Capsule Wardrobe on a budget - really?

Can I really build a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget? 

Yes you sure can and if you've only got the minimum to work with - it'll still work!

Because it's far more about good planning and 'restraint' than big spending. You don't need an expensive or expansive wardrobe! 

If you've only got the basics then this is for YOU!

All it takes is a bit of planning so you know what you need for your day to day activities and you can plan to dress accordingly.

And it will save you TIME and MONEY!

You'll be surprised how far just a few items can go and it will make you think far more about what you've got in the way of accessories.

It'll also help you to develop your own STYLE!

Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget? You certainly can, let me show you how! #capsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobeonabudget

Left with the bare minimum?

So you've done your Wardrobe Edit. You've moved out, got rid of, donated to charity, moved to the back bedroom - however brave you've been with the chaos of your wardrobe - and this is all you've got left??

Don't PANIC! Because we always say that most women wear only 20% of their wardrobe the majority of the time. This is probably the 20% that you're existing on anyway.

We pretend that we need and wear a whole big wardrobe of clothes but rarely do we delve into the far corners.

Capsule wardrobe on a budget #capsule wardrobe on a budget is all you NEED!

If the few things that are left hanging in your closet actually fit then they're the ones that make you feel good and look good.

You've obviously found the shapes that work for your figure and the styles that make you feel comfortable. They also work and are appropriate for your lifestyle. 

These few items will form the backbone to your capsule wardrobe on a budget.

All you need is a few additions to bring it to life!

A Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget just needs a bit of life!

Add just a few accessories to your basic wardrobe essentials and see how an outfit comes to life!

Now you've sorted out you've probably got enough bits and pieces to pull this together. See how little I've added?

Capsule wardrobe on a budget #capsule wardrobe on a budget


Capsule wardrobe on a budget #capsule wardrobe on a budget


Capsule wardrobe on a budget

Buy CLEVER to streeeetch your basics...

You might not be able to spend big on your accessories but you can buy CLEVER!

Spending money on cheap accessories is a waste of money because they will make your outfit look CHEAP and will soon need replacing.

Buying a few quality items at the keenest prices available means that you get the best value for your money. Not only will a quality product last longer but one good accessory will lift the look of your whole outfit.

So think classic leather designs for boots and shoes both for comfort and longevity. Buy the best leather tote bag you can afford and it will retain it's looks for a long long time. You can get away with a more unusual and fun clutch. 

With careful shopping you can find some good looking tops that don't cost a fortune. They don't have to be plain but do choose classic items that will allow you to mix and match for the maximum number of different outfits. Choose any colored top that works for your own natural coloring. 

A white or ivory blouse or shirt always looks good in a natural fibre so choose cotton or silk if you can, but whatever you choose make sure that it will wash well. A small print would make a great alternative and perhaps keep it's color even better! You may prefer to buy inexpensive cotton t-shirts and just replace them more often.

The Benefits

  • everything you wear will fit you well
  • every item co-ordinate with something else
  • you'll save time every morning
  • you always know what will work
  • every outfit makes you look and feel good
  • you can assemble a complete outfit
  • every new item increases your outfits

How to work your Budget Capsule

Your Questions

Q.  After editing my wardrobe I've got a complete mish-mash of items left hanging in my closet?

A.  Identify the best and most flattering items to form the mainstay of your new Capsule Wardrobe and plan carefully how tops and bottoms will work together.

  • Even if you've only got 1 jacket and a pair of pants you've got the basis of an outfit.
  • If they match - great - find a top to link them together either a t-shirt, blouse or sweater will do the job. 
  • If they don't match, try to find a top that tones with either the jacket or the pants to pull them together. 

Q. How would this work for my lifestyle?

A. Assess the jacket and pants combinations and how you would link them together for your different activities. If you add a tee-shirt, would this be good for the school run and a shopping trip? If you added a sweater would it take you into town on a cooler day? What about the blouse, could you dress it up a little for a lunch date? A new top or a change of accessories and you have several completely new outfits. 

Q. What about accessories?

A. Quality accessories will always lift the look of your outfit so 

  • If trousers have belt loops you should always wear a belt
  • a pretty scarf can pick out the colors from either the top, the bottom or both and pulls them together.
  • Add a necklace and/or earrings
  • a statement bag and sunglasses?

Give yourself the opportunity to develop an outfit and try it out! Be careful not to overdo it with every accessory you possess but see how each addition changes the look and feel of the look. 

Train yourself to think 'OUTFIT' rather than just wearing two garments together!

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