Kettlewell Colours - Spring 2018

If you've never heard of Kettlewell Colours then you're in for a treat!

This scenario may sound familiar!

You've had your colors analyzed, you're holding your brand new Color Swatch - but what comes next?

How do you begin to translate that fabulous color palette into the color co-ordinated wardrobe everyone talks about?

Wherever will you be able to find clothes in those beautiful colors?

Well stand by to see your Color Swatch come to life!

Kettlewell Colours

understand what women want; color, quality and design! Stylish separates and dresses bring your Color Swatch to life ready to mix, match and co-ordinate.   

  • Collections for SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN or WINTER

  • Tonal? LIGHT, DEEP, COOL, WARM, BRIGHT or MUTED you're covered too
  • Visual inspiration for every season; wardrobe building blocks in 150+ colors

Inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2018?

SPRING Season or Light and Warm - these are for you...

SUMMER Season or Light and Cool - these are for you...

AUTUMN Season or Warm and Deep - these are for you...

WINTER Season or Cool and Deep - these are for you...

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