The best Hair Care Tips

Is your hair your 'crowning glory'? if not, I'm bringing you some of the very best hair care tips around. Hair will make or break the way you look so if you need a boost of confidence, start at the top.

Are you happy with the way your hair looks? or do you have too many 'bad hair days'?

  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does the style flatter you the way it should?
  • Like to change your color but unsure of where to start?
  • Is your hair colored but you're not pleased with it?
  • Are you able to style it yourself?
Best hair care tips #haircare #hairdamage

I'm not an expert so I've tried to assemble some of the best hair care tips from the experts. If you would like to add anything to the information on this page or have questions that aren't covered, get in touch.

Ready for Home Hair Color

If you're worried about root growth now is the perfect time to try a home hair color!

Listening to a celebrity hairdresser this week she was reassuring that any problems can easily be adjusted by a stylist once we're back in the world again!

This could be your moment to save a fortune like I do!

Best hair color for YOU!

What's the best hair color for YOU?  Consider that your hair, skin and eyes are all naturally designed to go together. 

So whether you want to add highlights, lowlights or a complete change of color, just follow a few guidelines to get the best result.

Best hair care tips #haircare #hairdamage

To Grey or not to Grey

I've had so many questions about grey hair recently and I've been promising to pull them altogether for you. 

If your hair is beginning to take on some silver amongst the gold take a few minutes to consider all your options before you rush for the colorant...

Best hair care tips #haircare #hairdamage

Real Women Going Grey

So many women worry about the process and yet many women even enjoy the experience...

Thank you for your photos whether you find your best colors and feel good or whether you choose to color! I'd love to hear how you transitioned into grey - a happy or difficult story?  Contact Me...

Best hair care tips #haircare #hairdamage

Skin tone affects hair color

Your natural coloring is all designed to work together - hair, eyes and skin tone.

When you discover your own color palette, you'll have all the harmonizing colors and shades you need to ensure your hair perfectly complements your skin tone.

And it doesn't mean you can't COLOR, but you'll be able to choose the BEST color!

Best hair care tips  #best hair care tips

A change of hair color?

A complete change of hair color can have a dramatic effect on your skin. Change by all means, but be aware of the difference it makes.

Best hair care tips  #best hair care tips

10 tips for healthier hair

Many of our daily hair care habits can cause damage.

Take the opportunity to give your hair a break when you follow my 10 tips for healthier hair!

Best hair care tips #haircare #hairdamage

How to have stronger hair

Achieving and maintaining healthy and stronger hair is not just about how you take care of your 'crowning glory'. It also depends very much on how well you look after yourself.

Best hair care tips  #best hair care tips

Care for Afro textured hair

Often called Afro American hair, this texture of hair faces specific problems as he twisted hair shaft is very susceptible to damage.

Best hair care tips  #best hair care tips

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