How to listen to your Body Talk

New around here? It's easy to Style Yourself Confident!

We all need a boost of confidence from time to time and for most women the mantra is LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD - so that's a great place to begin!

Let me show you how easy it is to Style Yourself Confident with the gifts that Nature designed specially for you at the moment of your conception - whatever your age, shape or size!

  • COLOR - Nature has given you beautiful natural coloring in your eyes, hair and skin tone. Identify that coloring and discover a whole palette of colors that make you look your most attractive.
  • BODY TYPE - Your body is an amazing machine supported by a firm bone structure. Identify that generic shape (straight or curved) and understand why some fabrics and shapes feel more comfortable than others.
  • BODY SHAPE - There's no such thing as the perfect body - every body is perfect and unique but what fits one doesn't fit another. Identify your individual shape (along with any problem spot) and choose the styles to flatter your figure and create a look that's right for YOU. 
  • STYLE - Your instinctive taste is your style! It may develop and change along the way but no-one else can decide what is comfortable and feels right for YOU!

So although you can't change the your coloring or the body shape you were born with you can learn how to make the best of yourself - how to fit and flatter your face and figure. 

You don't need someone to tell you how to look or what to wear because only YOU know how you want to look and how you want to feel.

It's a STYLE MAKEOVER designed by NATURE

Sometimes we're not open to positives and we hear only negatives because something is holding us back - your weight, self esteem, relationships, money issues - but if we wait for life to be perfect it rarely happens.

Whatever your age, shape or size everyone has positive things going on, you just need to recognize them, so you can go forward and STYLE YOURSELF CONFIDENT!

Listen to your BODY TALK and find all the POSITIVES that Nature gave you.

Positive 1 - Your Natural coloring shows your COLORS

Nature provides every flower with leaves and a habitat that flatters and complements. All the subtle colors surrounding the water lily are from the same Color Family, this creates harmony.

Discover the positives given by Nature #color and style #color analysis
Discover the positives given by Nature #Meryl Streep #color and style #color analysis

In exactly the same way, Nature gave each of us natural coloring in our Eyes, Hair and Skin tone. By looking carefully (analyzing) you can identify your Color Family.

Your Color Family is a whole palette of color shades that will complement and flatter your overall appearance. When you wear these colors you create harmony and will always look your best.

I show you 3 ways to find your Color Family.

Discover all you can about Color Analysis - It's magic!

Positive 2 - Body Type is SHAPE NOT SIZE

Your Bone Structure is what decides your Body Type. Whether you lose weight or gain weight your body frame does not change.

It's SHAPE NOT SIZE that counts and works on the relationship between shoulders and hips.

All you need to ask yourself is a couple of questions to find which of the 5 basic Body Types you are closest to. 

You can choose:

You'll discover whether you have a Straight or Curved Body and suddenly understand why some clothes feel more comfortable than others.

Positive 3 - How to dress your unique BODY SHAPE

Nature makes each of us 'perfect' but our Body Shape is invariably unique.

We all have lumps, bumps, bits we like, bits we don't like and everyone's figure is slightly different. Few of us actually have proportions that fit in with garments you buy 'off the peg'.

Therefore the majority of us have a 'fit' problem with certain parts of our body.

It's also how you feel. You may want to look slimmer or taller; accentuate a small bust or disguise a generous one.

Identify how you'd like to look and feel and you can visually influence the eye by choosing a cut or shape to balance - you have the solution. 

Dress your Body Shape; Petite Body Shape

Positive 4 - Style is individual taste / PERSONALITY

There is no right or wrong way to look. Your LOOK is whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable - and it only has to work for YOU and your LIFESTYLE!

According to your lifestyle, that look may be classic or edgy, crisp or fancy, ladylike or outrageous! Style is where you embrace your personality and individuality; it's what makes YOU an individual and allows your creativity to blossom!

You don't have to fit in with anyone else's style but these are great for inspiration.

Classic style; Natural style; Romantic style; European style; Creative style; Dramatic style

There's a wealth of additional information on this website - all ready to help you LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD.

Take a bite of confidence wherever and whenever you need it and be happy BEING YOU! See the SITEMAP

Everyone has POSITIVES - just listen to your BODY TALK
"There is no better designer than Nature" - Alexander McQueen

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