHT - also Bright

Seasonal Color Analysis #theseasons #seasonalanalysis #seasonalcolors

You are WARM and LIGHT.

Your hair is likely to be golden blonde through to light gold brown and you will have a fair to golden warm skin. Your eyes will be quite bright. 

These colors are also considered BRIGHT, fresh and vibrant to echo the growth at the beginning of the 4 Seasons. 

This image shows the neutral tones of SPRING and the brilliant accent colors that bring them to life!

See below how these beautiful colors all work so prettily together. 

SUMMER is COOL and LIGHT - also Soft

You are COOL and LIGHT.

Your hair will be from ash blonde through to mousey light brown or even a little deeper. Your skin is pink toned, probably sensitive to the sun with blue veins. Your eyes will be a soft mix possibly with an element of grey.  

These colors are also SOFT and gentle, like a Summer garden.  

This image shows the neutral tones of SUMMER and the pretty accent colors that bring them to life! 

Seasonal Color Analysis #theseasons #seasonalanalysis #seasonalcolors

AUTUMN is WARM and DEEP - also Soft

Seasonal Color Analysis #theseasons #seasonalanalysis #seasonalcolors

You are WARM and DEEP.

Your hair is likely to be copper, auburn or a rich brown and your  eyes hazel, amber or brown. Your skin may be golden or sometimes a more gentle pink tone. 

Your colors are SOFT and richly blended, colors of country chic. 

I'm showing here the neutrals of the AUTUMN palette and the brilliant accent colors that bring them to life!

WINTER is COOL and DEEP - also Bright   

You are COOL and DEEP.

Your hair will usually be dark with bright and clear eyes. and your eyes bright and clear. Your skin may be fair or deep but with blue veins and a pink skin tone. Occasionally a Winter might be platinum blonde with very bright eyes. 

Winter colors are the boldest of the 4 Seasons. They're bright and clear, bold and dramatic. 

The neutrals of WINTER are strong and the perfect foil for the intense accent tones. 

Seasonal Color Analysis #theseasons #seasonalanalysis #seasonalcolors

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A FULLY ILLUSTRATED 50 page Ebook (ready to download) clearly explaining Seasonal Color Analysis.

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You'll discover your own Season and how to choose and wear the most flattering colors. You'll identify your neutrals and accent shades with celebrity images and fashion shots to bring it to life. You'll even discover the best makeup, hair colors, jewelry and glasses frames that will suit you best.  

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Color Analysis books/Ebooks to download #coloranalysisbooks
Color Analysis books/Ebooks to download #coloranalysisbooks
Color Analysis books/Ebooks to download #coloranalysisbooks
Color Analysis books/Ebooks to download #coloranalysisbooks

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