FREE Color Analysis!

Take the FREE Color Analysis Quiz to find your COLOR FAMILY

Just 3 questions to find the COLORS that flatter your natural coloring best

How to wear and enjoy your colors with makeup and hair suggestions.

and it's all FREE

(Please note that this is a generic quiz and I cannot guarantee complete accuracy - for individual advice visit Online Color Analysis)

Free Color Analysis Quiz - Discover your Tonal Color Family and flatter your natural coloring. #freecoloranalysis

Just 3 questions to find your Color Family

1. Click Start and Question 1 will appear

2. Hover your cursor over the image nearest to your own coloring

3. Click into the circle that appears

4. You will automatically be taken to the next question

Get your result then scroll down and click into your own COLOR CIRCLE

You'll find a beautiful palette of colors, makeup and hair suggestions, how to save time and money with a Color Swatch etc.... 

(NB If you're not seeing the quiz below it's probably due to the settings on your PC/Ipad/Iphone - but it's easy to CHANGE SETTINGS...)

Have a result? Click into your COLOR FAMILY

or if you'd like to take the quiz again CLICK HERE

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