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5 ways to hide Tummy Fat!

Many of us want to hide tummy fat but first of all let's clarify where the 'tummy' is.

If you have a recognizable waist, which probably means that you have Curved Hips then the bit below your waist is what is considered to be your 'tummy'.

However slim you are if you have an Hourglass or Pear shaped body, then you can always expect to have a slightly rounded tummy area because you are a curvy lady!

5 ways to hide tummy fat #tummyfat #bellyfat #tummy https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hide-tummy-fat.html

It all depends on your body type!

Not everyone will gain weight on their tummy - it depends on your Body Type.

If you have curved hips extra weight will be stored on your tummy, hips and thighs. So you are most likely to want to hide tummy fat if you are a Pear Shape or an Hourglass.  

Excess weight above your waistline is considered to be your midriff and is more likely to be experienced by those with straight hips and retangular type figures.  

A bit of a 'pot' ...

whether it's a little or a lot, is a natural part of being female - and it can be caused by losing muscle tone, childbirth, weight gain, natural ageing or just being allergic to exercise like me!

"By nature, a woman's body is developed to protect her and a potential fetus. As a result, women have more enzymes for storing fat and fewer enzymes for burning fat. Additionally, the estrogen women have activates fat storing enzymes and causes them to multiply".

But any kind of bulge can distort the look of your clothes and even affect the hemline.

5 ways to hide Tummy Fat

1  Keep it under control

5 ways to hide tummy fat #tummyfat #bellyfat #tummy https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hide-tummy-fat.html

Shape Pants - Amazon

  • Earlier generations controlled their figures. For modern day comfort choose Shapewear panties for instant difference.  
  • Good posture will react favorably on tummy muscles.
  • Wear high rise trousers which will avoid fat spilling over the waistband.
  • A firm front trouser zip will often help to hold in the tummy.
  • Never allow a gap to appear between top and bottom.

2   Choose a dress that skims the tummy

Blouson dress - Amazon

  • A dress streamlines the body with no gaps. 
  • Ensure that the dress hangs from a good shoulder line and wear a well fitted bra - rather like hanging from a coat hanger it will prevent the fabric 'sitting' on or clinging the tummy.
  • Choose a dress with extra fullness at the top, a blouson or tiered top which doesn't expose the tummy. 
  • A trapeze shape dress that gently shapes out from under the bust.
  • A wrap dress is particularly good if there is ruching and adjustment at a high waistline
  • High pleats that drape gracefully NOT a straight line of gathers
  • Keep detail and/or color high on the body to draw the eye.

3   A pretty top can hide tummy fat

5 ways to hide tummy fat #tummyfat #bellyfat #tummy https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hide-tummy-fat.html

Swing top - Amazon

  • Pants with a swing top will help to hide tummy fat. 
  • Let the top hang from the shoulder so it doesn't sit on your tummy
  • Blouson top or a side tie in free flowing fabrics
  • Loose A line tunic tops, pleated/flared shirts, trapeze shapes to disguise
  • Keep color and detail high and darker tones to your bottom half
  • Slight shaping in under the bustline will emphasize your slimmest point
  • Avoid 'too tight' and clingy fabrics 
  • Avoid gathers directly beneath the bust which suggests pregnancy

4   Wear clothes that fit and suggest slimness

5 ways to hide tummy fat #tummyfat #bellyfat #tummy https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hide-tummy-fat.html

Jumpsuit from Amazon

  • A column of darker tones always suggests slim.
  • Don't expose your tummy with smooth clingy fabrics, light colors or wear anything that pulls tight.
  • Avoid over large which will make you look bigger, the correct size will flatter.
  • Focus attention high on the body with color and detail.
  • Keep hips as flat as possible.
  • Accentuate your slimmest point carefully, usually below the bust but not with gathers.
  • Elasticated trouser waists can be comfortable but ensure a smooth band with no bunched up fabric over your tummy.

5   Try a little bit of disguise in the middle

  • A bright fluid jacket that skims over dark dress or pants and top
  • Wide legged pants with a good hip fit can take a front detail like a tie belt which helps to disguise
  • Don't pull in a belt at the waist rather let it 'sit' on the tummy to fill the smaller waist area
  • wear a blouson swimsuit rather than a tight fitting suit or bikini
  • Allow some looseness in your top which will 'overlap' the tummy. 

6   How I hide tummy fat...you can make it work...

5 ways to hide tummy fat #tummyfat #tummy https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hide-tummy-fat.html

I don't consider myself to be fat (UK size 10/12) but I do have hips and I have had 3 children, consequently, I've got a tummy!

Pic 1: Wearing close fitting stretch trousers with a plain t-shirt - tummy completely exposed!

Pic 2 and 3: Better bra and control pants with small shoulder pads takes all the stress away from tummy area

Pics 4 and 5: A blouse/shirt that ties at the waist is brilliant as are tie front trousers.

If you're a bit overweight...

Cutting down on the amount of fat you eat will certainly show benefit in this area. 

I could suggest weight training or boot camp of course, but it's much quicker and easier to disguise!

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