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There are 6 Tonal Color Families

Seasonal Color Analysis doesn't work for you?

Well one of the 6 Tonal Color Families WILL be right for you - and they're really easy to understand!

Colors are neatly grouped together by their Color Characteristics - it's just the way we describe them. A color can be...




In the same way that a real family shares a blood line, a Color Family shares color  characteristics that tie them together. 

You have characteristics too and when you wear colors from the same group as your own i.e. your Color Family, you will create harmony and look your best.

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Can you recognise your coloring here?

The LIGHT Color Family

The LIGHT Color Family is not made up of just pastels. Every color is featured but all the shades have a light color pigment. 

It includes elements of both Warm and Cool tones. 

Is your natural coloring very fair or Light then you will look your best choosing colors with a Light pigment.  Both SPRING and SUMMER color palettes have an element of Light in their makeup.

This Color Circle is just a selection of the Light color swatch.

The DEEP Color Family

The DEEP Color Family is not made up of just dark colors. Every color is featured in this group but all the shades have a heavy pigment of color.  

It includes elements of both Warm and Cool tones.

If your coloring is very deep then you will look your best by echoing that and including some of these deep tones in your outfit. Both Autumn and Winter seasons have an element of Deep in their makeup.

This Color Circle is just a selection from the Deep color swatch.

The BRIGHT Color Family

The BRIGHT color family has shades with complete CLARITY - i.e. there is no influence from other colors.

It has elements of both Warm and Cool. 

If you have startlingly bright eyes, and an obvious difference between the color of your hair and skin, then this may be your color palette. You will find BRIGHT tones in both the SPRING and WINTER palettes.

This Color Circle shows a selection of the BRIGHT color swatch

The MUTED Color Family

Muted is probably the most confusing of the Tonal color families.  

When grey is mixed with any color it makes it softer more Muted. Put the softest colors of each Color Family together and you have the MUTED color family.

If your coloring is equally soft and richly blended and you find bright colors garish, this may be for you - often called the Armani colors!

There are confusing color characteristics here but you will find these soft colors in both the SUMMER and AUTUMN palettes.

The WARM Color Family

Every color includes a shades with a yellow or WARM undertone. Put them altogether and you get the WARM Color Family.

If you have a golden skin tone and some aspect of red or auburn in you rhair, these may be the colors for you.

The colors in both SPRING and AUTUMN seasons have a Warm undertone.  

The COOL Color Family

Every color has shades with a blue or COOL undertone. Put them all together and you have the COOL Color Family. 

Cool eyes, pink skin and brown hair? These could be the colors for you. 

The colors in both the SUMMER and WINTER color palettes have a Cool undertone. 

So whether you're looking at TONAL or SEASONAL...

and keen to find your best colors, one of the biggest factors is to decide is whether you have a WARM skin tone or a COOL skin tone. If you don't get any further, you can use that as your primary color direction to great effect.

When Color Analysis became fashionable way back in the 70's and 80's, there were horrific stories of people throwing out an entire wardrobe and then finding they had been wrongly analyzed! How crazy is that?

Thank goodness, those days have gone, COLOR is here to be enjoyed not to get HUNG UP on.  Find the most flattering Color group for you whether it's Tonal or Seasonal - even then, every one won't be your best, colors are just as individual as you are.

Color Analysis is a guide to help find the best look for you, IT IS NOT written in stone but if you need help to discover your colors - you need Online Color Analysis.

How to find the Color Family for you...

Free Color Analysis

Find your Color Family quickly and easily. 3 short questions to find your own best COLORS and how to wear them; makeup and hair ideas and the color swatch you need to harmonize with your... read more...

How Color Analysis works

Once you understand how it works you can work out your own natural coloring.

6 tonal color families #color analysis #tonal color families https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/tonal-color-families.html

Online Color Analysis

Want to find your colors quickly and accurately, then choose my Online Color Analysis service. You may have a Tonal or a Seasonal Color Family but all it takes is a short questionnaire, a couple of photos and within about a week you will receive... read more...

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