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A Capsule Work Wardrobe!

This is the most basic way for a Capsule Work Wardrobe to function.

Take just 9 garments that fit you well, are versatile and in neutral shades. 

Mixed and matched they'll happily take you to the office every week day for a whole month.

Once you've done the initial planning it takes away the morning stress of what to wear and gives completely effortless dressing. 

This is just a simple exercise - few of us would want to exist like this for too long - but it's a useful concept whether you go out to work, are home based or even retired.

It's a style challenge!

Instead of regarding this as a hardship, treat it as a style challenge and begin to develop ideas for when you're in the position to enlarge your collection.

Capsule Work Wardrobe - 9 garments = 1 months effortless dressing! #capsuleworkwardrobe

So if you're...

  • fresh on the job market
  • moving into a different sphere
  • back in the workplace after raising a family
  • getting the 'nothing to wear' feeling!

this is the way to go. Few of us can think about going out to buy a whole new wardrobe so first of all you need to see what you have to work with. 

Where to start...

Be your own Wardrobe Consultant have a really good sort out and see what you can find in the way of neutral items to form the basis of a few outfits.

Then identify the minimum amount of items you'll need to put together something like this. Add in some inspiration, a few accessories and your Capsule Work Wardrobe is ready to go!

If you need new items make sure you get your money's worth - choose clothes that fit your Body Type in Colors that suit you. 

Capsule Work Wardrobe - 9 garments = 1 months effortless dressing! #capsuleworkwardrobe

Choose versatile garments: a tunic you can double up as a dress; use a blouse as a jacket; a cardigan as a jumper. 

Ensure that all the items are appropriate for the workplace and your own lifestyle. Low-cut tops, over-short skirts or see-through fabrics will limit where you're able to wear them - overtly sexy clothes are only suitable for playtime! 

Once you've got your items to mix and match, look at accessories to stretch this very limited choice of clothes into a multitude of outfits.

I've chosen very classic items but your choice depends on your own Style Personality and your workplace culture.

A Capsule Work Wardrobe - a month of effortless dressing!

Capsule Work Wardrobe - 9 garments = 1 months effortless dressing! #capsuleworkwardrobe

Need to supplement your basics?

If you need to add some wardrobe basics, I've found these at different price points. 

Need just a few pieces then you might want to splurge a little on better quality; need more then you'll need to be more budget conscious. Aim for quality and a good fit whatever your budget.    

And now you have a whole month, 20 busy mornings, of effortless dressing. 

When your first or next payday comes around, even if you can only afford to buy a couple of very basic t-shirts, you'll be able to add far more outfits into the mix. 

And how to streeeeetch your 9 pieces...

capsule wardrobe outfit 1
Capsule wardrobe outfit 2
Capsule wardrobe outfit 3
Capsule wardrobe outfit 4
Capsule wardrobe outfit 5
Capsule wardrobe outfit 6
Capsule wardrobe outfit 8
Capsule wardrobe outfit 9
Capsule wardrobe outfit 10
Capsule wardrobe outfit 11
Capsule wardrobe outfit 12
Capsule wardrobe outfit 13
Capsule wardrobe outfit 14
Capsule wardrobe outfit 15
Capsule wardrobe outfit 16
Capsule wardrobe outfit 18
capsule wardrobe outfit 19
Capsule wardrobe outfit 20

All of these outfits are already completely different but just look at how the addition of a few accessories brings them to life.

Assemble all the accessories you've collected over the years and you'll be amazed at how you can put them to use.  A scarf here, a belt there, every little change creates a new look.

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