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A Closet Revamp!

  • A new season, the perfect time for a Closet Revamp!
  • 'Til you know what you've got you don't know what you need!
  • If you can't see it you can't wear it! 
  • A few items that fit and flatter are worth more than a full closet with nothing to wear!

Take just 3 steps!

3 steps to a Closet Cleanout #closetcleanout #wardrobecleanout https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/closet-cleanout.html

Keep it simple, your aim is to...

  • tidy and sort making everything visible
  • decide what works for you and your lifestyle
  • decide what fits, what you will happily wear
  • try on, appraise and decide whether it's IN, OUT or needs work! 
  • DON'T get rid of anything 'til you're very sure!
  • DON'T spend longer than an hour or two over your closet revamp or you'll get completely fed up! There's always another time! 

It's easier if you know your best colors, but even if you don't take color into account, you can work wonders with what you've got!

If you're short of closet space decide how you can add space or streamline. A set of hangers adds instant appeal and a pretty hanging rail will allow you to sort out your outfits for the week. 

Taking everything OUT to work with is best but if that's too daunting do a section at a time. 

Invite a friend and MAKE IT FUN! 

3 steps to a Closet Cleanout #closetcleanout #wardrobecleanout https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/closet-cleanout.html
3 steps to a Closet Cleanout #closetcleanout #wardrobecleanout https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/closet-cleanout.html

3 steps to a Closet Revamp

1  Clear OUT make space

Start to take clothes from the closet: 

  • Put aside all clothes not currently worn everyday e.g. off-season, sportswear, vacation wear, occasionwear.
  • Remove all damaged, faded or out of shape items.
  • Remove anything that was a complete mistake or you hate.
  • Put all accessories, scarves, belts etc to one side. 
3 steps to a Closet Cleanout #closetcleanout #wardrobecleanout https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/closet-cleanout.html

2  They fit and you like, they're back IN

  • Sort through trousers and skirts and decide whether they fit and flatter you. If YES, hang back.   
  • Do the same for jackets, sweaters and cardigans ready to co-ordinate with the bottoms. Separate any suits so as to make more outfits. If they fit and you're happy HANG.  
  • Work logically through shirts, blouses, t-shirts, tanks etc. these are the important LINK items that tie the tops and bottoms together. Important items to SAVE.
  • Hang everything in sets; skirts, pants, tops, jackets etc.
3 steps to a Closet Cleanout #closetcleanout #wardrobecleanout https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/closet-cleanout.html

Any item you're not happy with during your closet revamp, put to one side. A simple sewing job like lifting a hem or adding new buttons will make a difference, but when a a quality item is tailored to fit you properly then the whole appearance becomes elegant and looks expensive. Do you like it enough? 

Don't know why something doesn't suit you? Check out the Body Type Quiz to  understand the shapes that suit your figure. If it's completely wrong you can justifiably get rid of it and be more aware in the future. 

3  Look ahead, now the FUN begins! 

  • From the clothes you have left, can you assemble complete outfits to last a week without doing laundry? If so, then you've got the beginnings of a capsule wardrobe. How many times you need to change depends of course on your lifestyle. 
  • Try and repeat the exercise for a second week. If gaps are beginning to appear it will center your mind on where you need to consider adding a few additional items. Pieces like trousers and jeans are likely to be worn more than once while next-to-skin items are more likely to be just once. 
Closet Revamp 3
  • Any items that don't fit easily into an outfit are what we call ORPHANS! It means you probably got carried away and fell in love with something that doesn't work with your usual choices. It's not a bad thing to try something different, but you have to consider what you need to make that orphan work! 

Closet Revamp complete? Time to fill the gaps...

If your closet revamp has left it a bit bare, no worries, far better to have a few things that fit and flatter rather than a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear!

Now it's time to go forward and fill in the gaps with things that DO work! 

The gaps that emerged when you were trying to put outfits together shows you exactly what your 'right now' shopping list needs to include. This is often basics which allow you to link items together.  

Kettlewell moving adKettlewell Colours for color and confidence!

You can also allow yourself to think about those 'cherries on the top of the cake' - the color, the fun and the excitement of adding new color, life and quality to your workaday wardrobe. 

Take a look at the amazing 'rainbow' from Kettlewell Colours for both the basics and the 'hero' pieces ready to add add colour and confidence to your workaday wardrobe. 

What to do with the OUT pile

  • Tidy up time - but I would advise only to get rid of 'rubbish' initially. It's not necessary to sell/donate other items until you're are really certain it's right to do so.
  • Put them to one side; stick them in the spare bedroom; push them into the loft; even hide them in the car boot - but never get rid of anything on the spur on the moment.
  • When you have time you can always RECONSIDER!

Well done on completing your Closet Cleanout

Time to think about a Capsule?

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