Style a Chunky Knit 4 ways

I've got lots of different ideas to style a chunky knit sweater today - this will make the most of your wardrobe now the cold weather's here! 

Whether you're using an old favorite or looking for a sure-fire sales buy this season, a cream or Winter white sweater will earn it's keep as one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. 

Any cream or ivory sweater is just as versatile and useful - but choosing a heavy knit provides the size and weight you need for adding extra layers underneath with out the need for a coat. It will quickly establish itself as your go-to Winter essential.

Style a chunky knit 4 ways

Bring light to your complexion

Bringing light to your complexion in the darker days of the year gives your looks a real lift. 

Whether you're a blonde, redhead or brunette you'll find a flattering shade of Ivory, Cream or even pale Taupe to flatter your natural coloring. 

Ivory is play-safe for all complexions and will look good with virtually all the stronger tones whatever your color palette; and it provides a solid background for a wide range of different accessories.

How will you style a chunky knit?

If you're buying new and you're ready to style it in different ways, it's worth spending a little more on a garment that will wash, wear and keep it's looks. Your chunky knit style will depend on lifestyle and how you spend your time.

Accessories are the name of the game so take a few minutes to trawl your closet and dig out whatever you have in the way of scarves, hats, gloves etc.    

Although most of us lead a casual lifestyle these days, with a few tweaks, your sweater could be styled appropriately for most occasions - casual through to party!

Style a chunky knit 4 ways

1.  Country Pile

It's never too wintry to cling to your light jeans and this mix of neutrals is effortlessly elegant. A snug animal print scarf to tie the colors together and you're set for a walk on the country estate or lunch at the pub.

2.  9 to 5

Neatly put together for an early start. Smart enough for a lunch appointment with matching accessories that show you mean business. Add long boots or, if you have good legs, keep it short with opaque tights.     

3.  Euro Chic

Fur is always glamorous! Don't forget the sunglasses and you're ready for cocktails at any time of the day and all set for apres ski.  

4.  Hit the Mall

Strike the perfect note with your favorite denims. Let the scarf take center stage as you hit the shops - add a thicker scarf or snood for warmth and additional color. Change your look as easily as changing your bag and the way you tie your scarf.

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