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The PRUE and Kettlewell Edit!

Dame Prue Leith is not only one of our all-time favorite cooks but with her wide and generous smile she constantly cheers us with her use of bold color and clean lines! 

Her innate love of vibrant color was spawned in her native South Africa where she grew up amid a lush backdrop of sun, sea, sky and flowers.   

Now Prue and Kettlewell have collaborated to produce a spectacularly colorful range of tops and accessories you will adore! 

Too much to mix and match? Then choose one shot of bold color to pep up your look this season! 

KC Prue edit 600

What the world needs now is COLOR! 

How can you argue with Prue Leith when she says:

“If you get off a train with 200 other people, they will all be wearing coats of black, grey, beige. All through the blackest winter, when we really need jollying up, no one wears the colours that would indeed, cheer them up. Sunshine yellow, orange, emerald, cerulean blue.”


"To wear all black is boring, boring, boring."

Admittedly some of us may not be ready for Prue's brave and unique mode of color mixing but many of you ladies have a longing for something fresh and fun!

An accidental style icon!

With her brightly colored spectacles and statement necklaces, 80 year old Prue has become an accidental style icon.

Although she has been in the food, restaurant and even fashion game for 50 years, many of you will perhaps only have seen her appearing on the Great British Bake Off in recent years.  

Her style is bold and dramatic but, although the word sounds entirely out of context, the shapes she wears are CLASSIC!

She chooses simple unstructured shapes that are ultra flattering for a mature figure allowing block colors, stripes and the occasional striking print to do the talking! No ditsy flowers for Ms Leith. 

A shot of color for Spring from PRUE and Kettlewell 

This is a style that is eminently copiable for many of us ladies elegant, fun and timeless. 

Prue and Kettlewell have seamlessly co-ordinated the colors - all perfect for Springs, Clear/Brights and Winters. But whatever your color palette you'll find one of the clear colors or stripes will find a place with your existing neutrals.

If you're admiring Prue's stunningly simple necklaces and infinity scarf, they are also available in several different combinations giving you the opportunity to mix and match to your heart's content.  

Find your favorite photo and create your look with Prue and Kettlewell! 

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