Autumn / Fall Fashion Tips

It might happen every year but a few Fall fashion tips are always welcome once the weather starts to change.  

Transitioning from one season to another often causes panic because the weather is so changeable - we really don't know what to wear.

If your wardrobe has been functioning well during the Summer months you don't need a major re-think.

Don't ditch your lighter clothes and sunglasses yet because a cold morning could mean it's roasting by lunchtime - you don't need major changes.

Fall fashion tips #fall fashion #autumn

Time to layer up...

We all panic and think we've got nothing to wear when the Season changes but there are easy ways to go forward.  

Make a gentle transition and get ready to layer up for Autumn. You don't have to completely change what you wear every day but you do need to cosy up!

Being warm and comfortable will allow you to feel more at easy and look STYLISH!

The cardigan is back in fashion

When you start to layer up for Autumn you need flexibility so you can look good and stay comfortable.

So don't pack away that summer dress just yet - there are lots of ways to warm it up. Whether your cardigan is ladylike neat to throw around your shoulders or a longer version that resembles a jacket, it's your first port of call. If it doesn't match what's underneath accessories can pull the look together.

Pull your summer separates together with a cardigan, warm tights and ankle boots. 

As long as you've got sunglasses and an umbrella in your bag you can cope with a change of weather with just a few basic essentials to hand. So take it easy and do it in stages

Summer tops into Autumn

Does the transition of the seasons throw your wardrobe into disarray?

Take your basic Summer tops into Autumn and Winter with a bit of clever layering and you won't actually need to make any massive changes.

Fall fashion tips #fall fashion #autumn

Wrapped up for Fall/Autumn

The cold mornings creeping up on you? Be prepared to get wrapped up for Autumn with easy styling and snuggly warmth.

You don't need to change your daily 'uniform' dramatically when the season begins to change you just need a coverup with flexibility!

Fall fashion tips #fall fashion #autumn

A soft spot for Leopard print

I've had a soft spot for leopard print ever since my mother bought me some cuddly PJ's in my teens. 

Ok I don't want to wear it head to toe but I'm thrilled to see that it re-appears almost every Fall in some guise or other and it never fails to raise a smile! 

But did you know that some prints are Cool and some are Warm?

Color Analysis AUTUMN

A true Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN is the most elegant and sophisticated of all the color palettes. As Summer fades into Autumn glory, the colors become soft, rich, warm and blended.

Wear your Scarf with Style!

Every woman needs scarves.They add a confident flair, style and elegance, they frame the face with color and create a kind of magic!  Two great videos with ideas for every occasion.

When a Season is split it is very confusing! Not only is the color palette diluted but rarely do you completely understand what it's all about!

I've been in the color business for a 'looong time' working with both Seasonal and Tonal Color Analysis and, believe me, AUTUMN is always WARM always SOFT and always DEEP...

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