How Color Analysis works!

How Color Analysis works and what it can do for YOU?

1  Want to look / feel your best?

  • Color Analysis determines the natural coloring in your eyes hair and skin tone
  • Echo your coloring in the colors you wear to create HARMONY
  • Wearing your color palette allows you to always look your best
  • There are 6 Tonal Color Families and 4 Seasons

  • Every color in a Color Family is linked by a common characteristic, rather like blood in a human family
  • Ready to find your Color Family and your own color palette?

2  How to look for your colors...

What colors has Nature given you?

  • Color is in EYES, HAIR and SKIN TONE
  • Then look for COLORS with the same characteristics
  • This is your COLOR FAMILY, a whole spectrum of the perfect shades for you
  • Your color palette will bring you to life!

3  The Tonal families work very simply...

  • How Color Analysis works is simple, just think of the way we describe colors...
  • Decide whether a color is LIGHT or DEEP, BRIGHT or SOFT, WARM or COOL
  • Choose the most obvious word to describe, this is the primary characteristic
  • Every color can be described in this way
How Color Analysis works  #color analysis #the seasons #tonal color analysis Tonal Color Analysis works

4  Putting colors into groups = 6 Color Families

  • A human family is linked by blood, Color Families are linked by their primary characteristic
  • When we put them into sets we find the 6 COLOR FAMILIES 
  • Because they share a COMMON CHARACTERISTIC they are harmonious
How Color Analysis works  #color analysis #the seasons #tonal color analysis Color Families work

5  Look at your colors in the same way

In the same way we looked at colors, how would you describe your coloring?

Q1  Are you fair or dark

Q2  Is your coloring clear or soft?

Q3  Do you have pink or golden skin?

Your could be LIGHT or DEEP

You may be BRIGHT or MUTED

Your might be COOL or WARM

Let's practice Color Analysis

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