Style a Chunky Knit 4 ways

You can style a chunky knit sweater in so many different ways it's a sure-fire good buy for the SALES that are currently around! 

If you've got an old favorite you've probably found that a cream or Winter white sweater will quickly become one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, particularly in the current cold weather! 

Any ivory or light sweater is versatile and useful but a heavy knit provides the size and weight you need to add extra layers underneath without always needing a coat. It will quickly establish itself as your go-to Winter essential.

Style a Chunky Knit #stylechunkyknit #creamsweater

Bring light to your complexion

Bringing light to your complexion in the darker days of the year gives your looks a real lift. Whether you're a blonde, redhead or brunette you'll find a flattering shade of Ivory, Cream or even pale Taupe to flatter your natural coloring. 

Ivory is play-safe for all complexions and looks good with virtually all  stronger tones whatever your color palette; and it provides a solid background for a wide range of different accessories.

How will you style a chunky knit?

It's always worth spending a little more on a garment that will wash, wear and keep it's looks. Your style will depend on lifestyle and how you spend your time.

Accessories are the name of the game so take a few minutes to trawl your closet and dig out whatever you have in the way of scarves, hats, gloves etc.    

Euro Chic

Style a chunky knit with Winter white pants and you always create a touch of glamor because white or cream just isn't really 'work appropriate'. So pile on the euro chic luxe with snakeskin boots and always tortoiseshell sunglasses.

A palette of camel and tan with the same cream chunky knit creates an effortlessly chic Winter look whatever your schedule.

Style a Chunky Knit #stylechunkyknit #creamsweater

Pattern Mixing

I came across this stylish lady, @lenafarl, who makes pattern mixing appear seamless. Keeping to the same neutral color palette and a similar size print means there is easy transition between the leopard print and check. 

It's important that one design doesn't over power the other. A patterned skirt will always sit happily beneath a check top coat as the patterns are of a similar contrast so one print doesn't over shadow the other!

The cream jumper takes center stage and other accessories are kept neutral.

Style a Chunky Knit #stylechunkyknit #creamsweater

Hit the Mall your way!

Start the day in your favorite denims and a simple cream chunky knit and you're all set for the errands of the day. 

Switch accessories and your minimal outfit gains confidence with a pop of co-ordinated color. Layering is always stylish and a faux fur or shaggy look gilet on-trend and comfortingly warm.

Style a Chunky Knit #stylechunkyknit #creamsweater

Daytime through to Cocktails

This stylish wrap-over cardigan does double duty.

Wear a column of strong color and boots topped with a wrap-over cardigan for a warm and casually elegant daytime outing. Come cocktail time, strip off the turtle to reveal a sleek and sophisticated outfit that creates the perfect silhouette. You can always add a silk camisole for modesty. 

Style a Chunky Knit #stylechunkyknit #creamsweater

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