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Are you a Romantic Style Personality?

Your look

A Romantic Style Personality? You're feminine, ladylike and never lose your feminine allure choosing softness and drape, color and curls.

Although you give the impression of being non-threatening, you're a man's girl!

You're always conscious of being well groomed and looking your best. 

You are drawn towards:

It's second nature to display your femininity and you would never rush to the store in your gardening clothes just in case you bump into someone that matters.

You'll instinctively choose beautiful tactile fabrics, gentle or pretty colors and curvy shapes.

The addition of a ruffle or pretty pearl buttons will always adorn a plain garment and even when casually dressed you include full makeup and a careful hairdo. 

Your shopping priorities:

  • feminine colors and shapes
  • beautiful fabric is paramount; velvet, lace and chiffon, delicate fabrics
  • flattering colors or prints (often floral) are important to you.

Not for you the razor sharp haircut, you will usually have softly curving features which are flattered and often framed with the tousled curls and waves that you love or at least a style with movement.

The romantic vibe will often include vintage pieces with prettily floaty and feminine boho dresses.

Penelope Cruz and Jane Seymour with ruffles, lace and fur

You are drawn towards towards dresses and skirts rather than anything tailored. Long skirts in delicate fabrics and pretty detail. Evening wear is perfect for you with fur, velvet or lace.

If you do choose trousers you prefer a wider leg in a soft and fluid fabric teamed with a gorgeous array of tops.

Casual wear doesn't come easy...

Casual wear doesn't come easy to you.

There will inevitably be jeans, but you're just as likely to have them in velvet or corduroy as well as denim. You'll always include a softening element - a frill, some color or softness with your top.

Rather than a plain jacket that's likely to feel too formal and structured, you'll probably choose to add a pretty kimono or a beautiful soft knit for added warmth.

What does a Romantic Style Personality choose?

and for accessories...

Your accessories may not always be practical but they're always prettily embellished. Your shoes and handbags are likely to have the addition of bows and beads, embroidery and flowers.

You'd never be seen without your makeup and a bit of sparkle and, yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

A romantic style personality can sometimes

And for business?

The feminine look is never consciously provocative but it's as well to play the femininity down just a little in the business arena.

It's sensible to curtail your romantic style personality and veer more towards the Classic for work, but you will never forego your jewelry, makeup and nail polish.

Your style icons...

Taylor Swift always with a feminine curl, Penelope Cruz with ruffles to die for and always feminine Keira Knightley.

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It's OK to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks. 

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