How Color Analysis works!

How Color Analysis works and what it can do for YOU?

1  Want to look / feel your best?

  • Understand how Color Analysis works and you'll be able to find the colors that flatter you best
  • When you wear the colors that complement YOU - you will look and feel more attractive
  • There are 6 main Color Families - which one will enhance your natural coloring? There are also 4 Seasons which are a bit more complex.

  • A real family is linked by blood, Color Families are linked by Color Characteristics
  • Find your Color Family and your own color palette

2  How to look for your colors...

Look for the natural coloring that Nature has given you

  • Color is in your EYES, HAIR and SKIN TONE
  • Then look for COLORS that have the same characteristics as your own
  • This is your COLOR FAMILY
  • When you wear these colors you'll create HARMONY

3  It works very simply...

  • How Color Analysis works is very simple, just think of the way we describe colors...
  • We might say a color is LIGHT or DEEP, BRIGHT or SOFT, WARM or COOL
  • We choose the most obvious way to describe it - this is the primary characteristic - the one we see first
  • Every color can be described in this way...
How Color Analysis works  #color analysis #the seasons #tonal color analysis Tonal Color Analysis works

4  Putting colors into groups = 6 Color Families

  • A real family is linked by blood, Color Families are linked by their primary characteristic
  • When we put them into sets we find the 6 COLOR FAMILIES 
  • Because they share a PRIMARY CHARACTERISTIC all the shades harmonize with each other.
How Color Analysis works  #color analysis #the seasons #tonal color analysis Color Families work

5  Now - just 3 questions to find your best Colors?

Ask yourself just 3 questions to identify your primary color characteristic.

Of course this isn't the same as an indepth Online Color Analysis but it will help you to look objectively at your own natural coloring.     

The natural colorings in our EYES, HAIR and SKIN can be described in exactly the same way as we describe colors - we call them color characteristics. 

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